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Bounce 2

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/11/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Bounce 2

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: All Sex

Director: B. Skow

Cast: Hannah Hilton, Mick Blue, Ami Jordan, Jerry, Erik Everhard, Sara Stone, Lee Stone, Gianna Michaels, Steve Holmes, James Deen

Length: 259:47 minutes (127:25 minutes & 132:22 minutes)

Hannah Hilton

Date of Production: 3/5/2009

Extras: Each disc had separate extras, the first one including an uncut scene from Bounce 1 as described in detail below, the 41:17 minute offering starring Hannah Hilton and Whitney Stevens with Voodoo. The first part of the Behind the Scenes feature was also included, the feature lasting 33:59 minutes as it showcased Hannah Hilton, Ami Jordan, and Sara Stone in the same type of dynamic director B. Skow uses for his Brand New Faces series (complete with solo action). There was then a photogallery and trailers as well as the usual spam but no positions menu. The second disc started off with a 24:03 minute long Behind the Scenes too, Skow zooming in on Gianna's ample sample of an ass before moving back to Hannah Hilton. There were then two more bonus scenes from Bounce 1; a 32:43 minute scene starring London Keyes and Hannah as well as another Hannah scene lasting 37:39 minutes from the flick (both also described below). Again, there was a positions menu for the one guy that reportedly cares, the extra hidden away where you go to the scene selection screen and pick a scene (ie: the positions are selected by scene, not all of the specific sex acts from the movie are on the menu).

Condoms: None

Ami Jordan

Audio/Video Quality: Bounce 2 was presented in the same 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment using the standard definition MPEG-2 codec in 480 resolution. For those unfamiliar with his background, suffice it to say that his experience outside of porn is superior to many inside the industry and it shows up in his movies, including this one as shot in 1080i/60 high definition last year, though presented in the SD format (for now) using 1080i to provide a lot of resolution. The lighting was well handled and this added to the pleasure of watching the gals in play as the lengthy scenes gave them enough freedom to explore their sexuality. The composition of the camera angles and lighting were almost always optimal this time, Skow seeing fit to try and enhance the look of the ladies at every turn as possible, T-Bird Meadows editing the raw footage in a limited fashion (which worked for me). The fleshtones were accurate too and the DVD mastering was well done (the bitrate hovering around 4.9 Mbps), making it a mixed bag in terms of visual quality; leaning towards above average though the company watermark will be bothersome to many out there. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 256 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate) offering with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent. The aural qualities of the movie appeared to offer some separation and increased dynamic range, the vocals easily heard and mixed in with the ambient noises as well as music.

Hannah Hilton

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Body of Review: B. Skow is the directorial alias for the lead director at Vivid Entertainment, his talents propelling him above his peers thanks to his devotion for tease, lengthy scenes, and finding quality talent to showcase. His latest title making it my way is the double disc Bounce 2, the sequel to well liked Bounce 1 that so many people enjoyed when it came out earlier this year. The emphasis was once again on large, all natural breasts as Skow found some of the best performers sporting big fun bags to showcase in his usual style. There were six scenes and ladies such as Gianna, Hannah Hilton, and Ami Jordan got the chance to show why they literally stood apart from most of their peers thanks to their genetic blessings in the chest department. The back cover described the double disc movie like this: "If you loved Bounce, you'll really have a spring in your step with Bounce 2! Beautiful boob-queen Hanna Hilton is back, with three of her hottest, natural-tit friends, in B. Skow's return to the genre he loves best...tease and please. With smoking, stockings, big dicks, solos galore, wild cum shots, facials and more. And everywhere you look, a screen full of tits. What could be better? How about two discs and six big scenes! Bounce on it. Pounce on it." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Sara Stone

Scene One: Hannah Hilton, the sexy blond featured on the left side of the front cover, was up first after jumping around to the series theme song, in her red dress in a small bedroom. She took her time to tease and the camera did not push her to rush at all, allowing the tease to settle in, her outfit tossed aside for her to masturbate on the blue sheets. Thematically, this tied into her scene partner Mick Blue too, the man devoted to her titties as he savored them at length, their eye contact kept quite solid during the process. He also went down on her and warmed her up with his fingers, a blowjob and titty fuck leading to some vaginal positions and taste testing as she eyed the camera. There was a lot of taste testing this time by both of them, Hannah not the most active cock rider I've seen but among the loveliest. The scene finished up when she titty fucked him one last time and his genetic juice was unleashed on her chest, her pretty eyes looking as though she had accomplished something in the process.

