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Taken To The Lowest Level

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/6/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Year: 2009

Directed By: Chi Chi La Rue


Adam Killian, Philip Aubrey, Blake Riley, Johnny Hazzard, Jeremy Bilding, Mitchell Rock, Diesel Washington, David Taylor, Luke Cassidy, Derek Da Silva, Tyler Saint, Lucas Knowles, Josh West, Dominic Pacifico, Chad Manning, Zane Jacobs, Zack Jamison, and Shane Risk

Runtime N Rubbers: 4 Hours and 11 Minutes. Yes.


Scene One:

The very handsome and intense Adam Killian (black feaux-hawk, muscular/smooth body with heavy tattoos) is in a room of mirrors and really gettin' down by pleasuring himself. Dressed in a black leather jockstrap and matching accessories, dude jacks his stiff cut cock, spreads his butt 'n plays with this tight shaved bunghole, and even fucks himself with a lit candle (naturally the lit end does not go up his butt). Adam is very into the scene and will practically scorch your television screen while playing with himself. 

At one point he even pisses all over his chest, face, and into his mouth. Watching this hunk's masturbation display is Phillip Aubrey (good-looking with short bleached hair, toned/smooth body with a couple of tattoos). Phillip strokes his hard clipped dick sliding his fist up 'n down the lubed shaft and witnesses Adam shooting a large thick load. Turned-on by the stranger's climax, Phillips dumps a small thick load of jizz. Both guys are totally into what they're doing and make what are essentially two solos in one scene extremely hot.

Scene Two:

Derek Da Silva (good-looking with a shaved head, toned/hairy body and heavy tattoos) and Johnny Hazzard (handsome with short dark hair, toned/lightly hairy body with heavy tattoos) are making out with plenty of wet tongue kisses 'n Johnny licking Derek's hairy chest while Zane Jacobs (good-looking with closely-cropped/almost shaved hair, toned/smooth body) watches yanking on his big clipped cock. Also on hand is Phillip Aubrey (scene one) who's pounding his cut pud. Johnny is soon on his knees taking Zane's dick down his gullet giving some very good head sliding his mouth up 'n down while Derek rubs the bulge in his own pants and pinches his hard pierced nipple. Derek opens his tight jeans revealing dark pubes, plump balls, and a stiff clipped prick. He wanks the heck outta that thing giving it a number of hard slaps!

Derek rubs Johnny's tight hairy bunghole and then makes Johnny smell his own tangy man-scent off of his fingers. Johnny chows down on Derek's pole providing a tasty blowjob that leads to Derek slapping Johnny's tongue with his member. Zane joins in on the cock sucking and he 'n Johnny share pleasuring Derek orally while Phillip continue to watch and play with himself. Zane gets down on Johnny's hard cut cock while Derek sucks Johnny's plump balls. The two dudes go to town on Johnny's meat sucking, jacking, and making oral love to the pulsing organ. Derek once again spreads Johnny's butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy asshole and munches down with excellent close-ups of the rimming. Zane gets in on the butt eating and licks that twitching touchhole with additional hot close-ups.

Lying back, Johnny enjoys Derek's talented fingers while dude plays with that asshole and at one point gets four fingers up there. Zane then fucks Johnny doggy-style while Derek fucks Zane's tight hairy butt hole at the same time with excellent penetration shots from below. The scene switches to a darker tone when Johnny stands against a large black wooden X and allows Derek to smack the heck outta him with a couple of Cat o Nine Tails until his back is red. Derek looks like a perverted cheerleader twirling those whips with confidence, baby. Dude has plenty more surprises in store as he ties Johnny up with some intricate rope knots. Zane and Derek then pour loads of hot wax all over Johnny's body making him breathe heavily and let out plenty of loud moans 'n groans!

Dude has so much wax on him that he looks like one of those late 1960s/early 1979s wine bottles covered in melted candle that were once so popular. Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill, anyone? To finish up, Zane jerks Johnny's cock making him shoot a large thick load. Derek beats off busting a big nut that sprays all over the place, Zane squirts a big load all over Johnny's leg, and Phillip cuts loose with some thick jizz. Once again, the dudes' intensity shines though during the scene and all of 'em are totally into each other and the action.

Scene Three:

Poor Phillip Aubrey (scenes one and two) is now locked in a steel cage.  Stern 'n handsome Diesel Washington (good-looking with closely-cropped dark hair, goatee, muscular/smooth body with tattoos) enters the room wearing a black leather jock strap and kisses Phillip with full deep tongue. In a connecting room, Lucas Knowles (good-looking with brown/blond hair, toned/smooth body) is having his big uncut cock sucked by Zach Jamison (good-looking with very short dark hair, beard, and a toned/hairy body). Dude definitely knows how to give some good head sliding his mouth up 'n down that hooded trouser snake and suckin' them plump balls. Zach pulls Lucas' foreskin forward, slides his tongue under the overhang and works it with his lips.

