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Studio: Kink.com » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 2/16/10

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Kink.com, if you're not familiar with it, is an absolutely HUGE network of sites. I'm going to cover the different sections first, and then give overall impressions and other info. at the end.

Be warned that Kink.com covers straight, lesbian, gay and transsexual porn, and so this review will as well.

Anyway! Let's get to the many many facets of Kink.com!

Straight sex, dominant male/submissive female offerings:


The Upper Floor a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle community. It's a beautiful space and the videos reflect Kink's extreme attention to detail. The videos include slave and sub training as well as BDSM (straight and lesbian) sex parties. If you enjoy watching beautiful women getting used and abused by whoever happens to be in attendance, you'll enjoy this. Cherry Torn is a favorite of mine.

This is perhaps my favorite of all the sections. Watching subgirls get used during parties by a room full of people is right up my alley.

The Training of O features four day training of BDSM sex slaves. This one seems to feature more humiliation than the Upper Floor offerings.

I'm actually most familiar with this portion of the site, as I really enjoy dominant males and submissive females (I'm a sub at heart). Take your time and look around; some of the doms are harder/rougher than others. Mark Davis is featured in many of the movies and has more of a sadistic edge than the other doms. Derrick Pierce is probably my favorite dom, and his scene with Felony (see pics above) is quite possibly the hottest porn I have ever seen in my life.

Public Disgrace is just plain fun. There are various different "public" sets here. Most aren't really public (stores that are populated with extras, for example), but they're well done regardless. There are various options available. Some sets are gang bangs in public places, some feature "stranger" sex -- a woman is led to a location where she is told to squat, mouth open, and suck off whoever happens by. There are shoots in hardware stores, bookstores, laundromats... all with "bystanders" enjoying the action. All in all, a lot of fun, and if the idea of public sex gets you off, you'll find plenty to keep you happy here.

This section is no longer being updated, but all previous content is still available. Looks like mostly male doms/female subs. Tanks, hoses, and enemas.

Straight sex, dominant female/submissive male offerings:

Kink.com has two femdomme sites, Divine Bitches and Men in Pain. Divine Bitches is the new site -- Men in Pain is no longer being updated. All members of Divine Bitches will also get access to the full Men in Pain archive. It's guys being tied up, tortured, and fucked. You know what I'm talking 'bout!

Lesbian sex:

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Everything Butt is an all girl anal site. Dildos, enemas, buttplugs, strap-ons. It's all girl on girl anal action, and it's hot, hot, hot!

At Hogtied the girls are tied up, spanked, nipple tortured, and forced to orgasm by a variety of means. No cocks in this one, just dildos, vibrators, plugs, machines, etc.

Similar to Hogtied, but Whipped Ass has more of a sadistic femdom edge to it, and less hogtying. If you love subgirls but ALSO love female doms, this is perfection. Hot bitches using hot sluts for a hot time.

Fucking Machines features sybians, medical, amateur, and anal action. Kink personnel make a lot of the fucking machines, which are interesting. This site is all women.

Device Bondage is little more hardcore as far as bondage devices go. Kink likes to create its own devices and they are all impressive. It's all-female bondage and torture with forced orgasms.

Naked female wrestling? Yes, please! Imagine actual wrestling but with sexy rules. Participants start clothed, but the wrestlers seem to get points for removing clothing, grabbing boobs, shoving faces into crotches... you get the idea. The winner gets to fuck the loser. Some of the matches have spectators and some don't.

Wired Pussy is an all lesbian site that features a variety of electro play (cattle prods, dildos, buttplugs, electric floors, electric clothespins). I admit, I was a little worried about what I might see, but it actually wasn't bad. It got me interested in what those types of toys actually might do. Yes, even I can have my horizons expanded now and then!



Here is Kink.com's only transsexual offering -- transsexuals (shemales) fucking guys. I personally think they should also have a section for shemales fucking women, but that's because that's one of the things I like to watch. I think it's probably harder to find transsexuals that want to fuck girls, but hey, Vanity does it, and Vanity does guys too. Vanity also likes to do a bit of a domme thing with the ladies. They need to hire Vanity to domme some girls around! I admire her work and she's got a great cock.

Put Vanity on here!

Did I mention I like Vanity?

Gay sex:


Men getting fucked by machines. I'd put this in the strangely compelling category. Some of the guys are pretty good looking, and the machines are interesting creations by the Kink people. I definitely enjoyed this section.

Just as Ultimate Surrender is sexy female wrestling, Naked Combat is sexy gay male wrestling. It's hilarious. Or sexy. Or both, depending on what does it for you. The boys start out in actual wrestling positions performing actual wrestling moves, but the rules are a bit, uh, varied. Points seem to be awarded for pulling off clothes and shoving heads into crotches (as with Ultimate Surrender). As we've come to expect, the loser gets to suck off the winner, and the winner gets to fuck the loser in the ass.

Serious gay male BDSM. Cock and ball torture and hardcore flogging seem to dominate.

Other stuff in general:

There's a game on the site called 3D Kink, but I was unable to test it. Looks like it might be fun, though.

Kink on Demand has all of the content from all of the sites, so that you can pay per minute. It's a great way to test out some new stuff and see if you like it.

Kink Live is just what you'd think it would be -- live shows. Many of them are scheduled so you can pick among your favorite Kink performers. Very cool if you have favorites -- I definitely do. Many of the live shows also later show up as downloadable content updates in their respective sections.

And Kink.com also maintains a blog, Behind Kink. Included are video clips showcasing some of the latest and greatest that Kink sites have to offer.

Overall Impressions/Wrap-Up

The hits: There is literally something for everyone in the massive network of Kink.com sites. Not only that, but it is all very well lit and well shot. This is the utmost quality in professional porn.

The misses: I feel like there are some key demographics that are still lacking on Kink.com. There's no pee play, and there's no section specifically dedicated to foot worship. As feet are a pretty common fetish, I was surprised by this (even though it's not my thing personally). Also, I must mention the lack of shemales fucking girls. Like Vanity. Did I mention Vanity?

Another miss is a small design flaw, or else it's just something I somehow missed on every site. Once you have your login and password, it's kind of hard to figure out how to sign in. You have to click on any of the many "Join" links, and then click on the "Already a member?" link from there.

You can subscribe to any of the Kink.com subsites separately, OR together. Membership-wise, you can purchase by the month -- anywhere from 24.99 to 39.99, depending on the site, for one month of access. There are discounts for signing up for multiple months at once.

You can also pay per shoot with a unit of measure called a Kink. Each Kink is roughly worth a dollar, and sets seem to cost about 20-25 "Kinks" or so.

Kink has many options so that you can enjoy the content in any way you wish. There are high, medium, and low quality streaming options (although low quality is nearly unwatchable). You can watch in WMV format, HD WMV, HD mp4 or iPod (mp4).

All sections that are still active (inactive sections were noted above) are updated regularly, so there's absolutely always something new to enjoy.

The bottom line

Not every shoot in every section is gold.

There are TONS of different performers, and some are more into it than others. When the doms get really into domming and the subs are REALLY into subbing, you get some of the most amazing porn ever. But there are some where the doms aren't as good as others, or the subs are clearly new to subbing or aren't really turned on by it, and the scenes aren't as hot because of it.

But don't let that stop you, because they are literally updating every few days (and have huge back catalogs) and so there's a ton more to see. There are doms and subs to suit every taste, and it's all very hot, very sexy and very professional.

If one (or more) of these sites turns your crank, I absolutely advise you to sign up, because the stuff inside is likely to blow your mind (and your load) several times over. THIS is what professional porn should be.

Well worth the money.


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