Gianna Michaels

Scene Two: Ami Jordan, a cute blond seen in the background of the front cover (upper right corner beside Gianna and Sara), was up next as she followed the formulaic approach to jump around and then play with herself at length to a slow tempo musical piece in bed. She wore a blue bikini with red trim, removing it as needed to masturbate with a Hitachi wand vibrator. Just as she got really juicy, Jerry stepped in to worship her tits, his hands freely roaming around her body before she aggressively slobbed his knob and provided a titty fuck. He choked her a bit and they continued until he went down on her, licking her softly before they vaginally screwed in multiple positions. There was some taste testing going on and both of them appeared to like one another, the elevated chemistry serving them well in terms of replay value. The eventual wad of population pudding was launched at her tits and face, Ami giving some post coital head to close things up between them.

Hannah Hilton

Scene Three: Hannah Hilton, this time dressed in black and red lingerie that enhanced her figure even more, felt herself up at length on a couch as she ever so slowly removed her attire, smoking and dancing a bit when her hair got unkempt. Erik Everhard walked in at that point and began diddling her pussy while feeding on her tits, kissing her hard as he led her to the couch so he could eat her out. She seemed to more actively blow him than she did Mick earlier, smiling as she titty fucked his pecker to his specifications. This continued for awhile but both of them showed a need for seed, Hannah bouncing on his cock right away in cowgirl variations, Erik's hands wrapped around her to hold her tight. He took great pains to accommodate her needs throughout the scene too, diddling her as he penetrated her pussy, going down on her often enough, and slowing down as she needed from time to time, her fishnet stockings held high in the air on occasion. She did some taste testing and it ended with a titty fuck, Erik rubbing some of his semen on her mouth but most of it caught on her chest before some post coital head.

Scene Four: Sara Stone, the somewhat thick gal seen in the distant background on the middle of the upper front cover, was up next as the first scene of the second disc, her bulging bosoms always a welcome sight in a big tit release. She teased and masturbated quietly as the slow tempo music played in the background, her large labia glistening with her juices as she continued on the black couch, the gal eventually joined by muscular Lee Stone (no relation that I know of). He seemed to prefer going down on her to her huge tits but spent a decent amount of time all over her orally, Sara verbally coaxing him along. She then took control of the oral demonstration by blowing him and providing a healthy titty fuck, the couple destined for an enthusiastic vaginal ride after that. She impaled herself on the cock and her appreciation for his sizable member showed, the lady trying to catch her breath when not taste testing him or titty fucking his dick. The scene closed out when he jerked out a nut of her face and chest, Sara wanting to offer him some post coital clean up.

Scene Five: Gianna Michaels, the busty redhead seen almost featured on the front cover on the right side, was up next and as a long time fan, she really helped elevate the proceeding given her manner of playful teasing and pleasing. She paced herself to make the tease last longer, the cameras catching her coy glimpses where she so knowingly continued. Gianna has one of the best racks in porn but also a fantastic ass, the young lady showcasing all of her assets before Steve Holmes entered the picture. She was eating ice cream and devouring it in a seductive fashion, making a mess that needed to be cleaned up. The scene then cut to her on the couch with him, his pecker in her hand as he kissed her, her lips wrapping around his cock to inhale him orally after that. The great hummer led to both of them doing a lot more oral, Steve titty fucking her before plowing her fertile vaginal fields and going back down on her. Gianna was probably the most vocal lady of the day here and it helped elevate her scene considerably, his spew landing on her tits well after a number of oral related sessions took place between the passionate duo.

Scene Six: Hannah Hilton, made to look especially glamorous this time in her cover outfit with her eyes sparkling in clarity, followed the general formula for some bouncing, a lot of tease, and stripping until she paired off with moper James Deen. He was close to her age and their immediate connection showed, my appreciation for the amount of oil she applied before that substantial. James dove into her tits and kissed her at length, going down on her front and back before starting the vaginal penetration. Hannah seemed infatuated with him and threw herself into her work, the intermittent oral punctuating the active vaginal riding she did in almost all of her positions. James was zoning this time because he seemed so happy to be with her, his sperm landing all over her torso and tits with Hannah trying to coax out a second round from him before some post coital head ended the scene for the final credits.

