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Moving In: There Goes the Neighborhood

Studio: Cal Vista Classic » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 12/9/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:


Alex De Renzy's eighties work may not be as interesting or flat out bizarre as much of his seventies era work is, but it's still generally always a cause for celebration among certain smut film aficionados when one of his films gets a proper DVD release. That brings us to 1986's Moving In, a hardcore sex comedy starring a bevy of big haired eighties beauties such as Stacey Donovan and Nina Hartley as well as a few popular working stiffs of the era including Mike Horner and Ron Jeremy.

The film is centered around an interracial couple, played by Lili Marlene and F.M. Bradley, who move into the same building as a few other hot and heavy couples. After getting settled in, Lili finds herself in need of some help. She grabs the guy who lives next door, Ron Jeremy, and coerces him to come inside where she explains to him that the batteries in her vibrator have just run out and that she's impossibly horny and needs his help. Ron, always up for a job like this, sports wood and gets down to business. He finger fucks her and eats her box and then she sucks on his schmeckle for a bit. He mounts her and pumps away and eventually pulls out and pops onto her pelvis to end the scene. The first scene is spliced in with a second scene occurring at the same time where Stacey Donovan and Mr. Bradley are getting to know one another. She's in the bathtub fingering herself with her eyes closed when he walks in on her. She assumes he's her husband and decides to roll with it, letting him touch her snatch and tits with her eyes still closed. She sucks his prick and notes how much bigger it seems than usual but still keeps her eyes closed. He smacks her face with his cock as she tells him she's fantasizing about him being a big black dude, and he fucks her pussy from a few different angles before he pulls out and lobs a load of jizz across her cute belly - at this point she opens her eyes and is shocked that she's just been fucked by a strange black dude she's never met before. The fantasy element isn't so believable but Stacey's a real looker, even if she would later go on to stab the industry in which she earned her living square in the back. This is, so far as I can tell, the only time that Stacey ever did an interracial scene and having her keep her eyes closed for the duration adds some welcome kink to it.

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Later on, Stacey is trying to figure out how to help with a ballet fundraiser she's become involved with. Her husband, Mike Horner, is only sort of listening but this all changes when Lil and her new friend, Keisha, stop by to see what's going on. This doesn't go over so well, and Mike asks them to leave but before you know it she's got his cock in her mouth and he's not arguing. Keisha decides to help her friend out and Horner gets a double blowjob until Stacy walks in on them. Not surprisingly, since this is a porno, Stacey's not mad, she just wants in on the fun. They have a four way and Mike gets well taken care of by the three ladies, until Mike decides to finish up with Keisha and pound her until he blows his load across her tits.

Further on that day, Ron comes home from work and finds Bradley hanging out in his living room. There's no one else around but there is a big box in front of him. He opens it up and what's inside? Nina Hartley. Figures, right? She takes his pants down and sucks his cock like the maniac that she was in her heyday, and then Ron returns the oral favors. They go at it for a bit but the editing is all over the place here and before you really realize what's going on, Ron blows his load across her stomach. Nina looks really good here, sucking Ron off like a champ and really getting into her role far more than anyone fucking Ron Jeremy probably ever should.

What Ron didn't realize is that the ladies weren't actually out, but hanging out in the room next door well aware of what's going on. While Ron is taking care of business with Nina, Bradley fucks around with Stacey and Lili. Stacey goes to town with the oral, getting him ramped up and then guiding him between her legs to fuck her box silly before he switches over to Lili and fucks her from behind. He pulls out and blows his load on top of Lili's ass and Stacey laps it up. This scene is intercut with the one in the last paragraph so it jumps around a lot, but you get the idea.

With everyone having more or less fucked everyone else at this point, it only makes sense for both couples to get together and send the movie out with a foursome. They call Ron in while Lili and Stacey are taking care of Bradley so he can watch, while Stacey watches from the other side. Both start playing with themselves and Bradly slips a digit or two up Lili's asshole. Stacey decides to suck Ron off while he's stroking himself while Lili is getting it up the ass right next to her. Ron fucks Stacey doggy style and blows his load across her tits after some missionary style fucking while Bradley blows his load across Lili's figure to end the scene and basically finish off the movie.



This fullframe transfer, which appears to present the film in its original aspect ratio, looks surprisingly sharp and colorful, if a bit faded, even if it is interlaced. The picture quality, for an old XXX film from 1986 which was obviously shot on video looks surprisingly good. There are some specks here and there but this transfer is probably as good as the tape source will allow for. The black levels aren't all that strong and sometimes the skin tones look a bit hot, and overall the image is a bit on the soft side but it's certainly watchable enough. A 'Copyright 2009 VCX' but does appear a few times at the bottom of the screen throughout the movie. This is VCX's method of protecting their properties, so it's understandable that it appears, but it's bound to annoy some purists.


The Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound soundtrack is a little muffled and not of the best quality, but again, it's taken from an older source so the limitations of the era's technology are going to be there when that's the case. Dialogue is pretty easy to understand, however, and the background music comes through reasonably clear. There aren't a lot of sound effects used in the film, mostly just some random moaning and groaning during the action scenes and these are handled just fine, as are the talkier bits of the movie. There's very little surround activity here, it's a front heavy mix that doesn't sound too far off from an old Mono track, but 5.1 is what it says on the packaging, on the receiver, and on PowerDVD so 5.1 it is.


Aside from some tacky animated menus, VCX has included four bonus scenes, the first of which is from Private Moments (6:10) and in it Peter North fucks a brunette in the bathroom of a fancy restaurant while all their friends wait outside. The second clip is from Pussycat Ranch (16:54) and in it Eric Edwards comes to a house where he finds Arcadia Lake. They make out, some disco music swells up on the soundtrack, and he sucks her tits and eats her out. She gives him head and then he fucks her missionary style and then from behind until he finishes. The third clips is from Take Me Down (7:11) and it stars the eternally gorgeous Brigitte Lahiae in a scene where she makes out with some curly haired guy, blows him, and then gets her box munched. They sixty-nine and he fucks her doggy style and then shoots his goop onto the small of her back. The last clip is from Untamed Passions (8:47) and it features Paul Thomas and Danielle. They're in the living room hanging out and they head into the bedroom where she puts on some slinky lingerie. He eats her out and she sits on his face and then they move into a sixty-nine. She rides him reverse cowgirl and then he fucks her doggy style until she strokes him off all over her ass cheeks.

Rounding out the extras are trailers for Here Comes The Bride, The Best Of Breasts, Visions Of Clair and Swedish Sorority Girls, the Legendary Tribute montage of vintage adult movie clips as well as some animated menus, a still gallery, scene selection and a web-link.

Final Thoughts:

If you don't mind the eighties styles and fashions you'll probably get a kick out of Moving In. It's not a lost classic but it's got a good sense of humor about it and despite some really choppy editing it's got enough hot sex to be worth a look. Stacey Donovan may have left a bad taste in the mouths of many eighties porno fans but there's no denying the fact that she looked great with a dick in her and she gets a lot of screen time here. Recommended.

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