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House of Jordan

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 11/8/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex/all girl
Director: Michael Ninn
Cast: Alexis Love, Carli Banks, Marlie Moore, Renee Perez, Jana Jordan, Tiffany Sweet, Lena Nicole.
Length: Length
Condoms: NA
Bonus: One bonus point: House of Jordan features TWO of my 2008 Must-See Girls Awards: Alexis Love and Jana Jordan.


If you've ever seen a movie directed by Michael Ninn or produced by his studio, NinnWorx, you know what to expect: amazingly-beautiful girls, stunning locations, exquisite make-up and wardrobe, splendid videography (including lighting), expert editing, and superb music to support the on-screen sex. Regarding the sex, with the possible of exception of Michael's Neo_Pornographia series, the sex is satisfyingly hard without being too edgy. (Yes, Neo_Pornographia IS edgy.)

If you haven't seen a Michael Ninn or NinnWorx release, I have one simple question. Why not? You're missing some of the most expertly shot sex available on the market. House of Jordan is a good place to start. It's a five-scene all-girl release that features two absolutely stellar threeways as well as three girl/girl twosomes.

NinnWorx truly believes in quality. For example, the video is outstanding and was shot by people who know how to operate a camera AND care enough to do first-class work. For example, the lighting, while creative, ensures that we can see everything we want at all time. There are also lots of little touches that really matter...like projecting the image from a second camera onto the wall in real time while the first camera captures the action. And, I know you'll agree that the camera angles are as perfect as you can expect (especially when Jana fucks Tiffany Sweet with a dildo in Scene Two). The overall result is absolutely stunning.

No critique of a Michael Ninn release is complete without a word about the outstanding music that accompanies the scene set-ups and then fades in-and-out as necessary to superbly support the on-screen action. Similarly, mention must be made of the stunning locations. Wow! House of Jordan was shot in a hillside home with picture windows that reveal the entire Los Angeles basin. I sure as hell wish I owned that house. Hell, I'd even invite Jana over to visit!

Even though I've sung the praises of Michael Ninn and his direction of House of Jordan, the real treat in this movie is Jana herself. I had seen some publicity photos of her before I had a chance to preview this movie. Frankly, I thought, "yet another pretty blond." Well, I was certainly wrong in my initial impression of her. I must admit that I hadn't watched more than 10 or 15 minutes of House of Jordan when I decided to put her on the nominee list for my 2008 Must-See Girls award. She's that fucking good! <[> Picture this...an adorable blond angel with a very pretty face dressed in a virginal white blouse and plaid Catholic schoolgirl skirt. Now, imagine her stripping off that uniform to reveal a spectacular body with perfect natural breasts, hard belly, shapely ass, and attractive tattoos. So far, that's all fine and good. But, you can say the same thing about scores of blond porn girls.

What makes Jana a real winner is very extremely horny attitude and insatiable sex drive that manifests itself in deliciously naughty words and brazen commands. Yes, Jana knows that good sex is not only what we see and feel, but also about what we hear. I'm sure that Jana's words could give my granddad an erection...and he's been dead 40 years! Even better, Jana knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell her partner how to give it to her. The result? She cums and cums and cums! I adore girls like that!

You shouldn't get the idea that Jana is greedy. To the contrary, Jana gives as good as she gets. No girl in Jana's scene goes away unfulfilled!

Even though Jana is in every scene, not one scene seems repetitive. Instead, every scenario is different and the girls' actions are different, too.

I fucking adore Jana Jordan and I invite you to share my enthusiasm by picking up a copy of House of Jordan today. Go ahead. Click the link. 

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Check out some photos of the girls in House of Jordan here. Pay particular attention to the photos of cute-as-can-be girls Alexis Love, Jana Jordan, and Tiffany Sweet. Enjoy! 


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for House of Jordan can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2007.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Girl/ girl; all-sex; all vaginal
Performers: Lena Nicole, Jana Jordan

Overview: Against a background of superbly-chosen music, gorgeous Jana Jordan and luscious Lena Nicole pose and strip for us in a music-video-style setting. In due course, each girl begins to caress her own flesh as she eyes the other girl across the room. Soon, bold Jana steps up to Lena and shoves her hand into her pants to stroke her pussy while kissing her open mouth. Jana quickly disrobes Lena while licking and stroking her tasty flesh and squeezing her perfect all-natural boobs. Lena soon repays Jana and the two girls share some white-hot foreplay while Lena encourages their lust with lots of deliciously-nasty talk. Lena, emboldened by Jana's touch, shoves Jana onto her back and rubs their bodies together. Then, Lena voraciously eats and finger-fucks Jana's gorgeous and tasty pussy until Jana experiences the first of many orgasms. The girls continue to pleasure each other with a queen-sized dildo, tongues, and fingers until repeated orgasms leave them both exhausted. 
Sex rating: 4.45
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.80

Scene 2

Scene Type: Girl/girl/ girl threeway; all-sex; all vaginal
Performers: Tiffany Sweet, Alexis Love, Jana Jordan

Overview: While gazing out huge picture windows overlooking Los Angeles, gorgeous blond Jana poses, strips, caresses her fine body, and masturbates to stoke her internal fires of lust. She even looks through a telescope to watch herself stroll a plaza! Suddenly, two similarly dressed brunettes--adorable Tiffany Sweet and one of my personal favorites, 2008 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls nominee Alexis Love--appear in two comfy arm chairs across from Jana. As the scene set-up continues, both Alexis and Tiffany strip and pose for us. After the set-up has been completed, Jana immediately takes control of her two "girl-toys" and fucks each one's tight juicy pussy, in turn, with a bulbous dildo until she cums. Later, the "girl toys" take command and force Jana to her knees to suckle a mammoth dildo positioned shaft up in the center of the floor. Then, the "girl-toys" strip Jana naked (what FINE flesh!), stoke her lust with foreplay, and then make her squat over the toy and fuck it. Damn, if you think that's hot, you haven't seen anything. Truthfully, I was sad when it ended! This multi-orgasmic scene is a sure contender for all-girl scene of the year. In fact, I'm putting it on my nomination list right now! 

