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Prowl 5 + Hell Room

Studio: Titan » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 11/6/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended



DIRECTOR - Tony Alizzi

LENGTH - 1 Hour 52 Minutes

CAST - Anthony Shaw, Arpad Miklos, Bobby Williams, Marco Paris, Nick Piston, Rhet Hengst, Trent Cougar, Trey Rexx, Sebastian (The final credits list and picture a "Dick Raines", but his name, it seems, appears on the box as "Nick Piston".)

GENRE - S&M, Leather, Sex Pig Sex in a Dungeon - 2005 Style

BODY TYPES - Muscular Guys, Mostly Smooth-skined, Some with Tattoos and Facial Hair, in their late 20s-30s.


OVERVIEW - Titan bought the MSR library and has been releasing them as ManPlay, two DVDs at a time.  These two were shot back to back, with most of the hot cast appearing in both. They were director Tony Alizzi's last videos, shot before his untimely death.  Both were shot at The Citadel in San Francisco and have a leather, S&M appeal, although HELL ROOM has more simulated corporal violence than PROWL 5.  This first DVD was inspired by the homoerotic drawings of Tom of Finland, which are used throughout to bridge the various scenes.


SCENE 1 - MARCO PARIS (solo) - The scenes in this movie begin with a solo, and build scene by scene, to a  7 man orgy.  The muscular Marco is discovered, stripped to leather pants, holding onto a thick chain suspended from the ceiling of this brick dungeon like building.  He rubs his crotch, undoes his pants and eventually gets his dick out.  He plays with his foreskin and then jacks off his ample dick.  His pants slide down as he drops spit on his 8 inches and continues to stroke.  From time to time, Marco plays seductively to the viewer and finally moans his way into cumming for the camera.

SCENE 2 - MARCO PARIS, ANTHONY SHAW & ARPAD MIKLOS - Before and between scenes, the viewer is treated to pictures of Tom of Finland's wildly exaggerated dream guys.  This scene starts as Marco catches a handsome, but slighter Antony, already stripped to a jock strap.  Marco steps up onto a slightly raised platform and gets Anthony to go down on him and suck his cock.  As he does so, Arpad is discovered watching the sex through the bars of a "cell door".  Arpad, who is stripped to his waist as well, gropes his crotch and obviously wants to get in on the action.  Eventually, his pants go all the way down and his 9 inch cock pops out, so that he can stroke it.  As he watches Marco and Anthony going at it in the next room, he uses both hands to caress his dick and balls.  Unable to "just watch" any longer, he pulls his pants up and works his way into the room.  They both welcome Arpad, and Anthony shifts his attention to his dick as Marco sucks on Arpad's nipples and jacks off.  (Arpad has the beautiful six-pack body and big hard dick that made him a star and keeps him one today.)  Anthony works both the men back and forth, as the two kiss.  Arpad and Marco turn around, shoving their asses out for Anthony to rim and eat out.  Anthony, using his spit and tongue, spreads Marco's cheeks and works his hole.  He then turns to Arpad and eats his butthole, with Marco guiding his head.  After the command to "eat both of us", Anthony co-operates and works on both the men back and forth.  Then Arpad, with Anthony now down on his knees, pushes his big dick up his ass to fuck him doggie-style.  "Oh, my God, you're HUGE," Anthony moans, but Arpad keeps going until he gets it most of the way in.  Anthony strokes his own dick and sucks on Marco, as Arpad fucks him.  Now on his back, Anthony spreads his legs, andArpad shoves his dick in as far as it will go.  Anthony still hasn't quite opened up totally, but Arpad manages to fuck the cum out of him.  Arpad continues driving his dick up Anthony's butt, now sliding it in and out easily.  They fuck until Anthony says he's cum again.  Marco at last has a turn up Anthony's rear, as Arpad settles his ass down on Anthony's face.  Arpad finally turns around and shoots a characteristically big load over Anthony's chest, followed by Marco shooting from the other direction.

