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Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 10/30/09

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Note: This is one of my "legacy" reviews, written for a site that is now off-line. I really enjoyed Facade and thought you might enjoy reading about it even though the movie was released in 2007.
Genre: Feature.
Director: Lorraine Sisco
Cast: Alexis Love, Barry Scott, Ben English, Daisy Marie, Jean Val Jean, Jenaveve Jolie, Jerry, Kaiya Lynn, Mika Tan, Nikki Benz, Otto Bauer.
Length: 02:38
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex and a second for Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Alexis Love and Nikki Benz!


Fašade is a very well crafted feature in which Mika Tan (the exotic cover girl) plays a wealthy heiress with nothing better to do than use her fortune to manipulate other peoples' sex lives. Sometimes she participates, but she usually just watches as people she hires live out her fantasies for her.

Unhappy with her life, Mika seeks the counsel of an aloof psychiatrist played by Otto Bauer. As Mika relates her twisted tales, and breaks down her own fašade, she gradually strips away her shrink's pretenses. So, in due course, the counselor becomes the counselee.

Of course, since Mika's life revolves around inventing and staging sexual encounters, the tales she tells Otto are all extremely erotic. Eventually, however, she runs out of stories and is pleased to listen to a tryst imagined by Otto. By relating his fantasy, Otto unwittingly strips away his own fašade and shows how sexual he really is. Mika really likes what she sees...in essence a male version of herself. So, as you might expect, things take a decisively non-professional turn when Mika and Otta fuck the shit out of each other in the culminating scene.

Although hot and erotic, the sex is only one part of the overall appeal of Fašade. Mika Tan does an extraordinary job playing her role as a twisted sex addict. She not only delivers her extensive lines flawlessly and believably, but she uses extremely erotic body language to convey much more than words can evoke. Otto, too, does a very fine job of playing a shrink who gradually reveals his true self to his patient. Truly, both Mika and Otto deserve to be nominated for the 2008 X-Rated Critic's Association acting awards. In fact, I'm going to put them on my list of nominees right now.

Facade contains, like most adult movies, five sex scenes. However, in contrast to most other releases, Facade has several kinds of scenes. In addition to boy/girl, there's girl/girl, boy/girl/girl and boy/boy/girl. That's a welcome change from the ordinary.

In addition, I appreciate the variety of performers in Fašade. In addition to star Mika Tan, who's Asian, the movie includes Latinas Jenaveve Jolie, Daisy Marie, and absolutely adorable Alexis Love; blond Barbie-doll-come-to-life Nikki Benz; and Asian hellcat Kaiya Lynn. And, I must admit the guys (Ben English, Otto Bauer, Jean Val Jean, Barry Scott, and Jerry) do a damned good job too...I particularly enjoyed the fact that the same guy doesn't appear in more than one scene (I get so tired of seeing Scott Nails in multiple scenes in the same movie. Don't get me wrong, Scott's great. But, it's good to see some other swordsmen on occasion!).

Check out some photos of Facade here. Be sure to check out the hot threeway action featuring Kaiya Lynn, Ben English, and Barry Scott! Enjoy!