Diesel is now fucking Phillip's mouth with his large ebony clipped dick sliding it in 'n out of that hot wet mouth fast 'n smooth. Lucas shoves Zach against the wall, spreads his butt cheeks, and exposed that tight hairy bunghole. He then begins rubbing 'n teasing the pucker and finger fucks his buddy. There are excellent close-ups here. Lucas then pounds Zach from behind fast, smooth, 'n hard with plenty of hot penetration shots from below. As he's fucking Zach, Lucas reaches back and spreads his own ass cheeks exposing his tight shaved butt hole. Phillip, Lucas, and Zach are now all bent over with their assholes fully exposed as Diesel goes to town eating, finger fucking, and rubbing his tube steak on each man-hole. Phillip even finger fucks himself while Diesel eats his hole.

Philip plays a wild game of the ol' sink bounce on Diesel's cock humping up 'n down and grinding his hips giving himself a frantic anal workout with plenty of excellent penetration shots from behind. At the same time Lucas pisses all over Zach's hairy chest, on his face, and in his mouth. Dude loves himself some man-piss. Phillip stands over Diesel and lets go with a big long pee all over his chest, face, and directly into his mouth. He then beats his meat shooting a thick load on the floor. Diesel beats off cutting loose with thick cum all over Phillip's armpit and then licks it all up. Lucas and Zach pull pork and shoot thick loads of cum all over Phillips chest.

Scene Four:

Blake Riley (good-looking with dark hair, toned/hairy body) and David Taylor (very handsome with longish brown hair, beard stubble, muscular/smooth body with heavy tattoos) are locked in a manly deep-tongued kissing clinch as the scene opens. Blake is on top and the dudes grind away rubbing their hot bulging black jockstraps together while feeling each other's sweaty bodies. Like every scene in this movie Phillip Aubrey is on hand to watch and rub his jockstrap. Blake licks 'n sucks David's hard nipples working his way down finally pulling that jock down revealing brown pubes, a stiff clipped cock, and plump balls.

Dude takes that man-gristle down his gullet giving excellent head while David eggs him on with lusty talk and heavy breathing. Blake then begins rubbing his tight hairy asshole against David's pulsing purple cock knob. Blake lays back and allows David to suck his hard cut tool with plenty of tasty deep throat while pulling Blake's armpit hair. David slides in from behind and fucks Blake doggy-style fast, smooth, 'n hard with excellent penetrations shots. David pulls all the way out and then slips right back in with a perfect rhythm. Blake plays a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce and really goes to town cramming that pork up his man-chute.

There are more excellent penetration shots here and the viewer will also be able to see David's tight shaved hole as he thrusts upward to drill Blake. Blake switches positions to the missionary and David grabs a hose and sprays him with plenty of water. David then begins giving Blake a series of "enemas" making him squirt long streams of clear water out of his asshole like a fountain. Up next, Blake pisses all over his own stomach 'n chest leading David to cut loose with a long pee all over Blake's cock, balls, 'n gooch. After washing off with the hose water, Blake shoots a thick load on his stomach while David busts a thick nut on the floor. Personally I found this scene to be the most erotic of the six and David to be the best looking dude of all.

Scene Five:

Shane Risk (good-looking with dark hair, beard stubble, and a toned/lightly hairy body) is locked in a metal cage that just happens to have a glory hole on the top. Milling around said cage and taunting Shane with their big meaty cocks are Tyler Saint (handsome with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body), Josh West (good-looking very short dark hair, beard, muscular/hairy body), Dominic Pacifico (handsome with dark hair, beard, and toned/smooth body), and Chad Manning (good-looking with closely-cropped dark hair, beard, and toned/lightly hairy body). These dudes all are clipped except Dominic who has a nice tasty foreskin.  

Before long, Shane is outta that cage and down on his knees while the guys surround him. Shane goes fucking wild on all that delicious throbbing man-pork. He jacks, sucks, gobbles, deep throats, gets face fucked, and gorges on those dongs like a man half outta his mind! Naturally, Mr. Thing Phillip Aubrey shows up and begins stoking his stiff clipped dick while kissing various guys with deep tongues and feeling their bodies. Shane, now lying on his back with legs hiked in the air with his tight shaved pink bunghole fully exposed while he jacks his hard cut tool. Tyler is the first to get a good taste of that beautiful butt hole and really gives it a workout munching down with plenty of excellent close-ups.

Each dude takes his turn tongue-fucking 'n actually sucking Shane's quivering pucker while he fills the room with loud moans 'n gasps of pleasure.  Josh even rubs his beard against that hole. Josh then slides in from behind and fucks Dominic fast, smooth 'n hard doggy style while Chad goes down on Shane, Tyler, and Phillip. Tyler is now in the mood for some anal action and lays back on a table exposing his tight shaved asshole allowing Dominic to pound him fast 'n hard in the missionary position. As Tyler is getting reamed, the other dudes pinch his hard nipples, kiss him with deep wet tongues, and hit his abs with their fists.