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SCENE 3 - TRENT COUGAR, MARCO PARIS & RHET HENGST - After another glimpse at a Tom of Finland drawing, we see Trent and Marco releasing a shackled Rhet from a small cage.  They lie him over a padded horse and swat his ass.  Trey undoes his shackles, and then whacks his ass with a paddle as he sucks on Marco's dick.  Trent spreads their victim's ass and teases his hole.  Trent unleashes his big dick and slaps Rhet's hole with it.  He then "thumbs" his hole to open him up even more.  A condom is now in place and in goes Trent's dick.  He fucks Rhet while he continues to suck on Marco.  The two reverse positions, and Marco takes to fucking, while Trent feeds Rhet his cock.  Marco and Trent want their asses eaten out, so they lie side by side across the horse, so that a now kneeling Rhet can works their holes, back and forth.  Then the two turn around, so that Rhet can continue to suck them off.  Trent shoots his load on Rhet's face.  But Marco, who isn't quite ready, wants to fuck Rhet some more.  Finally, Rhet stands,  jacks off and cums.  Marco, in turn, cums on his ass.  Trent paddles Rhet's butt some more.  At the end, the two put Rhet back in his cage and close the door.

SCENE 4 - BOBBY WILLIAMS, TREY REXX, TRENT COUGAR, MIKE GRANT, NICK PISTON, SEBASTIAN & RHET HENGST - More Tom of Finland art leads into this six man, and eventual seven man orgy.  Trey has Bobby naked on a table and is eating his ass.  Mike, Nick and Sebastian are going at it across the room.  Trey feeds his dick to Bobby, while Trent joins Mike to get their cocks sucked by Nick and Sebastian.  Bobby moves over to suck on Mike, as they other three continue sucking each other.  Trey seems to want Bobby's ass and he gets it, as Bobby continues to suck on Mike.  This all now becomes a kind of orgiastic two-ringed circus.  Nick eats Sebastian's ass as he sucks on Trent.  Suddenly Rhet (last seen caged up at the end of Scene 3) is also on the scene.  Nick is on his knees to take Trey.  Erratic editing here makes following the action difficult.  I think Trent next fucks Bobby, and Trey is getting sucked by Rhet.  Mike is behind Rhet, reaching around to work his nipples.  Nick and Sebastian are going at it, "fuck, ya, un huh, fuck ya".  At this point, who cares?  It's an orgy.  Eventually, everyone gathers around a prone Bobby to jack off and cum on him - Trent, Trey, and Bobby himself.

VIDEO - It is all shot to capture the gritty dungeon-like atmosphere and yet see the guys and the sex clearly.  The Citadel is a sex club, with platforms and tables placed around to be used for sexual purposes.  The editing does get a little strange near the end of Scene 4, but this would only bother someone who was trying to follow each encounter rather than take in the free-for-all orgy.

AUDIO - The sounds of sex come through loud and clear.  There is an effective musical score under much of the action.  The sounds of sex and the physical action make your awareness of the music minimal.

EXTRAS - Four trailers promote two other hot ManPlay double packs: the very original HOMO ERECTUS and THE LIST in one, and TRUCK STOP ON I-95 and ROADTRIP in the other.

FINAL THOUGHTS - My first impression was that it felt a bit dated, and actually more than five years old.  There is a kind of "play acting" that has been replaced in recent years by much more hardcore explicit S&M action.  However, with several repeated viewings, I got past my initial reactions and really enjoyed the guys and their performances.  They do give their all.  And when you consider, with both discs, you're getting almost 2 1/2 hours of continuous sex, they are definitely more than worth it.  Given some reservations, I would label it  HIGHLYRECOMMENDED.



CAST - Trent Cougar, Trey Rexx, Mike Grant, Rhet Hengst, Arpad Miklos, Nick Piston, Anthony Shaw, Michael Soldier, Ray Dragon

RUNNING TIME - 1 Hour 30 Minutes

OVERVIEW - As in PROWL 5, most of the same cast creates a similar companion S&M type movie, with more attention paid to grappling and wrestling with one another.  An ominous "Hell-like" atmosphere is set in motion with Ray Dragon's Devil face greeting each man as he enters.  After they have agreed in writing, they are permitted entrace to meet their fate.  The very walls are stained with dripping blood.  A duo and two threesomes ensue.


