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Battle Creek Break Down

Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/5/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production: 2009

Directed By: Joe Gage


Bryan Slater, Christopher Saint, David Dakota, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, RJ Matthews, Patrick O'Conner, Tony Buff, and Will Parker

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours and 45 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Tony Buff

Expecting to spend a nice quiet weekend in the country at the Battle Creek River Lodge, RJ Matthews (good-looking with short red hair and a toned/lightly hairy body) is somewhat taken aback when greeted by naked employee Tony Buff (good-looking with shortly buzzed black hair and a toned/hairy body). RJ sure loosens up quickly and while taking a naked (except for black boots and socks) stroll through the woods to commune with nature, "bumps" into hunky Tony fixing a "leaky water heater". Feeling frisky, Tony shows off his fat cut cock and goads his new buddy on with lusty suggestions leading RJ to stroke his own stiff clipped prick. The sexual tension is a huge turn-on and RJ plays the role of a shy guy very well in hot contrast to Tony's more sexually open personality. The guys make their boners jump 'n throb and then get down to beating off with eyes fixed on each other.

Tony leaks lots of pre-cum as they stand side-by-side pulling pork. RJ cries out and squirts a big thick load of jizz all over the ground as Tony sprays the earth with his thick seed. What better way to relax after busting a nut than with a nice long leak? The dudes let go with the yellow flows 'n splatter the ground with their warm piss. Tony bends RJ over the water heater, sinks to his knees, rubs those beautiful peach-fuzz covered melons, spreads 'em exposing a tight shaved bunghole, and munches down. RJ loves having his asshole eaten and fills the woods with moans, sighs, and heavy breathing. There are plenty of tasty camera shots of that pulsing pucker and Tony's hot wet tongue caressing it into submission. Tony pulls RJ's turgid tube steak back between his legs and sucks them balls 'n licks that cock. He slides his chubby dong in from behind and fucks RJ doggy-style using long smooth strokes while reaching forward and jacking his pal's stiff dick.

That's one thick cock to take up the bum and RJ does it with gusto filling the air with loud grunts and pants of desire. Dude plays a delicious game of the ol' sink/bounce riding up 'n down on Tony's tool with plenty of hot frontal penetration shots. Switching up for some oral action, Tony chows down on RJ's member giving some excellent head and filling his gullet full of mouth-watering man-meat deep throating all the way down to those red pubes. Tony screws RJ in the missionary position quick 'n smooth with hot penetration shots from above and behind while RJ stokes his woody. That fat sausage really stretches RJ's hole! The viewer will get a nice peek at Tony's tight hairy bunghole as he bangs his new buddy. RJ shoots a large thick load of cum all over his chest while being fucked. Tony pulls out, yanks off his rubber, uses RJ's jizz as lube, and busts his nut on RJ's stomach.

Scene Two:

Christopher Saint

Handsome Brit Christopher Saint (short brown hair and a toned/smooth body) is in charge of a groovy new home 'n garden show called Homeowner's Rehab that just happens to be filming an episode near the lodge. Dude is stressed to the max to make sure the program is up to his high standards and needs some "special attention" from hunky carpenter Gio Forte (good-looking with a shaved head, beard, and muscular/hairy body). Gio has to take a leak and according to Christopher, there are time constraints and since everyone has gone home, dude can simply relieve himself in a bucket. Gio is more than happy to haul out his fat clipped cock and cut loose with a strong stream of man-piss. Christopher joins in by releasing his uncut dick and letting the good times roll. I guess there really isn't much of a time problem since Christopher sinks to his knees taking Gio's chubby pork down his gullet giving excellent head 'n making him groan with pleasure.

Dude loves sucking that meat and easily deep throats all the way down to full dark pubes leading to a forceful face fucking. Christopher chokes 'n gags on that cock making all sorts of hot wet sounds. This guy is obsessed with that piece of pork! Switching up, Gio chows down on his boss man's delicious unclipped tube steak sliding his mouth up 'n down, jacking the shaft, and cupping those big hangy balls. Christopher digs the top-notch blowjob filling the room with heavy breathing and repeated "Oh Yeahs" and demands that his nuts be pulled on! The guys beat off with Christopher squirting a big load all over his chest 'n places unknown and Gio spraying a large cum-load all over his employer. Christopher bends over hanging onto a work shelf leading Gio to spread those hot butt cheeks and munch down on that tight hairy bunghole.

 Dude slides a rubber on and sinks in from behind to fuck Christopher doggy-style using long full strokes with plenty of excellent penetration shots from below. The viewer will be able to see Gio's furry crack as he gives dude a full butt-sex workout. Christopher's tight man-hole actually clings to the carpenter's tool! Gio ends up fucking Christopher fast 'n hard and really pounding that ass! The guys change positions and Christopher drills Gio's snug hairy man-chute missionary style quick 'n lubed with plenty of hot penetration shots from below/behind. This guy clearly digs being fucked filling the air with loud grunts. "You do that good!" Gio yanks on his dick and blasts another load all over his furry chest 'n stomach while being screwed. Christopher wildly yanks his prick and shoots a load that hits somewhere on the floor.

