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Sex in A Can Succu Dry

Studio: Babeland » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Most observant people will realize that there are many thousands of sex toys on the market these days, the vast majority of them designed for women to use in an effort to get off. Oh sure, men can (and do) use some of these effectively but ultimately, since men are "so easy" to get off according to my lady friends, they really don't need any toys, right? Well, as a proponent of sex positive good times, I disagree and feel that more work needs to be done to make toys that men can appreciate just as much as ladies, which brings me to the topic of one such sexual novelty, the Sex In A Can fleshlight.

Okay, for starters, Fleshlight is the company offering some high quality pussy substitutes, their products often referred to as such, though they have branched off into a rowing variety of variations over the years. The basic plug here is that they are shaped much like a flashlight but have a fleshy substance inside of them with an opening for men to penetrate with their penis. I know that sounds gross to some people but considering how so many men are willing to penetrate just about anything when they are horny enough, it makes sense to offer up something beside the proverbial "snake in a woodpile" approach. The resulting friction from their trademarked device makes ejaculation easy to clean up and far less bothersome than paternity suits or nosy reporters asking about infidelity (just ask Tiger Woods).

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So, while the basic fleshlight mimics a nice tight pussy in terms of feel on a cock, fans have asked for more choices, kind of like with women; men always want another couple around to bone if they can't get what they want or the terms attached to getting laid become too difficult. Hence the newcomer to the fold in the form of the Sex In A Can, my testing version called the Succu Dry model that shows a female vampire on what comes across as a tasty beverage container. There are fangs and a mouth design for the image conscious but in terms of how it feels on a rigid pecker, let us just say that it induces the response desired in short order, the tightness of this model directly corresponding to how large your cock is. For me, I held off sex with my toy testing gal pal a few days and it milked my nut in no time, a second round doing equally as well shortly thereafter. A day later, it worked just fine and the device appears to hold up to repeatedly testing unlike the cheaper substitutes available on the market.

So, the Succu Dry works well when following directions (use water based lubricants to prolong the life of the toy; keep it clean unless you want mold growing in it) and may serve as a cheap date as Nadine calls it since you don't have to dress up, don't have to buy flowers or candy, and don't even have to pay for the meal if you have leftovers in the refrigerator. The tightness on this one can even be adjusted by unscrewing the bottom of the "can" containing the fleshy "superskin" sleeve, my advice being to use limited amounts of lube lest you get too slippery when wet. The last few weeks have led me to believe that this will last a good long while too, the build superior to many of the alternatives the toy measurements as follows: 7.75" by 2.8" for the can, 6.8" by 2.6" for the sleeve, the textured portion starting an inch after the opening and the diameter of the textured sleeve going from .25" to .9" for best effect. That said, I still prefer real, live pussy with all the faults attached but if Aunt Flow is visiting your lady friend or you're having a dry spell socially, this was easily a toy I could rate as Highly Recommended.

images courtesy of Adult DVD Empire

The company advertising said this about the device: "Introducing Succu Dry Sex in a Can from Fleshlight, the world's first vampire inspired sex toy for men. Take a walk on the dark side and get familiar with this pale brew. But be careful! Though this may feel like love at first bite, make sure you have wood poised to penetrate before you get completely drained! Enjoy to excess to ensure encounters with Succu Dry are A-Positive experience. Succu Dry's unique Vampire mouth opening isn't for the faint of heart. This exclusive Undead pale sleeve color is made from the same patented Real Feel Super Skin material that's made Fleshlight the #1 selling male sex toy in the world. The amazingly detailed vampire mouth and fangs beg you to drive your wooden stake deep inside. To ensure an experience all its own, Fleshlight developed a brand new inner texture for the Succu Dry called "The Fang." This intensely stimulating texture has dozens of tiny fangs that will gently bite at you until you're drained of every last drop. Quench your lust and prepare for the ultimate vampire fantasy, but beware, this can will suck you dry!"

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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