SCENE 1 - TREY REXX & MICHAEL SOLDIER - Trey is the Punisher and Michael the Victim.  Trey is standing against a blood spattered wall brandishing a metal studded belt and whipping the wall with it, as a very wary and rather timid Michael enters.  They stalk one another.  Soon Michael is on his knees and his shirt is pulled up over his head, cutting off his vision.  They wrestle with one another, with Trey swatting and hitting him whenever he can.  He finally feeds Michael his hard dick.  Then Michael is on his knees, butt naked except for the shirt over his head and the pants around his feet.  Trey swats his ass some more.  He then rubs his ass and balls and cock, getting it hard.  Trey still has his shirt on, but his shorts are pushed down.  The two wrestle again.  Trey gets Michael's shirt off, so that he can suck Trey's big dick, and eventually eat his ass.  Trey finally gets out of his clothes and sits on Michael's face.  Trey has a really great body and dick that he feeds to Michael who arches his back and swallows it all.  Trey stands and slams his dick into the now kneeling Michal's mouth, occasionally smacking his face.  Michael looks like he's suffering, but he obviously loves it.  Both are now naked, as they wrestle some more.  Trey sits on Michael's face to get his ass rimmed again.  Trey wrestles Michael into a doggie position on the floor.  He teases his hole with his cock,  then slamming it over his hole.  Trey fucks him first on his stomach and then pulls him up into the doggie position again.  Michael really loves it, saying, "Oh yeah.  Thank you."  Michael is getting more than his money's worth.  Then Michael gets on his back, legs in the air, so Trey can fuck him missionary.  When Michael groans, Trey shouts, "It's fuckin' supposed to hurt, man."  He then fucks straight down into his hole.  There's a lot of yelling and groaning as Trey pounds him.  Trey then has him swallow his cock again and get face fucked.  Then he cums on his face.  Michael jacks off and cums on the mat.  Trey's finished with him, "Who's fuckin' next?" 

SCENE 2 - ANTHONY SHAW, NICK PISTON & MIKE GRANT - Nick and Mike come upon Anthony and proceed to rough him up.  Nick gets his big fat dick out and the two force Anthony to suck it.  Nick's shirt comes off and his pants go down.  Mike gets his shirt off and pulls Anthony's shirt off.  The two taunt Anthony some more.  Nick holds Anthony as he sucks Mike's dick.  A bit oddly, for this movie anyway, Nick and Mike kiss.  Nick then pushes his dick in Anthony's mouth.  "It's going in your ass," Anthony's warned (or promised).  Mike sits on Anthony's face for a rimming, and then Nick shoves his dick down Anthony's throat from the rear.  They both get Anthony's pants off as he lies on his stomach.  He looks surprised as Mike and Nick work his hole.  Clothes and boots come off.  Anthony sucks Mike's cock as Nick licks his ass.  Suddenly, Nick is IN his ass, fucking him.  Mike offers Anthony his ass to eat as Nick fucks.  They all jack off, Anthony on the floor.  Anthony shoots first, and then Nick and Mike, both on Anthony's chest.

SCENE 3 - ARPAD MIKLOS, TRENT COUGAR & RHET HENGST - Arpad and Trent hunt Rhet, the victim in this scene, down with flashlights.  They catch him, slap him around, knee him and generally rough him up, ripping his shirt off.  Arpad has his shirt off and feeds Rhet his beautiful big dick to suck.  Then the other muscular hunk Trent gets his shirt off and pants down.  The two push Rhet back and forth.  There are constant slaps and ad libs.  They get Rhet's pants down.  He tries to deep throat Arpad, but he can't take it all.  Rhet's pants come off, and back he goes to cock sucking.  He then rims both his attackers, each guy taking several turns sitting on his face.  Arpad is the first to fuck Rhet, as he kneels accommodatingly to suck Trent.  Maybe Rhet couldn't deep throat Arpad, but he sure can make Arpad's cock disappear up his butt hole, as his own cock stays hard throughout.  They soon reverse the action, so that Trent can fuck Rhet while he sucks on Arpad.  Trent pulls out and stands to jack off and shoot his load over Rhet's ass, which we then get to view in close-up.  He fucks Rhet some more on his stomach, turns him over so that he can jack off and shoot.  And then Arpad shoots an unbelievably impressive load that surges the whole length of Trent's torso, and once again from another angle.

VIDEO & AUDIO - (same as PROWL 5)

EXTRAS - (same as PROWL 5 plus some behind the scenes footage.)

FINAL THOUGHTS - I responded the best to the orgy scene in PROWL 5 and a bit negatively to the excessive slapping and physically punishing moves in HELL ROOM.  But I still label them, especially for fans of this kind of action, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Rod Woodman

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