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Gina The Foxy Chick

Studio: Cal Vista Classic » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 12/16/09

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The Movie:

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This 1974 effort directed by one Marty Reskenoff begins with some strange credits that use modern art pieces to contrast the text. From there it kicks right into a sex scene where a black dude is cramming his cock into the hole of a blonde chick who jerks him off all over her stomach. Cut to a scruffy looking guy talking to a tough black dude who isn't willing to front him any more cash. They argue and we learn that the blonde is Gina, a reasonably foxy chick who works as a hooker, and that the scruffy guy is her boyfriend, Buck. It seems that Buck owes some money to some 'fuckers' who are going to 'kill me if I don't pay,' or so he says. Buck works out an arrangement so that he can keep borrowing money to gamble away, never winning anything, and the people who loan him said money can get a crack at Gina's twat in exchange.


We see Gina head over to the tough black dude's house and learn that his name is Prince. She's there to repay Buck's debt and after he offers her a drink and a smoke, which she politely declines, we hear some romantic piano music as she takes his pants down and swallows his cock. They sixty nine and she rides him reverse cowgirl style until he's had his fun. She heads home to Buck and explains to him that she's really not so down with whoring for him. He assures her that 'it's only for a little while, baby' and they kiss. Cut very abruptly to an odd shot of some Kool cigarettes on the ground which leads into more footage of Buck gambling. He loses, and runs away, only to take solace in the arms of some cute dark haired hippy chick named Nancy. We see an odd montage of the two of them hanging out and then Buck fucks her hairy snatch doggy style and then missionary style with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. There's some really bizarre and almost frantic tongue kissing here that's not so much erotic as it is disturbing.


Meanwhile, back home, Gina is doing her make up while another girl is taking a whiz right beside her! They talk and it turns out that they're on their way over to Prince's place. They show up while a black chick named Trixie is fucking around with Prince and some of his pals. They join in and have an orgy which is really poorly shot and edited but which does feature a lot of interracial action if that's your bag.


Gina heads home after that and talks to Buck, who smacks her in the face and calls her a bitch. Buck heads out to the pool hall and loses more money to 'The Dutchman' which cues Gina's entry - she gets kidnapped and thrown into a rental van. They take her to some weird hideout where a strange looking Asian chick with a bad wig is fucking The Dutchman very slowly and without much enthusiasm. Gina joins in as does some other guy and they have an orgy that's got a fair bit of lesbian action in it. It's amazing the Asian chick's wig doesn't fall off as she goes down on Gina, because it comes perilously close to flopping off of her head. From there, the two guys double team an average looking blonde gal in the back room.


After the orgy, asshole Buck is wandering around a rooftop somewhere. Neil Young's Down By The River comes up on the soundtrack, which is probably a bad sign for Buck, who finds that his actions have consequences while Gina goes to the one man who treated her properly from the beginning.... Prince the pimp. Huh?


Gina The Foxy Chick isn't particularly sexy but it is at least pretty amusing in its own dopey way. The plot is predictable and stale and the acting is wooden but it does have this interesting tone to it where, if nothing else, you get the impression that the performers were trying their best. Or maybe just really high. Regardless, it's strange enough that it's entertaining in its own bizarre way.



This fullframe transfer, which appears to present the film in its original aspect ratio, was originally shot on film but appears to have been mastered from a tape source for this release. I'll assume Cal Vista couldn't find a film source to work off of, and given this picture's obscurity that's probably the case. The image is quite often soft and fuzzy looking and some tape rolls appear on screen in a couple of spots. It's watchable enough, but far from great.


The Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound soundtrack is a little muffled and not of the best quality, but again, it's taken from an older source so the limitations of the era's technology are going to be there when that's the case. Dialogue is pretty easy to understand, however, and the background music comes through reasonably clear. There aren't a lot of sound effects used in the film, mostly just some random moaning and groaning during the action scenes and these are handled just fine, as are the talkier bits of the movie. There's very little surround activity here, it's a front heavy mix that doesn't sound too far off from an old Mono track, but 5.1 is what it says on the packaging, on the receiver, and on PowerDVD so 5.1 it is.


Aside from some tacky animated menus, VCX has included four bonus scenes, the first of which is from Pleasure Palace (10:44) and in it Jamie Gillis boffs Serena after she gives him head while some wonky disco fuzz plays in the background. The second clip is from Pussycat Ranch (16:54) and in it Eric Edwards comes to a house where he finds Arcadia Lake. They make out, some disco music swells up on the soundtrack, and he sucks her tits and eats her out. She gives him head and then he fucks her missionary style and then from behind until he finishes. The third clips is from Untamed Passions (8:47) and it features Paul Thomas and Danielle. They're in the living room hanging out and they head into the bedroom where she puts on some slinky lingerie. He eats her out and she sits on his face and then they move into a sixty-nine. She rides him reverse cowgirl and then he fucks her doggy style until she strokes him off all over her ass cheeks. The fourth and final bonus scene is from Cotton Candy (11:12) and it showcases Ron Jeremy getting his dick sucked under the boardwalk by a black chick named Sahara.

Rounding out the extras are trailers for Extreme Facials, Private Moments, The Second Coming Of Eva and Swedish Sorority Girls, the Legendary Tribute montage of vintage adult movie clips as well as some animated menus, a still gallery, scene selection and a web-link. New to this release (at least I haven't seen it on other Cal Vista Remasters) is a bit called Only The Best (2:38) in which Jim Holiday introduces a scene with John Leslie from The Other Side Of Julie which then segues into other clips that Holiday approves of. It's horribly dated but pretty amusing/

Final Thoughts:

Gina The Foxy Chick is one of those seventies pornos that's more likely to appeal to cult film fans than those looking for straight up wank material. It's a fun movie, is predictable and poorly made by traditional standards, and fans of bizarre smut will appreciate it even if VCX's presentation isn't anything to write home about . Rent it.

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