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Dong of The Dead

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 11/18/09

XCritic's Advice: Join It

Just in time for Halloween (oops, maybe not, but close enough) comes Burning Angel's Dong Of The Dead, an internet only video on demand title from the filthy minds that brought you such 'gorno' classics as Re-Penetrator and The XXXorcist. Like those two classics, this latest entry stars Joanna Angel who once again teams up with Tommy Pistol (a man who has been absent from the scene for far too long). Joining in on the fun are Andy San Dimas and James Deen.

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When the film begins, Joanna is putting on her French maid outfit and getting ready to go to the club for some Halloween fun. Tommy Pistol calls her, fearing for his life behind a locked door, to tell her that there are zombies out there - he saw it on the news and the news doesn't lie. Tommy then tries to get Joanna to cover up a little, but she's not having any of it and she tells him to 'just get over here.' She gets off the phone and hears a knocking at the door which she heads downstairs to investigate. It turns out it's Andy San Dimas, also sporting a French maid's outfit and looking fine. Andy's annoyed that Joanna has the gall to wear panties with her outfit, and after some chit chat about the zombies on the news, Andy cuts Jo's panties off with a knife. The pair make out in the hallway of Joanna's loft and then head upstairs where Andy eats Joanna's pussy like she's starving for it. Joanna bends Andy over and finger fucks her from behind, really giving her snatch a good work over - and then they're interrupted. There's that knocking on the door again! The pair quit what they're doing and head back downstairs where they hear moaning at the door but it turns out it's just Tommy who shows up wearing a dorky set of hospital duds with 'NAUGHTY NURSE' written on it in sharpie and his ass hanging out the back.

While Tommy stands in the door and yaps about women, a zombified James Deen sneaks up behind him and chews through his neck. There's gore galore strewn about and as Mr. Pistol twitches on the floor of the stairwell, Zombie James heads upstairs for fresh meat. The girls realize that the zombie doesn't move too fast and that they really don't need to be so scared and they start talking about this and that. Joanna scolds the zombie for ruining Halloween and then proceeds to take dead Tommy's costume off of him and put it on the zombie. From there, they have a three way. Zombie James eats Joanna's ass and then the girls give him head. Andy gets down on all fours and takes it from behind and then Joanna follows suit, breaking for a bit of pussy to mouth clean up before Joanna rides him reverse cowgirl style. Andy takes it from behind again and the girls finish him off with a double blowjob that leads to a nice facial finish.... and then the zombie lies down...

But I've already said too much. The ending is pretty funny so it's best left unspoiled. This thirty five minute quickie from the Burning Angel crew is enjoyable enough. It's not breaking any new ground really but the humor and quirkiness that they're known for is still here and it adds a good sense of fun to the movie that a lot of modern porn lacks. On top of that, and probably the main reason most will be interested, the sex is hot. Andy and Joanna have a great chemistry together in their scene and the three-way with the 'zombie stud' is well shot and pretty strong in terms of the performances from all three participants. It could have gone on a bit longer and I wouldn't have minded but what's here is good and damn but don't Joanna and Andy look good in French maid outfits? This one doesn't go as far as Re-Penetrator or The XXXorcist in terms of gore or taboo busting shock value but it was obviously made with a lower budget and a tighter schedule - tongue is firmly in cheek throughout and while it won't change your life, if you're already a fan of what the Burning Angel team does you'll want to check this out.

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