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My Plaything: Gianna

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/9/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

click screen captures for the five trailers and BTS clips

My Plaything V 2.0: Gianna

Digital Sin

Genre: Interactive Sex, Virtual Sex, Gianna Michaels

Gianna Interview

Director: Eddie Powell

Gianna BTS #1

Cast: Gianna Michaels, Mark Wood, Mark Davis, Pike Nelson, Ralph Long, Chris Charming, Anthony Rosano

Gianna BTS #2

Length: ~180+ minutes (depending on how you qualify clips and their alternatives)

Gianna BTS #3

Date of Production: 2009

Extras: The third disc of the set was dedicated to extras, the first up being 5 uncut scenes from shows such as Supernaturals 8 (28:01 minutes), POV Fantasy 5 (22:32 minutes), The Trouble With Girls (34:45 minutes), Addicted 6 (27:34 minutes), and Craving Big Cocks 9 (19:43 minutes); (some of which are described below, the amount of footage substantial). There were then a selection of five solo masturbation scenarios including Shirt, Teacher, Pinup, Latex, and Nurse where Gianna would do herself using fingers, a dildo, or a glass dildo; adding some variety to the show. Then came three interactive outtakes with the Sybian, Tit Fuck in "nice" mode, or Tit Fuck in "naughty" mode. Next up was 10:01 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage from the fine folks at XFanz, a photogallery, and some trailers.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: My Plaything V 2.0: Gianna was presented in a stunningly clear anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 as shot by director Eddie Powell for Digital Sin, using the MPEG-2 codec on this standard definition version. The video bitrate hovered around the 5.6 Mbps area when spot checked (on the high side for the genre) and there were typically two camera angles deployed for most of the footage, essentially doubling the visual appeal for most or at least providing more choice for the picky types out there. The clips seemed longer than usual and Gianna's aural skills helped keep the show flowing better than most of her peers have done in the past, the lighting strong to minimize the video noise and other visual problems some titles get. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps bitrate, most of the material not drenched in music though my biggest complaint was how certain passages were not mixed loud enough (to make the aural levels consistent). In any case, the entire technical side of the production was an upgrade over most titles in the genre, only slight issues popping up infrequently.

Body of Review: Digital Sin has long been a name associated with certain kinds of porn, mostly compilations of late, followed by sitcum parodies, and also the virtual sex market. One of their best directors of late is Eddie Powell and he has been showing the world just what can be done with small budgets, surprising anyone except those that know him with the level of quality he comes up with. Well, his latest work came in the other day, a title called My Plaything V 2.0: Gianna that claimed to be a substantial upgrade from the company's previous virtual sex offerings. One of the best things coming to mind first off would be that Gianna has long been a favorite hotty in the business, her ability to make anything she does a lot of fun pretty much a given with the gal earning our top accolades a few years back. As far as the 2.0 level was concerned, the company included a whole three discs, the extras among the best the genre has ever scene and the first two discs providing numerous additional angles and setting as well as each disc focusing on a different dynamic (Gianna being good on one of them and nasty on the other). Long time fans of the series will also appreciate that the male pop shots were genuine and not CGI effects, Gianna herself getting off numerous times. The back cover described the title like this: "The next generation in the My Plaything series is here! Real pop shots! Real orgasms! Over twice as much footage than ever before! This 3 disc set showcases Gianna like never before. All the elements that made the My Plaything series an international best seller are here and enhanced. One of the world's most beautiful women is yours for the taking. 8 completely different settings will guarantee your total satisfaction. Spend some time with Gianna and immerse yourself in her world. This is Gianna. This is My Plaything 2.0." Here's a brief look at the show, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Okay, the basic idea behind these virtual sex simulators is that the company provides a lot of relatively short clips where the lady does a variety of sex acts including oral, masturbation, vaginal penetration, and the like in a manner which the home viewer can control by stringing them together using their remote controls. If you like Gianna giving head, you can replay the variations offered up as long as you like on either of the two action discs, her knob slobbing skills surely causing many loads of genetic juice to flow freely from her partners' nuts. In different positions and sections, she also has different male partners that amount to stunt cocks too, allowing for more pop shots to grace her body parts, the branching technology given a bit of an upgrade thanks to company efforts.

