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Studio: Other » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 10/15/15

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When it comes to porn sites there's a wide spectrum of offerings, from the ultra mega sites like Brazzers, Kink, Bangbros and NerdPass to the performer specific sites of starlets like Kayden Kross, Tori Black or Kagney Linn Karter.

Somewhere in between all that you have a universe of independently run sites run by women who often do it all themselves.  The appeal of a site like this is that the connection you have with the performer is much closer. Often if you email them, twitter or post on their forum you'll get a very immediate and personal response.
Crazy Slutty (aka Sara Victoria) takes this personal connection to a whole new level serving her members desires by allowing them to dictate the content on her site.  This results in a near custom porn experience which 
Site Sections:
Photo Gallery:
With over 10,000 images broken down into over 250 albums there is a ton of content here to explore. With a ton of different fetishes explored there's literally something for almost everyone here.  The photos are all solid quality, well lit with a greater emphasis on face and oral.  Crazy Slutty seems to be a huge fan of sucking cock and many of the galleries feature close up oral with cum on the face shots.
Slutty Bat Girl
Crazy Slutty as Slutty Batgirl
While many of the galleries are Crazy Slutty and what looks like the same guy, there are a few galleries with other people. Many of the girls who shoot with Crazy Slutty look like the girl next door, very real. The picture galleries range widely in their topic including toys, bondage, strap ons, smoking, foot fetish, outside sex.  One of the most out there is one with Dungeons & Dragons dice!  I love the variety here, my only gripe is that the album's aren't labeled as well as they could be (with names like Album187), and I'd love an index to some of the fetishes so i can see all the albums that relate to it. But the photography is solid,  interface easy and the pictures load quick.
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Fan Art:
Crazy Slutty Fan Art
A small section of fan inspired art. Only about 67 images, but it's cool to see what some of her fans have come up with.
Candid Gallery:
Candid Crazy Slutty
Another small gallery (20 pictures) of Crazy Slutty in her personal life.  I'd actually love to see more here in a site that's fostering a very personal connection between the star and the site member I think more shots from the life of Crazy Slutty would be welcome.
Audio Gallery:
Crazy Slutty Phone
In one of the more unexpected pleasures with the site the Crazy Slutty gallery features 39 audio stories from Crazy Slutty. I'm so used to browsing galleries and watching videos on sites that having these audio stories is a nice change.  Crazy Slutty is really good at telling hot stories and it's very hot to listen to her get off, they are a TON of fun to listen to. 
Video Gallery: 
With over 150 movies, the video gallery this is the other major part of the Crazy Slutty site.  Each movie runs in the 10-15 minute range and like the photo gallery covers a TON of different kinks and preferences.  You watch the movies by downloading them and they are in Windows Media Format.  Each movie runs about 200-250mb and is in HD format.
Crazy Slutty Video
The variety in the video gallery is pretty amazing, as with the photo gallery there's a good deal of emphasis on oral and facials. Many of the videos are shot POV and close up and again it looks like the guy is the same in many of the videos (although we never see his face).  The videos are edited fairly well so it's not just one shot, this helps keep the pace of the movies moving. Although they are in HD they do have a 'shot at home' feel to them, which again I think is part of the charm. There are some threesome videos with Rose Red which I enjoyed but it would be nice to see some variety in her male partners.  There are also a series of Ask Crazy videos where Crazy Slutty answers member's emails and questions.
Two things I would like to see in the video gallery are better thumbnails on the main gallery page (right now they are arranged by text blocks) and previews of some of the movies. Also if download size weren't such an issue I'd love to see a movie that was longer.
Crazy Slutty Requests
This is the heart and soul of CrazySlutty.com. A comprehensive request form showing all the possible toys, clothes and scenarios you can imagine. You have the option of requesting a photo set or a phone recording.  Which basically means if you want to see her in a School Girl outfit with fangs, black boots, a dog collar using a glass dildo, anal beads with spanking.... You've got it. The ability to express what you want and then see it is pretty spectacular.  I IM'd with Crazy Slutty and asked her how many of the requests she actually gets to shoot and she says 95%!
Crazy Slutty costs $25.95 per month with a discount if you do 3 month billing at $64.85 which nets out to a $40 per year savings. 
Final Thoughts:
Of course with a site like Crazy Slutty the huge determining factor will be if the performer is someone who turns you on.   Crazy Slutty (aka Sara Victoria) is not your typical porn starlet, and for me that's part of the appeal.  One of the things that really makes the site and its content work is the fact that it's absolutely clear just how much Crazy Slutty loves sex. The site is a passion project and the excitement comes through extremely well.
I love the fact that Crazy Slutty lets its members submit their requests and how well Crazy Slutty delivers. Fans of oral and facials will find a lot to enjoy on the Crazy Slutty site as most of the photos and video feature close up oral and facials prominently.  While this site may not be fore everyone, anyone looking for very good and very personal porn should check it out.  Crazy Slutty earns a very clear Join It. Rating.

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