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Burt Corrigan's Working Hard

Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 1/29/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production: 2009

Length: 140 minutes

Director: Brent Corrigan

Cast: Brent Corrigan, Ryan Buckley, Jake Green, Andy Banks, Randy, and Hunter

Body Types: smooth chests, peach fuzz, and braces

Condoms: yes

Things to See
: threesomes, a double penetration, a chain-gang fucking

Plot: Brent Corrigan shows you how "hard" it is to make porn.

The Movie:

Porn is a strongly visual medium, rarely in need of a director sitting in front of the camera and then narrating what the scene is about and/or what's going to happen.  Like some sort of perverted read-along LP, Working Hard features "narrator" Brent Corrigan introduce each scene and announce what will happen as well as what he liked about shooting it.  This technique is a wasted opportunity because (A) Brent is neither fascinating nor introspective and (B) he gives away the "surprise" of what happens in each scene. Granted, most of us can reasonably predict what might happen (it probably involves S-E-X) but when a film wastes footage devoted to boring interviews, then one has to wonder whether the director was just trying to pad out the length of the film.  I would say let the sex speak for itself.

Speaking of sex, Working Hard might have been better retitled Hardly Working.  Though the sex scenes are properly shot and lit, there is just a general lack of enthusiasm displayed by the performers.  For example, two of the scenes actually feature the actors saying "alright let's fuck now."  After announcing this, you can almost detect the ennui on the models' faces while they fantasize about collecting their checks afterwards.  The sheer fact that they even have to talk about what they are about to do, is a really bad sign.  The film's other problem lies with the quantity of models used.  There are six models used here, to be exact.  Unfortunately, they are recycled in nearly every scene and every combination possible, leaving a bland aftertaste in the audience's mouth.  This lethal concoction of so-so sex scenes and overplayed models makes for an overall lackluster experience.  Even the film's shining grace, a hot and passionate romp between two brunettes in scene two, can't save this reviewer from feeling like people shouldn't be buying this film.

Scene One: Andy Banks, Ryan Buckley, and Randy

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Andy Banks, a brunette lad with an uncut dick, wants to find out how to be a porn star. Though he reads a book about the industry, two young and hung guys (Ryan and Randy) offer to show him the ropes (and perhaps the chains later!).  The porn stars pull out their cocks so that Andy can show off his developing oral skills.  The guys then take turns sucking on Andy's uncut member as well.  Andy then returns to sucking on the guys' dicks. After the mouth action, Andy is fucked by Ryan (a skinny brunette with a curved cock) with his legs held up.  Randy (a young looking brunette with braces!) feeds Andy his cock on the other side.  At one point Ryan tilts his head down to taste Randy's cock while he pumps away.  Eventually, Randy gets his chance to fuck the porn star wannabe's hole as well. Randy seriously plows his big dick into Andy's accommodating hole, while Ryan feeds Andy his cock.  The trio then form a fucking chain-gang, with Ryan sandwiched in the middle.  In this position, all three of the guys grunt and moan in unison.  Finally, Andy spurts off a load onto his own chest, followed by the guys adding their own spunk piles onto Andy's nubile chest. 

Scene Two: Jake Green and Hunter

Two attractive brunettes passionately make out in bed.  Jake Green has a little bit of pussy eater's stubble while Hunter has spiked hair.  After some heavy kissing, Jake heads south to pleasure Hunter's fat cock.  Hunter also partakes in the oral action, simultaneously sucking and finger-probing Jake's ass. With his ass ready for plowing, Jake is fucked on his side.  While the guys screw away, the fabulously gay duo continues to kiss each other with an intensity rarely seen in porn.  Jake is also fucked in a straddle position and in a sweaty doggy style.  The guys continue to tongue-probe each other's mouths while they stroke off their own dicks.  Jake unloads onto Hunter's chest, followed by Hunter cumming immediately after that.

Scene Three: Randy, Hunter, and Brent Corrigan

Brent (skinny brunette with a mostly smooth body) gets on his knees and starts to service the hard n' ready brunettes.  Brent shoves both of the guys' cocks into his mouth at once, while Randy and Hunter kiss each other above.  Hunter then sits on the couch and alternates between sucking on each of the guys and rimming Brent's mangina.  Reliable Randy then starts to fuck Brent from behind while Hunter face-fucks him.  After a while, Hunter takes over the fucking festivities.  Randy then returns again to screwing Brent's ass in a straddle position.  Finally, the boys assume an acrobatic double penetration where Brent is the cream stuffing in this sexy Oreo.  Randy does most of the pumping, stimulating Hunter's cock and stretching Brent's hole to the max.  Brent ultimately oozes out a creamy load while Randy continues to plow his hole.  Hunter follows with a thick mess landing on Brent's chest.  Randy adds his spunk to the pile too, ending with Brent licking Randy's spent cock for a little extra flavor.

Scene Four: Andy Banks, Ryan Buckley, Jake Green, and Brent Corrigan

Brent and cameraman Ryan start to film Jake Green (tall and lanky brunette) and Andy Banks while they make out.  The titillating oral action between the guys entices Brent and Ryan to have a little fun of their own.  Ryan sucks down Brent's cock while the other guys share blow jobs.  Brent returns some of the oral favors to Ryan until the duo eventually form a 69 position.  Brent then fucks Ryan from behind while Jake and Andy screw nearby. At one point, Andy is held up in the air by Jake, while his ass is plowed below him.  Brent eventually offers up his hole to Ryan so the guys screw on the floor.  Finally, Brent drips out a load onto his own chest, followed by Ryan contributing to the mess.  Jake and Andy stroke off their dicks side-by-side, watching the action down below.

Scene Five: Andy Banks and Brent Corrigan

Andy and Brent (yet again) start to make out.  Brent sucks on Andy's uncut cock first.  Andy then sucks on Brent while he rests on his knees.  In this position, Brent takes pleasure in feeding Andy his cock from above.  The guys then 69 before Brent offers up his hole for fucking.  On his back, Brent is screwed with his legs held up until he unleashes some cum onto his own chest.  After that, Brent climbs on top of the couch arm so that Andy can fuck him some more.  Andy then lies on his side so that Brent can screw him from behind.  With his surprisingly thick cock, Brent fucks Andy from behind, jack-hammering his cock deep into him.  Ultimately, Andy cums onto his own abs, followed by Brent spilling his seed onto his own chest.

The DVD:


Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the image was sharp and colorful.  The only thing to complain about was the camera's auto-focusing in the first segment, where the image became temporarily fuzzy as the camera tried to refocus.  This is hardly a deal breaker, but it was noticeable.  


I didn't care for the audio because of the distracting ambient humming noise that was present in most scenes.  All of the action can be heard, however.  Additionally, I found the sound mix to be rather lacking because of the slight echo laden effects that occurs when some of the actors spoke.  

Extras consist of a static menu (hello 1997!) and a couple of trailers.  

Final Thoughts:

Brent Corrigan's Working Hard is an amateur porn title in every sense of the word.  Lacking enthusiastic performers and featuring a so-so soundmix, as well as a redundant introduction for each scene, Working Hard is just worth a Rent it.

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