Scene 1

Scene Type: Girl/girl
Performers: Nikki Benz, Mika Tan

Scene One is a girl/girl encounter set in a jail cell set.
  • Commentary: Yum! I'm a particularly avid fan of statuesque Nikki Benz and really enjoyed seeing her with dark-and-exotic Mika Tan. The girls work well with together and give each other multiple orgasms. And, I must admit that I really enjoyed how they fuck each other with gorgeous glass toys.
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars. This would have been a five-star scene had the girls used more than two positions.
  • Girl 1 (Mika Tan): I can't believe I've never written a word about captivating and oh-so-erotic Mika Tan before! In any case, all you've got to do is look at the box cover of Facade and I'm sure you'll develop a great appreciation for this exotic beauty. Mika is a gorgeous Asian with long brunette hair; mesmerizing greenish brown eyes; medium-sized natural breasts crowned with dark, hard, and proud nipples; a curvy and oh-so-huggable body; puffy labia enveloping an oh-so-inviting pink pussy; and a neatly cropped stripe of pubic hair pointing to her clit--a clit that swells to mammoth proportions when she's horny. Even better than her beautiful physical features is the way she communicates so well using body language. She's hot!
  • Girl 2 (Nikki Benz): Nikki is the quintessential Barbie-doll-come-to-life. I've been a big fan of this platinum blond, brown eyed, hard-bodied, and gorgeous girl for several years. She has, I think, the most attractive set of queen-sized enhanced breasts in the business. And, her bald-shaven pussy is extremely appealing as are her long and shapely legs. I really enjoyed watching Nikki in this scene...and I don't think she's ever looked better!
  • Scene Setup: Nikki is blindfolded and handcuffed to the bars of jail cell. Mika approaches Nikki and starts to play with her...stroking her curves with tongue and fingers.
  • Foreplay: The girls share lots of hot foreplay. There's a great deal of tongue-sucking kissing that's presented in tight close-up video...so close you can almost feel the moisture of their tongues. Mika spends a lot of time stroking, groping, and fondling Nikki's hard body and magnificent tits (wouldn't you if you were with Nikki?). Both girls, of course, go down on each other to share orgasm-inducing spit-lubricated cunnilingus (yes, Nikki cums when Mika eats her). And, there's a lot of mutual clit-jacking and hair pulling, too.
  • Penetrations: The girls pound each others' cunts with fingers and toys.
  • Positions: The girls begin by reaming each other simultaneously with toys...Nikki stands over Mika, who's in piledriver, as they stuff each others' holes. Later, they move into standing cowgirl...Nikki straddles Mika and fucks a dildo that Mika holds in place.
  • Girl's Demeanor: I really enjoyed Nikki's performance in this scene. She's an insatiable slut and proves her lust by using lots of nasty language. Mika's a bit more reserved than Nikki. However, it's obvious that Mika enjoys every second of her time with Nikki.
  • Scene Highlights: I really enjoyed several aspects of the scene. 1) The girls keep their toys--and their fingers--clean by doing lots of pussy-to-mouth. 2) Nikki's tits are really a focal point of the scene. Not only do they bounce joyfully (especially during the girls' mutual-masturbation sequence) but also they are well squeezed by the girls' lusty hands throughout the scene. 3) I liked the use of handcuffs...it's kinky and hot! 4) Nikki's moves are incendiary...damn, she really knows how to move her body for her partner's--and our--pleasure. 5) There's a lot of clit licking and jacking as well as multiple-finger-fucking while the girls ream each others' holes with toys. 6) When Nikki goes down on Mika's pussy, Mika rocks her hips to, in effect, fuck Nikki's face. Great moves, Mika! Finally, although I don't care for smoking, some of you may enjoy watching Mika smoke while Nikki eats her pussy.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Nikki cums twice during the scene and Mika climaxes repeatedly. Damn, that's what I like!

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl 
Performers: Jenaveve Jolie, Jerry.