Sex rating: 4.95
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.80

Scene 3

Scene Type: Girl/ girl; all-sex; all vaginal
Performers: Alana Langford, Jana Jordan

Overview: Dressed in puffy ballerina outfits, both Alana and Jana strut their stuff on a staircase to the rhythm of a first-class musical soundtrack. Lots of upskirt footage reveals how well each girl knows how to stroke and jack her innermost pleasure zones. Mesmerized by each others' pleasure, the girls are drawn closer and closer together until they touch. And then, of course, sparks fly. Titty sucking and squeezing, accompanied by lots of motivating nasty talk, soon lead to clit jacking and slapping, multiple-finger-fucking, pussy eating, dildo-play, and, of course orgasms (the girls lick cum-filled fingers and toys clean!). 

Sex rating: 4.40
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.6

Scene 4

Scene Type: Girl/girl/ girl threeway; all-sex; all vaginal
Performers: Carli Banks, Renee Perez, Jana Jordan

Overview: Back in the picturesque living room with the picture windows that show off the entire Los Angles basin, Jana and sexy brunette Renee, dressed in extremely tiny matching plaid school-girl skirts and white blouses, pose, dance provocatively, strip, and caress their bodies while extraordinarily appropriate music ("I really love you, girl!) accompanies the action. The girls move closer and closer. Just when you think that Jana and Renee are going to get it on, cute blond Carli enters the scene and captures Renee's attention. So, Jana sits back to watch the other two girls as they light each others' fires. Of course, Jana grins broadly and plays with her fine flesh as the other girls share open-mouthed kisses, caress, tease, hug, suckle, squeeze, and lick each other. Jana's lust really ignites--and maybe her envy intensifies, too--when Renee kisses her way down Carli's abdomen until she settles in her pretty naturally-hairy-above-clit-level pussy. Renee uses knowing and effective tongue motions to drive Carli wild while simultaneously jacking her sensitive clit until she cums. Afterward, Renee kneels on all fours so that Carli can eat her pussy (great close-ups) and rim her asshole from behind. By this time, magnificent Jana simply cannot stay away. So, she strips naked and joins the other girls. All at once, the action switches from good to GREAT as Jana brings her own brand of white-hot lust--and her incredibly-effective nasty vocabulary--to the other girls. Jana not only TELLS the girls what to do...she also takes control by pulling hair, squeezing tits, and shoving Carli's face between Renee's ass cheeks. Soon, Renee shudders through a volcanic orgasm. After the girls share a threeway kiss--and use all three tongues to lube-up a mammoth bulbous dildo (WOW!)--it's Jana's turn to be the center of attention. Girl/girl lovers, like me, will truly enjoy how Jana is not only able to give intense pleasure, but also receive it, too...no matter if it be by dildo, tongue, or fingers. And, orgasm junkies--again, like me--will cheer when Jana cums over and over again. After Jana's last orgasm, the girls lick her bulbous dildo clean as they gaze into our eyes through the camera lens. This is another contender for all-girl scene of the year! 

Sex rating: 4.95
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.8

Scene 5

Scene Type: Girl/girl; all-sex; all vaginal
Performers: Marlie Moore, Jana Jordan

Overview: Chic black-and-white footage highlights the music-video-like scene set-up during which first Jana, and then honey-blond Marlie, strut their stuff for us in various costumes (and stages of undress) and locations (both day and evening footage). Eventually, the girls find each other, kiss, and caress each others' bodies while complimenting each others' looks and clothes. Little-by-little, Marlie strips off Jana's clothes, suckles and squeezes her boobs, licks her feet and legs, and then buries her tongue and finger(s) in her delectable cunt. Jana loves Marlie's attention and encourages her with naughty words. Marlie makes Jana cum, and then the girls switch roles: Jana strips off Marlie's dress and panties, spanks and kisses her ass, gags Marlie with her own panties, suckles and squeezes her tits, slaps her clit, licks her thighs, and then teases Marlie's clit with her tongue. Teasing soon becomes fucking when Jana uses her fingers and tongue to probe Marlie's depths. Jana's superb technique soon has Marlie spasming and laughing through a sweet orgasm. Later, Jana bends Marlie over a table, doggie style, and ask her--and us--if her cunt has been bad enough to be fucked by a large blue dildo. We all soon agree that Marlie's a "dirty bitch" and deserves the toy. So, Jana gives it to her--with deep and twisting motions while she slaps and bites her ass until it glows red. "I love it," screams Marlie...as she experiences an even stronger orgasm! Afterward, the girls suck the toy clean as the scene--and the movie--comes to an end. 

Sex rating: 4.40
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.80


In addition to interactive menus and the other ubiquitous features on contemporary adult DVDs, House of Jordan has a behind-the-scenes featurette that lasts about one-half hour. There is also a photo gallery of images. This is bit below average in today's DVD marketplace. Two and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Overall sex rating: 4.63
Overall video rating: 4.80
Overall audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.76


Dr. Jay

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