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Girls Make Love

Studio: Abbywinters.com » Review by Garnet Joyce » Review Date: 1/13/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Lesbian, Girl-Girl

Director: Scene 1: Patience; Scene 2: Amber

Cast: Katherine, Carly, and Susie

Length: 112 minutes

Production Date: May-June 2009

Extras:  The DVD opens with a preview of AbbyWinters.com and a coupon code for a free 2 week membership. This may be worth the cost of the DVD alone and was definitely the best part of the extras provided on the DVD. I could've jerked off to the trailer alone!

The extras actually included in the DVD Title Menu included lots of trailers for other AbbyWinters movies: some of which looked super hot and some of which looked a little scary (long pink fingernails are ouchy!). There was also a slideshow of high res pictures from the movie. The pics are hot, but given the choice I rather watch the movie. Especially since they have this kind of acoustic guitar that sounds all romantic playing throughout and that kinda wierds me out when there are up close pussy shots. Although I gotta admit that grabbing screenshots of still images is waaaay easier than moving pictures! So I cheated a little (shhh). And finally, there is also another shorter website preview.

Other extras are also included, but play along with the DVD. These include before and after segments of each scene. These were a bit boring and are probably to be skipped, or at least only watched the first time if the curiosity is just burning inside of you.

Safer Sex: No

Audio/Video Quality: Widescreen and high def. The sound quality is great - you can hear all the moaning and dialogue easily. Picture quality is also good - no weird shadows and you can see everyone's blemishes.

Overview: Plot? What plot? Who needs plot in porn? Well actually I find it to be nice, but its not always necessary, especially when the sex is hot. There is no plot in any of the AbbyWinters movies. Instead they trust in the timeless formula of two cute women having sex with each other. What else could you possibly need? Well, chemistry. The first two women don't have too much of it, but the second pairing definitely does.

The title of this flick is "Girls Make Love," but I didn't see anyone making love. These women just met. Seems kind of like a silly title to me. Also, "girls" ... maybe that's why AbbyWinters is in legal battles right now? Had they called their movie "Women Make Love" maybe they wouldn't be in the trouble they are in now.

There is no music in either scene which leaves us to only hear the sounds of fucking and the occasional car going by. I don' t know about you, but I prefer the sounds of fucking over music.

Scene 1: Katherine and Carly

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Katherine and Carly are hanging out on a bed fully clothed and talking about sex. It turns out this is Katherine's first time with a woman (although in the behind the scenes we find out she'd been with one woman 5 years prior). And I know that there is often all this excitement around first timers, but honestly I think it makes the sex less hot. There's less chemistry between the actors and it just feels more 'gay for pay.' The women even talk about how sex with women is different, but they still like guys a lot. They laughed about it like there would be no question that if they weren't getting paid for this, cock would be the only thing they desired.

Originally, I was excited about watching an Abby Winter's film. I'd seen Girls Get it On previously and had thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a nice middle ground between fake girl-on-girl porn in the mainstream and the hardcore fucking of Pink and White Productions. Sometimes you just want to see cute women have sex and enjoy it, but you know, without fists or knives or slapping. I felt like "finally, sex I can identify with." Not that there's never slapping in my sex ...

Did I identify with the sex in Girls Make Love? Sort of. I mean I'm sure I've had sex that boring before too. Not every time can be steamy. The title suggests that they're "making love" and that could be kind of boring to watch if you're not into loving passionate sex, but this was not loving passionate sex. These girls were not making love. They'd just met on the set.

It was boring because it took FOREVER for anything to happen. Sure, I love watching people kiss just as much as the next person but that's all they did for like 10 minutes. It took a full 22 minutes before anyone's underwear even came off! And a lot of times, just as the action felt like it was really going somewhere and things were really heating up, they'd slow down or stop. This is porn for gods sake!