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Scene Two is a boy/girl all-vaginal scene set indoors on a stark sound stage furnished only with a well-used green chair. The scene features Jenaveve Jolie and Jerry. Although Mika Tan appears in the scene, it's really in a non-sex voyeur role.
  • Commentary: This is a good solid sex scene that becomes extraordinary when one considers the overall erotic nature of the videography, the music, and the setting. Believe me, the combination of the sex along with the superb production values inherent in this scene makes for a memorable experience. Of course, Jenaveve's three orgasms make it even better!
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Jenaveve Jolie): I have two "favorite" Latina porn stars, Jenaveve Jolie and Eva Angelina. It's really hard to choose between them because they are both exotic and erotic! Anyway, Jenaveve's a petite and very attractive girl with big brown eyes; long black hair; an exotic face; large sculpted breasts with perky and hard nipples; a tattoo on her upper arm; an absolutely superb heart-shaped and firm ass; a pretty pussy that features a chevron of nicely-cropped pubic hair; and very shapely legs. I've seen Jenaveve in person and, let me tell you, her beauty could stop a tornado in its tracks!
  • Guy (Jerry): What can I say? He's a solid porn stud with a nicely muscled body and an above-average cock. I've got to give the guy credit...he makes Jenaveve cum three times in this scene. He must be doing a hell of a lot right!
  • Scene Setup: Jenaveve, wearing a very sexy Latin-inspired bright red dress, walks from the darkness off stage toward a comfy-looking green chair that is bathed in light in the center of the stage. Jenaveve then gives us a bone-stiffening strip tease, dancing erotically to Latin music while slowly revealing her superb body. Wow...I'm feeling a bit flushed! Later, Mika, dressed in a tiny black dress that reveals her boobs, escorts Jerry by the hand to the center of the sound stage where Jenaveve is seated on the green chair. Jerry kneels between Jenaveve's legs and immediately begins to suckle her oh-so-succulent boobs.
  • Foreplay: While Mika watches intently, Jerry begins by suckling Jenaveve's magnificent nipples and then works his way south to her cunt. Jerry enjoys performing sexy cunnilingus on her fucking gorgeous pussy and he finger-fucks it, too (nice camera angles and close-ups). He uses his fingers and tongue so well that he even makes her cum! Later, Jenaveve noisily slurps Jerry's spit-soaked cock, wrapping her pretty lipstick-brightened lips around his rod as she shoves it completely down her throat. She also licks his lucky rod and lets him fuck her mouth. And, she keeps her pussy happy by fingering it while she blows him.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal
  • Positions: Jerry reams Jenaveve's pussy in 1) missionary; 2) reverse cowgirl (best position in the scene!); and 3) standing doggie.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Jenaveve's a great performer and loves to fuck. She talks nasty to inflame Jerry's lust--as well as that of Mika, her "employer" and voyeur.
  • Scene Highlights: During the scene, I enjoyed: 1) how Mika watches and masturbates on the sidelines and occasionally joins in by spitting on Jerry's cock while he fucks Jenaveve or by licking Jenaveve's pussy during a break in the in-and-out action; 2) watching Jenaveve's big boobs bounce joyfully in missionary and reverse cowgirl; 3) Jenaveve's high-energy and very erotic moves when she fucks Jerry in reverse; 4) watching Jenaveve jack her own clit while she's being fucked; 4) watching Mika perform pussy-to-mouth on Jerry's cock during doggie; and 5) the repeated squeezing of Jenaveve's tits by both Jerry and Jenaveve.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Horny Jenaveve cums during foreplay, while Jerry fucks her in missionary, and when she fucks Jerry in reverse.
  • Guy's Pop: Jenaveve kneels in front of Jerry so he can plaster her face and fill her mouth with semen. Sadly she spits it out instead of swallowing.

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl/girl threeway
Performers: Alexis Love, Daisy Marie, Jean Val Jean.

Scene Three is a threeway featuring Alexis Love, Daisy Marie, and Jean Val Jean. It is set indoors in a marble-floored and very ornate art gallery. What a gorgeous place for sex! Mika reprises her voyeuristic role as she watches the action from the sidelines and masturbates.