Bonus Scene: Bounce 1: Hanna Hilton, the gorgeous blond contract starlet featured on the front cover, and curvy brunette Whitney Stevens, were up first in a scene together with Voodoo. The gals initially felt each other up during a lengthy tease session, the music evoking memories of the early 1970's as they pawed themselves and one another, even pressing against a glass table to make boob prints. As an ass man, I would have preferred more ass play but this was well within keeping of the titular breast action one should expect. There was some edited tease from outside too, the vocals initially truncated in favor of the music but as soon as the sex began, the aural quality reversing to vocals only-just the way I like it! Voodoo came onto the porch to come up behind Hanna, working her breasts with his hands and mouth, looking into her eyes even when she spent too much time looking at the camera (a pet peeve in anything but POV movies), the ladies double teaming his meat stick very nicely indeed. They licked the shaft, the balls, and laughed as they savored his pecker, Whitney looking at her two partners as she showed some personal chemistry with them. Voodoo gave Hanna a few licks before vaginally fucking her, moving to Whitney before Hanna became really active as a rider in cowgirl. The taste testing by Whitney was the best but Hanna joined in well enough too, the lighting from the outdoor scene (though in the shade) enhancing the Blu-ray version even more. The pop shot went to Whitney's torso as Voodoo's genetic juice plastered the gal; Hanna rubbing it in (and the scene closing out at the ~43 minute mark).

Bonus Scene: Bounce 1: Hanna Hilton, as great looking as ever, was up next with major hotty London Keys, the Asian getting some solo time to jump around naked as she was instructed as well as jump in the bathtub to hang out with Hanna. Bubble baths between two physically attractive gals really float my boat, their separate tease before that emphasizing London but appreciated all the same. They then left the tub to hit the bed, going down on each other with Hanna first up satisfying London's perfectly shaved snatch. The ladies then masturbated beside each other, eventually picking up vibrators that buzzed happily away as Jerry fingered them from (almost) off camera. The overdone fake porn moaning aside, this alone was highly strokable but the scene then took a turn for the unexpected as London ducked out of the scene to allow Hanna to suck him off all by herself without any fucking at all. While she focused her efforts on his head for the most part, her hand gripped his shaft as though she were in complete control, titty fucking him to finish the guy off in POV fashion (with him beating off onto her chest). It was a playful romp that reminded me how cookie cutter scenes tend to be, this scene not falling into that trap. Cool!

Bonus Scene: Bounce 1: Hanna Hilton, up one last time as she smiled conspicuously at the camera, her pink crouched booty shorts coming off as she stripped them off in the bedroom. Part of the tease montage was outside (a small part though) but she looked good all over, soon ending up on the bed with moper Trent Tesoro trying to fulfill her physical needs. He did a better job diddling her than going down or otherwise warming her up, picking up some tricks from others in recent times from the looks of it. Hanna responded well to these advances too, the cameras (both Canon's with Shylar working the second) focusing mostly on her chest. The couple kissed and she tended to his penis orally, a little titty fucking before they went into vaginal penetration mode. There was no chemistry between them and the tint of the fleshtones was off, but her breasts remained the focal point at almost all times, her sweet ass never getting the attention it deserved. The rest of the scene went from vaginal pounding to blowjob/taste testing, Hanna's tits getting sprayed at the end.

Summary: Bounce 2 by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment had a tremendous amount of tease, large natural tits on parade, and strokability the way that only Skow seems able to provide so I rated the double disc set as Highly Recommended. In short, Bounce 2 was an upgrade from Bounce 1 but managed to use all of the assets on hand to showcase a series of wonderfully playful big tit scenes, Hannah Hilton providing some of her best work to date. The action by ladies such as Gianna, Sara Stone, and Ami Jordan also left an impression though, each of them suited to the kind of assistance offered by the director in this very appealing set. That said, if you are a fan of Hannah Hilton, there was more Hannah fuck for the buck than any other release on the market so consider this a "must have" if you're an admirer.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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