Scene Three:

Will Parker

Local Plumbers David Dakota (good-looking with short brown hair and a toned/lightly hairy body) and Will Parker's (cute with short dark hair, light goatee, and a toned/smooth body) truck breaks down miles from their next gig at the lodge. The guys have no choice but to hoof it and end up stopping to strip down while sneaking looks at one another's bodies. Will has beautiful full dark pubes that I find to be quite a turn-on. The guys grab their clipped cocks and cut loose with twin streams of piss that soak the ground with a loud splatters. Once finished, the dudes stand facing rubbing their rigid tools together and begin stroking each other. Will is soon down on his haunches blowing David's dick 'n giving some mighty fine head sliding his mouth up 'n down.

After some hot deep tongue kissing, David returns the favor by chowing down on Will's throbbing boner stroking the shaft, rubbing those plump low hangers, and taking that thang into his mouth. Will digs the suck-job and fills the woods with appreciative sighs, heavy breathing, 'n moans. David makes sweet delicious old-fashioned oral love to Will's manhood. The guys stand side-by-side pulling pork until David shoots a thick load and Will squirts love juice all over the ground. Will bends over leading David to roll a condom on and sink in from behind fucking that tight hairy butthole doggy-style. There are excellent penetration shots from behind of Will wiggling that hot bum as David bangs him with a quick 'n smooth tempo as both dudes fill the air with the lusty sounds of man-lovin'.

The sight of Will's hairy gooch and plump balls from behind is almost too much for me to handle! So fucking beautiful! "Fuck me! Come on!" David picks up the speed and drills his co-worker fast 'n hard. Will breathlessly exclaims, "I want a turn!" and fucks David's right shaved asshole in the missionary position fast 'n smooth with groovy penetration shots from above as David yanks on his hard cock. In the middle of their red-hot fuck session, David exclaims, "I know what you want" and proceeds to pull out a black dildo from his bag and cram it up hi buddy's willing hole while jacking David's straining prick making him shoot a thick load. Will stands up, works his pork, and squirts a thick load all over David's cock.

Scene Four:

Dean Flynn

Lodge guests Bryan Slater (good-looking with short dark hair, beard, and a toned/hairy body) and Dean Flynn (handsome with short brown hair and a muscular/hairy body) high-tail it out of a costume party for a breath of fresh air. After a bit of teasing small talk, they strip down showing off their clipped cocks and take a piss of the porch.   Finished relieving themselves, the dudes stand facing each other with hard dicks pointing to the sky and kiss with deep wet tongues. Bryan sinks to his knees taking Dean's throbbing manhood down his gullet giving excellent head with some tasty face fucking. In return, Dean chows down on Bryan's big dick and sucks like a pro.

Both dudes are very into having their tools orally serviced. Dean gives some yummy deep throat all the way down to Bryan's dark brown pubes. He then jacks off and busts a thick nut on the deck while being mouth-drilled by his new buddy. Bryan pulls pork and lets loose with jizz on Dean's beautiful hairy chest. Dean sinks into Bryan's tight hole from behind and begins slowly fucking him in the doggy-style position using long full strokes. He picks up the speed and is soon nailing his new pal fast 'n smooth with plenty of excellent penetration shots from below. Bryan digs being porked and fills the air with loud moans, sighs, and groans of lust.

Switching up, Bryan lays back on a bench with his hard tool sticking straight up. Dean rolls a rubber on Bryan's cock, lubes him up, and slowly lowers himself down for a frisky game of the ol' sink/bounce. There are plenty of hot penetration shots from behind as Dean works his hips humping up 'n down and using circular motions to fill his hungry hairy man hole. Dean bends over leading Bryan to fuck him quick 'n lubed doggy-style with plenty of groovy penetration shots from behind. Dean lets out lots of sexy low moans and growls while having that hard cock crammed in 'n out of his tight little bunghole. Dean turns over and the dudes beat their meat to climax. Bryan is the first to pop and dumps thick jizz on Dean's stomach. Dean cuts loose with thick man pudding on his lower stomach area. The scene ends with a hilarious little surprise but I won't give it a way here.


Battle Creek Break Down is shot directly on High Definition video and presented in wide screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The picture quality is sharp and clean. The videography by Paul Wilde and Jeff Slurry is strong allowing for full coverage of all the action with hot close-ups of the cock sucking and butt sex penetration. The camera shots of the bungholes and ass eating are quite tasty. The picture quality is sharp 'n clean.


The stereo sound is clear which will allow the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk and then get down to the man-lovin' with lots of sucking sounds, moans, groans, grunts, 'n growls.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, a Behind-the-Scenes featurette that runs a little over fourteen minutes, and a collection of cum shots from the movie that's about fourteen minutes long.


I would love to spend the weekend at the Battle Creek River Lodge. How about joining me? Ha! Joe Gage directs with a firm hand and along with strong videography and editing, creates four sizzling scenes that are guaranteed to give you blue balls (or a wet pussy) while watching if ya don't "ease the tension". I love that Mr. Gage chooses to show the guys rolling on their rubbers. Safe sex is very important. All the dudes are hot, give energetic performances, and look to truly be into each other and the action. My favorites here are Will Parker and Tony Buff. What hot fuckin' dudes! I Highly Recommend.

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