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You're Nailin' Palin Interactive

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 11/11/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

The world of parody is where pornography really seems to excel. Classics (yes, I said classics) like Edward Penishands and Friday The 13th - A Nude Beginning rank alongside oddball titles like The Texas Dildo Masquerade and of course, Vista Valley PTA as some of the most entertaining titles in adult film history. Lately, Hustler has been on the cutting edge of the porn parody movement, and has even gone so far as to dip their toes into political parody. Given Larry Flynt's political aspirations and the fact that he continues to fight the good fight, this isn't really all that surprising, but I'll be damned if it isn't a whole lot of fun.

That brings us to You're Nailin' Palin, the second title in which milfy Lisa Ann and her giant fake hooters have played (with great success and surprising accuracy) the former governor of Alaska and one of the key factors in the GOP's loss of the presidential seat. Rarely does a candidate polarize the political spectrum like Mrs. Palin has - and let's face it, in many ways many people want to fuck her. The hardcore right wing contingent see her as a saucy, sexy woman of power who tells it like it is (always attractive qualities), while lefties like myself would seriously like her to shut the fuck up and what better way to do that than to... well, I digress. You know where I'm going with this and rather than sour this review with political rants (you can read better rants than my own all over the web), let's just cut to what Axel Braun (son of the late, and truly great Lassa Braun) has wrought upon us this time...

Lisa Ann as Sarah Palin:

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The Lisa Ann section allows you to start off with some great teasing - choose from watching Lisa play with her big fake tits, her neatly groomed pussy, or her shapely oiled up ass to get yourself warmed up. Along the way she mutters comments like 'You're so naughty, you must be an ass man... like Anne Coulter,' keeping the humor coming and delivering the lines with a fair bit of convincing conviction. It's hard not to notice how great her derriere looks all oiled up like that. Mission accomplished, Lisa. From there you can watch her masturbate on top of her office desk using her fingers in her pussy, a vibrator in her pussy ('Looks like you want me to fuck myself... Hillary, is that you?') or a dildo up her ass. Once she's warmed herself up, you can choose from a hand job, a titty fuck, a blowjob with her on top, a blowjob with you on top, or a footjob. If you've had enough warming up, you can then cut right to the chase and get down to fucking...

With the main event well under way, you can choose from fucking Lisa in the tried and true missionary position, or let her ride you cowgirl style, or get her on all fours and fuck her doggy style ('Why don't you fuck me like a wild sled dog so I can say Ididyerrod.'). From there you can fuck her the same three ways up the ass if you so choose, or you can decide to finish off by squirting a load onto her face, her tits, her ass or her feet.

Alexis Texas as Carrie Prejean:

When you move on over to the Alexis Texas portion of the program, you can fuck her silly with Lisa Ann's participation. Wise men start off with a little girl on girl action to get things started and when you select this option you can see the miltastic brunette take charge and strip down the blonde with the ass of gold atop her gubernatorial desk. They kiss and play with their tits and then rub and eat one another's pussies for a while before busting out a pink dildo and putting it to good use. If you want the girls to keep going at it, Alexis will tell you 'I am so glad that my grandfather fought in World War Two so that we can have the freedom to have a threesome to prove that homosexuality is wrong.' After this passionate speech, the girls will give a nice double blowjob with a whole lot of (very welcome) tongue action.

Once your cock has been sucked by the pair, you get to slip it to Alexis who is on her back with her legs spread for you to get on in there and pound while Lisa plays with her tits. From there you can give it to Alexis doggy style or let her ride you cowgirl style, but the action is all vaginal, no ass play here, sadly. Miss California wouldn't do that anyway, even if the former Governor probably would. When you're done having your way with Alexis, you can choose to come on her face or inside Lisa Ann's pussy.

All in all, while the interactivity quotient on this release is lower than other 'interactive' DVD's this reviewer has had the honor of reviewing, the production values, humor, and overall quality of the feature make up for. Add to that a novelty value that cannot be discounted and you wind up with one of those oddball porno movies that is sexy enough to count and fucked up enough to matter.

The Video:

The interactive feature is presented in a nice 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer that boasts good, lifelike color reproduction and strong detail levels throughout. There are some minor mpeg compression artifacts evident in a few of the scenes but aside from that the disc is well authored, meaning that there are no problems with edge enhancement or aliasing. Sometimes the colors look to have been intentionally muted a little bit, to give the movie a sort of old sitcom look, but once you get used to it you won't likely notice it and generally the picture does look very good here.

The Audio:

You're Nailin' Palin Interactive sounds good in its English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix. The score, dialogue and 'sounds of sex' all come through loud and clear with nice channel separation and some fun directional effects. Bass response is tight and bouncy and the score in particular sounds very good. Levels are properly balanced and there are no problems with hiss or distortion to complain about. Overall, things sound great.

The Extras:

The only substantial extra on this release is a Behind The Scenes (11:18) featurette that interviews Lisa Ann about playing her now iconic role. They ask her about working with Jay Lassiter, Chris Charming ('He's got a great penis!'), and more before we witness the feature being shot with Axel Braun directing from behind the camera. Like the feature it's done with a sense of humor which makes it worth a look. There is also an amusing extra clip in here where you can watch Lisa Ann in full Palin mode sign legislature that allows wolves to shoot helicopters.

Rounding out the extras is a slideshow, trailers for a few other Hustler titles, web-links, and well as animated menus and chapter selection.


What makes this release work is its sense of humor. Yes it looks and sounds good and has a few okay extras, and yes you get to slip a dick much larger than the one you probably have in real life between Lisa Ann's cheeks and into Alexis's snatch - these are all good things - but it's the humor that differentiates this release from the countless other interactive titles on the market. It may offend some who hold political views different than this reviewers, but anyone who thinks they'll get the joke and maybe sport wood at the same time is advise to give You're Nailin' Palin Interactive a chance and thus Hustler's DVD is recommended.

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