So what did the sex consist of? Lots of kissing (as stated before), oral sex, fingering (never more than 2 fingers), some awkward positioning, and scissoring. That last one should get to be repeated: and scissoring!!! I love scissoring in real life and in my porn. When these girls were actually getting down to the business of having sex it was pretty hot. Plus there were real, red faced, out of breath, shakey afterwords orgasms. So they might be semi-gay for pay, but they still really get off on the sex. So you know they're probably at least bi.

The only other complaint I have is that Katherine, the new to sex with women one, had long nails. Okay they weren't like mainstream porn long nails, but they were way too long and sharp looking to be going into anyone's vagina. So when she's fingering Carly I kind of winced. It definitely took away some hotness points there.

At least the nails were the only thing that looked even slightly like mainstream porn. I love that Abby Winter's films always feature the girl next door type, you know if the girl next door was an Aussie who did porn. Both of these women were very natural looking and even had a few blemishes to show for it. They both wore little or no makeup and had pretty curvy yet slender bodies. They both have hairy pussies as well, but it looks like they do do a bit of grooming.

After the sex, there was a behind the scenes feature which showed the before and after. I found the women to be a little annoying although I did like the fact that they showed that both videographers were women (and cute ones at that!). They do show some hot pictures, but other than this little tidbit, the behind the scenes were a bit of a waste of time. Skip it.

Scene 2: Katherine and Susie

Night and freakin day here. The first scene is boring with no real chemistry going on, but the second scene is a lot hotter and more intense. And as we find out in the behind the scenes, Katherine has had a few more experiences with women in between the two scenes on this DVD. So maybe that's why its hotter? But actually I think its mostly hotter because Susie is just hot. She's so into the sex that you can't help but get into it too. It also helps that she's a lusty brunette with great natural tits and a full on bush. Although I could really do without the bangs in her eyes, long pointy nails, and the creepy as fuck tattoos on her arms. I like tattoos quite a bit, but those are just weird.

So the scene starts off with Katherine and Susie hanging out on a futon mattress on the floor in front of a couch. They're trying to decide what movie they want to watch and they're kind of making fun of each other and goofing off. One thing leads to another and there's rubbing and kissing and whatnot. I'm sure this was all scripted, but it just seemed a lot more comfortable and organic than the previous scene's intro.

So the two women are messing around fully clothed and Susie starts rubbing Katherine's vulva through her undies. She wonders aloud if she can make Katherine cum through her "chaps" and as if she was just dared, she starts vigorously rubbing at Katherine's clit over her undies. This does in fact produce an orgasm. Totally hot!

Katherine then turns on Susie. She starts to lick and kiss over Susie's underwear and then when she pulls them aside we can see that Susie is visibly wet. Always a plus to know the stars are really into the action. Katherine seems like a bit of an amateur at the oral sex. She had a difficult time finding Susie's clit for this particular oral sex session, but it doesn't seem to take much for Susie to cum. Srsly! She cums really really fast. At first I thought she might be faking it, but I don't think she was.

And in the interest of not giving a play-by-play and ruining the momentum of the porno for those of you who decide to watch at home, I'll just say that there is more oral sex, fingering, scissoring, masturbation, and lots of orgasms. And just when you think the scene is over, it keeps going. Each girl has several orgasms and there is definite post-orgasmic bliss and silliness going on afterwords.

After the sex is over they go back to discussing what movie they should watch and there is some playful arguing followed by the decision that they should just nap since they're both so worn out from all the cumming.

Then of course there's the behind the scenes where they talk about how much fun they had (duh!) and even talk about wanting to learn to squirt. Maybe watch this once, but if you're not dying to know what they did before and after the scene then skip it.

Final Thoughts:
AbbyWinters knows how to do girl-girl the right way. You'll find none of that fake lesbian sex here. These women enjoy having sex with each other and it shows. There are real orgasms and real women (no plastic surgery or much makeup). The chemistry isn't always perfect (first scene), but when it shines it really shines (second scene). Definitely check this flick out (just fast forward through the boring stuff in the beginning of the first scene)! I recommend at the very least renting this if not buying it. You'll definitely want to see it again and again.

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