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Sensational Janine

Studio: Caballero Video » Review by Mark Roach » Review Date: 2/23/10

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Sensational Janine

Great Porn from the Golden Age. 

Genre: Feature/Classic

Director: Hans Billian

Length: 85 minutes

Condoms: None

Audio/Visual: 1.3/1 The DVD is made from an old print. The AV quality is less than you would expect from a modern production.

Extras: None

Female Cast

♥ Patricia Rhomberg ♥ 
♥ Marie-France Morel ♥ Linda Rogers ♥ Irene Silver ♥ Birgit Zamulo ♥

Male Cast

Siggi Buchner . Sepp Gneissl

Sensational Janine


I remember jerking off to this classic movie in a seedy theater in the late seventies. When I saw it for sale as a DVD, I just had to buy it. I was not disappointed.

The movie was originally released in Germany as "Josefine Mutzenbacher - Wie sie wirklich", and is based on a classic piece of German erotica. It's the story of the sexual awakening of Josefine Mutzenbacher, but in the English version, she is called Janine.

Janine is played by Patricia Rhomberg. This is the only movie she appeared in which was made available in English. The film is dubbed, but the quality of the dubbing is excellent, and you quickly forget that the actors are not the ones really talking. Miss Rhomberg doesn't have classic porn star looks, her breasts are lovely but droop slightly, and she has a full bush, but she has a beautiful face with long brown hair, a youthful ass, and she seems to love having sex.

Patricia Rhomberg gives one of the great performances in porn history. If you like watching porn from the golden age, before breast implants, before shaved pussies, and before actresses signed contracts limiting how many sex scenes they would do, then you have to check out this movie.

Body of Review:

Janine Jerking Client

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This story of a young woman's cumming of age is porn-with-a-plot, and, since the plot revolves around sex, it is almost 100% sex. Many scenes are quite short. In the opening scene for instance, Janine is a famous concubine. She talks to the camera while riding one of her clients. Within one minute and 30 seconds, the guy has cum, and Janine goes on to tell us the story of how she grew from innocence to being the most famous prostitute of her generation.


We cut to Janine as a teenage virgin. She hears moaning coming from her mother and step-father's bedroom. She goes out to see what's happening and finds her step-brother peeking through their parent's bedroom door and stroking himself. The brother and sister rub each other while they watch their parents fooling around. After their parents finish fucking, the two go to Janine's bedroom, where they fuck briefly before 69'ing until they both cum. It is six minutes into the movie, and there have already been three sex scenes.

Peeping Tom

Janine's curiosity about sex turns her into a peeping Tom. She gets off while watching her step-father pound a neighbor, she watches her mother fucking one of their tenants, and watches while a local tavern-owner fucks the same neighbor who her father had just enjoyed. This time, Janine decides to have some fun herself, insisting that the tavern-owner introduce her to the joys of the flesh.


It is 19 minutes into the movie; Janine is no longer a virgin, and there have been six sex scenes. Surprisingly, there has been very little nudity; the sex comes so fast that the actresses don't have time to undress, and they normally just throw their skirts off while leaving their tops on.

Janine in Mirror

We next see Janine totally naked for the very first time, as she looks at herself in the mirror. This is part of the plan of the movie, even though the sex starts fast and furious, the heat will go up, partly because there will be more and more nudity as the movie goes on. In the next scene, Janine gets totally nude while having sex, while making the tenant cum three times! (My guess is that they re-edited the sequence, because on the second cum shot, his dick is down near her pussy, but the cum spurts all the way to her tits.) Miss Rhomberg is beautiful in this scene. For fans of classic porn, this scene alone is worth the price of the DVD.


Her step-father walks in and catches Janine buck-naked with the tenant, and tells her that her mother has passed away. Sexual tension builds between Janine and her step-father as they each peek while the other masturbates. Over breakfast, the father insists that Janine go to a preacher to confess her sins.


She is absolved, but only after demonstrating to the priest the exact nature of her sins. The slutty rich girl, Marezi walks in, and she feels Janine's tits while the priest finishes his fuck. After Janine returns the priest's holy seed to the church, the two girls take Marezi's coach back to her house. On the way, Janine watches Marezi bang her coachman. Once they get to the house, they fuck two of Marezi's other servants.


The sexual tension between Janine and her step-father gets more intense, as they start sharing a bed to make room for a new tenant. The step-father mounts Janine once while she pretends to sleep. The second time, Janine wakes up and mounts him, finishing him off by dry-humping until he cums. (Directors take note, this is a great way to finish a scene.) Soon, they are fucking almost constantly, even having sex in the kitchen three times. The third time, the tenant walks in on them, and blackmails Janine into fucking him in exchange for his silence. During this scene, (and the proceeding two scenes with her step-father), Janine is wearing a very sexy see-through negligee.

Hump cum

Soon the new tenant is using their home as a brothel, and Janine's father has been fired from his job. There is a foursome with Janine, her step-father, the tenant, and Jenny, a prostitute. At first, Janine's step-father protests at the thought of his house being used for prostitution, but he soon realizes that it holds definite advantages, both recreational and financial. He doesn't even mind the thought of Janine getting into the business, and Janine soon becomes a big success.




The AV quality is so-so, which is not surprising given the age of the original print. The DVD is sorely lacking in extras. Other than a simple chapter menu, all it has are photos and ads. Don't buy it for the extras, buy it for the movie. Buy it for Patricia Rhomberg! Still, the music on the soundtrack is excellent. The music brings up back to the nineteenth century, and adds to the movie rather than being a typical porn soundtrack. Also the actors and actresses used for the dubbing are great, and part of what I find so sexy about Miss Rhomberg is, in fact, the voice of the actress who dubbed her.


This is porn with a plot, but since the story is about a young woman cumming of age, the plot is almost 100% sex. There are more sex scenes than you can count. Most of the sex scenes are pretty short. This works, because you are never tempted to fast-forward, and there are more cum shots than I have seen in any feature film. Still, a couple of the scenes are normal-length, and the one where Janine makes the first tenant cum three times is incredible. There are very few slow moments and LOTS of sex.

Most of the male actors are pretty old and/or skanky, but Patricia Rhomberg is incredibly hot. I believe that this is the only movie of hers to be made available to English-speaking audiences, so if you want to see this beautiful porn star, you have no choice but to rent or buy this movie.


Chances are your local porn shop doesn't carry this movie. If not, it is worth looking for. If you can't find it for rent, then definitely try to find a copy for purchase. It is just as good the second or third time around as it was when I first saw it in a seedy little theater almost 30 years ago.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.


The End!

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