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Studio: Other » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 2/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Try It

Kink Academy - kink education and sex-ed

My overall impression of Kink Academy is definitely positive. It's an interesting site that aims to educate people on the different aspects of kink play.

It should be noted that THIS IS NOT PORN. This is about sexual education. If you want to learn more about some kinks (or even just sex or the way the body is wired for sex, etc), this is right up your alley. If you're looking for sexy porn to get off to, this is not it.

They have a decent selection of free videos that cover a wide variety of topics. There are lots of topics to choose from as well -- safe sex, electro play, caning, forced feminization, pony play, CBT devices and more.

It's $9.95 a month, but all movies are streaming and I could find no download options, and navigation is clunky, cumbersome and doesn't work very well.


Mistress Wynter's video on caning is a must-see. She is very thorough and very clear as to the possible dangers of improper caning. I've personally wanted to try it, and I feel eminently more knowledgable after viewing her video. It's really well done.

I also watched a few demonstrations of the violet wand, a popular electrical stimulation toy. The representative talks way too fast, but he does cover a lot of ground.

Navigation = frustration

Finally, I decided to try out the search function. This is where things went a bit awry.

There is a list of keywords on the main site, but obviously the keywords don't cover everything. I didn't see a keyword listed for blow job movies, and since I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the field, I definitely wanted to see what they offered in that area.

OK. So, like I said, there was no keyword resembling "blowjob."

So I went up to the search box and typed in "blowjobs."

No results.

If I changed it to "blow jobs" then I would get two movie results.

If I changed it to "blow job" then I would get one movie result.

See what I mean? There's something not right with the searching.

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Next, I searched for "foot fetish." Five entries came up, but they were profiles of individuals or companies featured on the site. Yet while browsing the categories, "foot fetish" brought up four videos which did not come up when I searched.

You have no way to know the exact tags they put on a movie when it was uploaded, and if your search does not EXACTLY match a tag, it won't turn up in a search result.

Movies should be tagged like: blowjob, blowjobs, blow job, blow jobs, oral, oral sex

But instead, movies are tagged like: blow jobs

So typing in ANY of the first set of words turns up no movies at all, which makes the site look like it has no movies on blowjobs and makes the user think they've paid for a site that either doesn't work or might not have the content they're looking for.

They also have a box where you can browse by category, but some of the categories seem unnecessarily broad. The category called "fetishes" could literally be anything. So could the "sex ed 101" section. Browsing that was was frustrating as well.

As they claim they have over 25Gb of "educational video" (which isn't all that much anyway, I've probably got at least three times that on my own site), it shouldn't be so difficult to find what you're looking for.

Pick of the site

Let's go to my pick of the site, Tess Denasi in "Blowjob demonstration."

First, I want to say that blowing a real cock is significantly easier than sucking on a dildo. So I was definitely willing to cut Tess some slack.

But see, Tess doesn't actually put the dildo in her mouth for more than a few seconds for the entire movie. She also spends most of her time advising you on how not to suck cock.

But wait! Isn't this movie titled "Blowjob demonstration"? It sure is, and it fails spectacularly.

Tess starts out talking about sensation play. Hot and cold sensations and blindfolding your partner is not demonstrating a blowjob.

Continuing down the sensation pathway, Tess talks about Smooth and rough sensations. Silk scarves wrapped around a cock? Not a blowjob. Wrapping pearls around a cock? STILL NOT A BLOWJOB.

Rolling the pearls up and down a cock with your hands while your mouth is on the head? Cheating blowjob.

Basically, this movie consists of a bunch of tricks you can do if you can't suck cock. Lame.

Gold star for this quote from Tess:

"A blowjob doesn't mean his penis has to be in your mouth the whole time."

Yes, yes it does, actually.

What she SHOULD have said was that a blowjob shouldn't mean you suck on the cock like a human vacuum cleaner the whole time. That will make you tired and give you a jaw cramp. It also doesn't feel good to the guy.

And then she talks about titty fucking with a lot of lube, which will guarantee that you will be a slippery mess and he'll lose all sensation. Also? Not a blowjob!

If this movie were entitled "cock sensation play", it would be apt. But this has absolutely nothing to do with blowjobs themselves.

Videos like this really make me mad, because I have met so many men who say, "I just don't like blowjobs." And the REASON they don't like blowjobs is because dumb bitches do stuff like this instead of sucking cock!

A cocksucking movie should talk about deepthroating! It should talk about gagging! It should talk about facefucking! It should talk about cock shape and sizes and the different challenges presented.

It should NOT talk about silk scarves and pearls.

The bottom line

The hits: It's reasonably priced if you want to check out different aspects of kink play. If you're at all interested in safety, bondage, and serious toys, there should be something here to help educate you. There are some very good movies and interviews, and I enjoyed the majority of the ones I viewed.

The misses: Movies seem to be streaming only, so there's no option to download and save them for later. Content of some movies may not be what you're looking for (see above example!). Navigation is clunky and trying to find the movies you want to see can be very aggravating. And remember, THIS IS NOT REALLY PORN. It's more about educating yourself for your sex life.

This site really does have a lot going for it, though. But if it were less frustrating to use that would help a ton.

Final Grade: C+. It would have been a B, but that blowjob movie was enough to really drag down the experience for me.

And hey, if you want to see a real slut giving awesome head, just give me a call.

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