  • Commentary: Even though I've fallen head-over-heels for adorable Alexis, Daisy Marie is the true star of this scene. She's the more demonstrative, aggressive, and horny of the two girls. In fact, compared to Daisy, Alexis looks a bit tentative. Alexis fucks like a wild animal when it's her turn with Jean. And, she cums every time he pounds her cunt. However, I don't think she really knew what to do with herself when Jean was fucking Daisy. Perhaps this is her first threeway. Even so, Alexis naked body provides pleasure enough...at least for these jaded eyes! Alexis is on my list of potential winners for the 2008 Dr. Jay's Must See Girls award Click here to see Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls of 2007! (Note: Alexis DID win a 2008 Must-See Girls Award. See here.)
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars.
  • Girl 1 (Daisy Marie): This is the first time in quite a while that I've seen luscious Latina Daisy Marie in action and I'm really glad I had the opportunity. Daisy is a very cute girl with brown eyes; brunette hair; an open, natural, and trust-worthy face; small, gorgeous, and all-natural boobs; an absolutely awe-inspiring tattoo of an angel that completely covers her back (she also has a smaller tattoo around her navel); a beautiful and blemish-free ass; an inviting bald-shaven pussy; and long never-ending legs.
  • Girl 1 (Alexis Love): I'm fucking in love with Alexis Love! Although this is the first time I'm writing about this sweetheart, I've seen lots of pictures of her on promotional CDs that the studios send me. Wow! What an adorable cutie! Believe me, she casts a spell on me. Anyway, she has big brown eyes; ass-length brunette hair; an exciting and enticing exotic face; a long-and-lithe body; perfect small all-natural breasts; a magnificent and blemish-free ass; a bald pussy; and long shapely legs. I want Alexis Love in my bed. Now. Even better, I want her tits in my mouth...NOW!
  • Guy (Jean Val Jean): Jean is perhaps the most attractive stud in porn (as if I would know). I do envy Jean's great abs. He must spend hours a day working out! And, his cock...well, I wouldn't mind having it...or its experiences, for that matter.
  • Scene Setup: Dressed in matching gold Egyptian-inspired outfits that cover almost none of their bodies, Daisy and Alexis dance provocatively to Middle-Eastern music as Mika and Jean look on. The outfits are absolutely delightful...especially the tiny gold nipple covers that both girls wear. Anyway, the girls display their first-class assets, rub their bodies together and caress each other, Mika, and Jean. Wow, this is erotic footage! Fuck, I'm hard again!
  • Foreplay: Daisy is the first center of attention as both Jean and Alexis take turns licking and finger-fucking her soaking-wet pussy from behind while she kneels on the floor. And, as Alexis continues to eat Daisy, Jean shoves his tongue and fingers up Alexis' cunt as the three share a "circle of love." In due course, Daisy cums for the first time during the scene as Jean uses his well-honed pussy-licking technique to drive her wild. Later, both of the girls please Jean by sharing his cock with their hands and mouths. Is there anything finer than two girls pleasing one cock? Alexis really loves sucking Jean's king-sized rod...especially after she's coated it with her spit. However, Daisy is the more exuberant cocksucker, especially when she nosily deep-throats him. For his part, Jean relishes taking turns in each girl's mouth.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: Jean fucks Alexis first, in kneeling doggie. Then, he lays back and enjoys the ride when Daisy fucks him in reverse cowgirl. Finally, Jean stuffs Alexis' pussy again and pounds her in cowgirl.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Both girls obviously love dick...they go absolutely wild when Jean's cock stuffs their pussies. However, Daisy obviously enjoys having sex with women more than Alexis does. While Alexis appears somewhat tentative with Daisy (except when the two girls kiss), Daisy literally eats Alexis up.
  • Scene Highlights: Of all the action in this scene, I enjoyed Daisy's erotic gyrating, grinding, and thrusting moves during reverse the most. Other highlights include: lots of pussy-to-mouth cock-cleaning action (each girl sucks the other girl's juice off of Jean's rod); high energy thrusting when the girls fuck Jean (Alexis in cowgirl and Daisy in reverse); face-fucking when Alexis straddles and grinds her cunt against Jean's face while his cock stuffs Daisy's pussy in reverse; hot girl-on-girl action when Alexis eats and finger-fucks Daisy while Alexis is being pounded in doggie; lots of hot titty squeezing and bouncing; and lots of incendiary girl-on-girl kissing...especially when they share Jean's pop.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Daisy climaxes during cunnilingus and when Jean fucks her in reverse. Alexis also explodes with two orgasms...one in doggie and the other in cowgirl.
  • Guy's Pop: As the girls squat on the floor and kiss tongue-to-tongue, Jean towers over them and jacks off until he shoots a high-powered and voluminous load onto their faces (the pop was shot from two angles and replayed so you can focus on each of the two girls one at a time as they accept his load). Then, the girls kiss--and cum swap--to share his bounty. This is fucking HOT!

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/boy/girl threeway
Performers: Kaiya Lynn, Ben English, Barry Scott.

Scene Four is a volcanic, multi-orgasmic, and bondage-gear-themed boy/boy/girl threeway featuring Kaiya Lynn, Ben English, and Barry Scott. It's set in an empty garage on and around an ugly, old, green Plymouth. Mika, again, watches and plays with herself--this time using a riding crop to fuck her pussy to orgasm. And, she occasionally kisses Kaiya during the scene.
  • Commentary: Scene Four is by far the hottest scene in Fašade. In fact, it's so fucking good that I'm not going to tell you much about it other than sex STARTS with a double penetration! And, wait until you see the two pops and what Kaiya and Mika do with them! You gotta see this one for yourself. Now, please excuse me while I watch Kaiya get double-stuffed again.
  • Rating: Five stars.

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Mika Tan, Otto Bauer

Scene Five is a boy/girl all-vaginal encounter featuring Mika Tan and Otto Bauer. It is set indoors in a very nicely appointed psychiatrists' office.