All the fucking has excellent penetration shots. Not to be outdone, Shane plays a simply amazing game of group sink/bounce starting off by wildly riding Tyler followed by Dominic and then Josh. Shane humps up 'n down cramming those fat man-hogs up his snug little chute crying out and simpering with plenty of hot penetration shots from the front and behind. Dude loves that cock buffet, baby! Once again Shane is out of his mind with pure lust going at it as fast 'n hard as he can. For the Grand Finale of Spunk, the guys stand yanking their Yankee Doodles while Shane beats his meat. One by one the guys blast their loads covering Shane with that man juice. Shane busts a thick nut all over the floor.


Scene Six:

Luke Cassidy (good-looking with short brown hair, light beard, and a toned/smooth body with tattoos) is down on his knees worshiping 'n drooling all over Jeremy Bilding's (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) black leather jockstrap. Dude is practically asking it to be his boyfriend! Jeremy reaches forward and teases/rubs Luke's tight hairy bunghole and then forces his fingers into Luke's hungry mouth to get a taste of his own ass. Jeremy finally pulls his jock down revealing shaved pubes, plump balls, and a stiff clipped cock. Luke goes crazy all over that throbbing boner cramming it down his gullet with plenty of excellent deep throat. While all of this is going on, Mitchell Rock (handsome with short brown hair, muscular/smooth body with heavy tattoos) watches while rubbing his body and the bulge in his tight jockstrap. He pulls his modesty down exposing his brown pubes, plump nuts, and hard cut dick 'n begins to jack with his right fist.

Jeremy moseys on up to Mitchell, drops to his haunches, and takes that fat dick down his throat sliding his mouth up 'n down performing a tasty blowjob while Luke watches and gives himself a good finger fucking. Adam Killian and Phillip Aubrey (scene one) stroll in wearing black jockstraps with leather accessories and immediately begin kissing with deep tongue. Adam is clearly the more aggressive of the two as they make out. Phillip is soon on his knees blowing Adam's cut pork making him loudly moan 'n grunt with pig pleasure. Luke joins in on the oral delight switching back 'n forth sucking Adam and Phillip with wild abandon. Mitchell bends over leading Adam to munch down on his tight shaved butt hole 'n really gets in there and eats it, baby.

Dude is hungry for yummy man-hole and tongues that man-twat while the other dudes watch 'n pull pork. The guys each take a turn eating that pouting pucker and then Phillip fucks him fast, smooth, 'n hard doggy-style with plenty of hot penetration shots from below. Mitchell jacks his hard tool while he's getting drilled and sucks on Adam's meat giving some groovy head. Adam lies back with his legs spread nice 'n wide allowing Jeremy to eat his tight shaved hole. "Come on! Suck my hole!" Jeremy then fucks Adam in the missionary position with excellent penetration shots from above and below.

 Dude digs betting porked and grunts 'n growls loudly. The guys strap hunky Mitchell to a chair where he leans back, spreads his legs, and exposes his tight shaved hole again. Adam eats him out and the slowly works a large clear dildo up his chute giving him a good scrubbing.  All sorts of hot manly noises fill the air as the guys watch beating their meat while Mitchell is invaded by that big ass toy. In the end, the guys stand surrounding Phillip and shoot their thick loads. Phillip beats off and dumps thick jizz all over his stomach. The dudes give it their all in this hot 'n sweaty scene.


Taken to the Lowest Level is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The videography by Adam Killian and Hue Wild is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of mouth-watering close-ups of the kissing, cock sucking, ass eating, and butt sex penetration. The picture quality is sharp 'n clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear all the dudes as they speak and then get down with their lusty primal man-sex noises.


Both discs contain interactive menus, scene selections, and chapter stops. Disc one contains a Pop-Shot-On-Demand. Disc two contains a nice one-hour Behind-the-Scenes feature, video footage from the photo shoots accompanied by some nice soothing jazz tunes (running time: forty-two minutes), and the safe sex PSA Wrap It Up starring Chi Chi La Rue.


Wow! Chi Chi La Rue really delivers the down 'n dirty "goods" with Taken to the Lowest Level. The story reminded me a bit of Alice in Wonderland in that an innocent blonde (Phillip Aubrey) breaks through the looking glass (this time a television monitor) and is introduced to a variety of "forbidden fruits" (okay...bad pun. Ha). Phillip Aubrey is quite good as the na´ve man who ventures into another reality and gets worked over by the extremely hot/rough 'n tumble Adam Killian (who also provides excellent videography along with Hue Wilde) in a variety of scenes involving leather, bondage, a hot candle wax session, whipping, and plenty of golden showers. The dudes all give highly erotic performances and really cut loose getting all sweaty and overcome with lust. I loved all the guys but my favorites are Adam Killian, Mitchell Rock, and the beautiful David Taylor. I Highly Recommend!

David Taylor

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