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Adam & Eve Bubble Plug

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Marine Hardcore » Review Date: 2/16/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Reviewing Sex toy is always fun: the different shapes and sizes and colors, the different yet same approach to generating orgasms, and the effort one puts in to thorough and complete testing. Also, it shouldn't hurt!
Dildos are a category we all know and love, for the most part, and testing them is rather simple. But there is so much more to it than that, really. The packaging, the color and the shape, the ease of use--all of these things flow together to make a great experience. The Bubble Plug from Adam and Eve is a good example.

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This toy comes in a brightly-colored, nice looking box with Kayden Cross on the front looking hot in black leather mini skirt and high heels. Removing the toy I was impressed with the weight and rigidity of the material. If you think of a miniaturized elephant tusk curing upward you get the picture of what this thing looks like. It consists of seven black rubber balls
of diminishing size, the larger two serving as a handle and clit stimulator and the other five curving upward to give G-spot stimulation once inserted.
The material is a little sticky so my wife had to use plenty of lube. She is a vibrator girl and always uses her trusty Wand in our sex play. Dildos have always been around, but off and on. This toy was easily inserted and not too difficult to hold on to.
She began to get warmed up, first me and then her fucking her slowly. It wasn't long though before she wanted more and she took the Wand and placed on her clit and things took off from there.
Her conclusions were this toy was interesting and did give her some stimulation but was lacking in both length and girth. She likes width in a dildo, and more weight, and while this toy might do in a cinch, say, put in a purse for a quickie somewhere, it just wasn't the preferred choice with so many others available.
She didn't try anal, but it is possible and buyers may want to consider it as an accessory for butt play.
We cannot give this one a positive rating and recommend you Skip It.

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