  • Commentary: This is a very hot scene during which Mika Tan shows off her incendiary moves as she pleases herself and her psychiatrist, played by Otto. Otto is also the lucky recipient of one of the hottest and most erotic blowjobs I've seen in quite a while as Mika shows off her intense oral skills.
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Mika Tan): See my description of this sultry Asian in my review of Scene One above.
  • Guy (Otto Bauer): I don't mean to offend, but Otto is a pretty ordinary-looking guy. He's not fat-free and he's not as objectively handsome as some other guys. And, his cock is not super sized. Perhaps that's why I like him so much. He's the kind of guy who gives the rest of us hope. How much hope? I understand he's married to Audrey Hollander! There's another reason I like Otto...especially in this movie. Not only does he play his role to a tee, but he also has an uncanny ability to inflame Mika's lust with nasty language. Otto's the man!
  • Scene Setup: The entire plot line of the movie is essentially the set up for this scene. For nearly two hours, Mika and Otto play off of each other, delving into each others' sexual psyches. Finally, all that exploration explodes in white-hot lust.
  • Foreplay: Mika begins by attacking Otto's cock through his open zipper before he even has a chance to pull down his pants! She gives him a spit-slobbery combination hand/blowjob that features lots of stringers and all-the-way-down deep-throat action. And, she gobbles his lucky balls, too! I think one of the nastiest moments of the blowjob is when Mika and Otto swap spit. Also noteworthy are Otto's pulling of Mika's hair, how she feverishly jacks her own clit, and the intense soul-searching eye contact she makes with him while she gobbles his rod. After this very enthusiastic fellatio, Otto spends a short while licking and sucking Mika's tits. Then, he finger-fucks her pussy.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: Otto and Mika please each other in six positions: 1) standing doggie; 2) reverse cowgirl; 3) missionary; 4) spoon: 5) missionary part two; and 6) kneeling doggie (superb shots of her beautiful pink pussy!).
  • Girl's Demeanor: Mika is a very energetic and demonstrative fuck. She's insatiable and uses lots of naughty vocabulary to keep their libidos hotter-than-hell. Even better, Mika and Otto develop a very explosive chemistry as each feeds off the other's lust.
  • Scene Highlights: There's a lot to like about this scene. Perhaps the best part is Mika's performance during reverse cowgirl. Wow! Her moves are highly energetic when she fucks the shit out of him. And, she not only bounces up and down like a jack-in-the-box on steroids, but also gyrates her hips to increase her pleasure. I also particularly enjoyed how Otto shoves multiple fingers up Mika's cunt to, in effect, double-penetrate her pussy while he fucks her with his lucky dick. Other noteworthy aspects of the scene include: Mika's bouncing tits are highlighted in standing doggie and reverse cowgirl; Mika's clit swells large and proud as her pleasure builds; Otto gives Mika's fine ass several sharp spanks during standing doggie; the couple repeatedly swaps spit; Otto grabs handfuls of Mika's fine breast meat and squeezes delightfully; and there are lots of simply outstanding close-ups of Mika's stuffed pussy, especially during standing doggie, missionary, spoon, and kneeling doggie.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Mika has not one, but two body-quaking orgasms as she controls the action while fucking Otto in reverse. Later, she climaxes again during kneeling doggie. Wow!
  • Guy's Pop: Otto's pop is about the only thing that I would have done differently had I been the director. Otto pops on Mika's tits. Then, she scoops up a miniscule amount and tastes it. 

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Stunning. The outstanding 16:9 video is perfectly lit; is nicely color balanced; is composed of effective long, medium, and close-up shots (including very nice shot-from-above footage), and is edited in a professional way that screams out "I'm professional." Five stars.

Audio (technical): It's so nice to hear every nuance, every word, every moan, and every scream of ecstasy at the appropriate (and consistent) volume. Obviously, professional boom microphones were used...a far cry from the sometimes too-loud and sometimes too-quiet result of a camera-mounted cheap mike. Music accompanies some of the action...at the beginning of each scene and when the action climaxes with either a male or female orgasm. Five stars.

Extras: The DVD Extras are the only part of this release that doesn't impress. In addition to a full-motion chapter selector that's part of the main menu, there's an 18-minute behind the scenes featurette (clips of the girls getting dressed, video of the still photo shoots, impromptu interviews, and behind-the-camera footage of the sex scenes) and a nine-minute self-running slide show. That's it. Two stars.

Production Values: Absolutely superb...as are just about all Ninn Worx releases. Unusual and very effective locations and sets were employed as well as interesting props. It's also obvious that a great deal of thought went into wardrobe choice, And, the make-up and hairstyles are extremely professional. Equal attention was paid to the music. I really like how each scene begins with music, how the music fades away as the sex gets hot and heavy, and how the music returns as the girl and/or guy cums. This is excellent musical support for sex. Five stars.

Dr. Jay

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