Rather than list out every single permutation Gianna engages in, I'll suggest that the basic outline here is the same as usual, Gianna skipping anal for example, but providing a wealth of other clips to appreciate. The four main choices on both discs are Tease, Masturbate, Foreplay, and Sex (vaginal). She'll use toys, her hands, her mouth, allow one of the stable of men to rub her, graciously apply her talents orally or otherwise actively ride the cock to completion; all of it an upgrade over most performers thanks in no small part to Gianna herself, the lady certainly one of the best in the business in terms of a fun fuck buddy. She even appears to get off from time to time but the mopes stay almost completely off camera and she sports a healthy amount of pubic hair for those that care, my only surprise being that director Eddie Powell did not take advantage of the numerous fetishes available to place her in, from dominatrix to tied up slave, to food use, to feet and leg work, to smoking or some extended role playing scenarios (going further on the extras disc if nothing else). Granted, Gianna walking around in a burlap sack would probably be pretty hot and this was my favorite recent release of her work serving as a "must have" for fans, but aside from seeing it all in high definition Blu-ray, I just wondered why not go all out to service all of her multitude of fans instead of covering the basics.

Bonus Scene: POV Fantasy 5: Gianna, the busty hotty featured on the center of the front DVD cover in the red dress, displayed her piano playing skills but wanted to sing instead. She reminded me a lot of the Jessica Rabbit character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? in terms of her hourglass physique and while she didn't sing for Brother Love, she did step up to the mike and play a tune on his skin flute. The tease was minimal at first but she slowly savored his cock in her mouth, providing an equally stimulating round of head to Sara before her. She was more driven in some ways and used her hand more, throatfucking herself on his rod as she smeared her lipstick all over it in the process. The titty fuck was absolutely top notch and this time, the ballbusting action was not neglected. She sucked, smacked, and roughed up his testicles, before riding him vaginally like she had a need for seed. Several positions of active riding later, she titty fucked a large load out of his balls, employing dirty talk to enhance the process. The scene was even better than the first, especially if you like a bit edgier experience.

Bonus Scene: The Trouble With Girls: Gianna, Jennifer Dark, Lexi Bardot; Gianna was then up in a second scene from the same movie as the last scene (I hate when a compilation does that too), dressed up as a man in a far more dominant role as she worked over Lexi and Jennifer. The change of pace was appealing for me and the use of toys less prominent, though the strap on dildo was a regular part of the scene and all three ladies were going crazy here; as if to establish their qualifications for being in the movie. The use of dirty talk was well played here too, some anal hijinks adding to the nasty nature of the action but the technical aspects, as seen on both scenes from the movie, were a bit too intrusive and not as conducive to showcasing the ladies as well as they could have been.

Bonus Scene: Craving Big Cocks 9: Gianna is the first gal up. She is a fairly decent looking chick with huge tits. If you are a breast person, then you'll definitely want to see her in this scene. The fun opens with Gianna giving a tease. Next Ben English shows up and they get hot and heavy. The foreplay leads to a blow job. The action has some nice face fucking included. The sex continues the fun and we get some good shots of Gianna's big tits bouncing in action. (review by Rob Randell)

Summary: My Plaything V 2.0: Gianna by director Eddie Powell for Digital Sin was one of my favorite volumes in the long running series, not just due to the wonderful screen presence of Gianna Michaels in what amounts to a tremendous swan song (now that she is retiring from porn) but also for the various upgrades the director provided in the nut busting three disc package so I rated it as Highly Recommended, bordering on making it an Xcritic Pick but for the focus on providing a traditional virtual sex experience instead of completing Eddie's vision to make it truly outstanding. If you like the series or find Gianna half as appealing as I have over the years, consider this a "must have" title for the three discs combined provide more Gianna fuck for the buck than anything she has released in her career outside of some compilations. In short, you just can't go wrong with some performers and My Plaything V 2.0: Gianna is one of those times that the starlet carried the day in spades, even a quick glance at the pictures above or the five trailers/BTS sessions linked will tell you that this was a winner.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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