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Studio: Babeland » Review by Buzz Buhrmann » Review Date: 12/22/09

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When it comes to sex toys, most 'new' toys are really just variation on existing themes. You could literally fill an entire store with versions and knock offs of the Rabbit Vibe.  True innovation in the sex toy field is rare.  This is why we couldn't wait to get our hands on Love Honey's Sqweel, an extremely innovative and unique toy that takes a completely fresh approach to giving pleasure.

Rather than trying to vibrate, erosolate or otherwise buzz, The Sqweel attempts to simulate the oral sex experience.  Sqweel is basically a wheel of little tongues which spin around and lap at whatever body part you aim it at. Of course they key target here is the clit and the Sqweel's spinning wheel of tongues seems custom built for clitoral pleasure.

The Sqweel is a relatively small toy, it comfortably fits in the palm of one hand and is designed to be operated with one hand. Unfortunately the three speed selector switch isn't always easy to find or toggle and often needed the help of a second hand. But once it's set (often at low) it rarely needed to be changed.

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The bed test for the Sqweel went VERY well. The Sqweel was acquired at first and my partner had to figure out which way to hold the Sqweel so that it's rotation felt the best. We found that using a generous amount of lube really helped with using the Sqweel.  At it's lowest setting the Sqweel provides a pretty powerful punch. My partner couldn't even stand the highest setting and could only use the medium setting after having used the toy for a while.

Once in position and at the right speed the Sqweel delivered fantastic results. My partner had a very solid and pleasurable orgasm the first time using the toy (even with all the awkwardness of trying to figure out how best to use it). Successive bed tests also included me penetrating her while she used the Sqweel, this was very successful as the Sqweel's size didn't interfere with the accompanying intercourse and lead to another really solid and pleasurable orgasm.

Sqweel is extremely easy to clean, the outside shell opens and the wheel of tongues is easily removed.  It's refreshing to have a toy be so easy to clean. It operates on 3 AAA batteries (not included) which last quite a while using the toy

One of the only real issues with the Sqweel is that it is not as quiet as it as billed. The internal engine makes a fairly strong grinding noise which gets successively louder at each speed. On balance it's a fairly minor gripe, but since the device is billed as quiet it's important to note it.

As great a toy as the Sqweel is, it really hasn't become a go to toy for us in the bedroom.  My partner is more likely to grab her Eroscillator than the Sqweel and often opts for actual oral sex over simulated. That being said, the Sqweel is a fantastic innovation, it delivers a unique experience that consistently delivers solid and pleasurable orgasms.

At $59 the Sqweel is reasonably priced for what it delivers and comes well under some of the other 'top shelf' toys we enjoy.

If you're looking for something new, the Sqweel delivers. While it may not be the only toy you'll ever need, it is a fantastic addition to any sex toy collection and based on its innovative concept alone gets our coveted XCritic Pick Rating!

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