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Robert Van Damme's Private Party: The Mystery Begins

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 3/4/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:  February 2009

Director:  Robert Van Damme & Gio Caruso
Cast:  Robert Van Damme, Matthew Rush, Arpad Miklos, Hugo Alexander, Jessie Balboa, Tim Kelly, Luke Riley, Romario, Hunter Vance, Tyler Saint

Body Types:  Muscular, Hairy, Bodybuilder, Lean, Ages 19 (Luke) - Mid 40's

Condoms:  Yes

Special Features:  Robert Van Damme bottoms!  Plus a three way.

Plot:   Anonymous invitations bring men together for Robert Van Damme's third special private party.

The Movie:

Arpad, Tim:  Receiving an anonymous invitation to a party, Tim runs into Arpad by the pool.  With time to kill before the party, the big, hairy, buff guys decide to work up a sweat.  There is a some sensual kissing before the guys suck cock.  Arpad has an amazing uncut jumbo-sized cock and Tim has the honor of taking every inch of it down his throat.  Thoroughly horned up, Tim begs Arpad to sit on his face.  Tim lies back, spreads Arpad's hairy ass cheeks apart and eats his asshole like a hungry man digging his face into a melon.  Oh, the hot sounds and expressions these guys make when Tim lowers his ass on Arpad's monster cock and Arpad pounds his ass have to be seen and heard.  Arpad pulls out and jerks a load onto Tim's ass and Tim jerks one out lying next to Arpad.  If good-looking, hairy, muscular, and big-dicked is what you want, Arpad has it in spades.  Tim Kelly is a good match for him though he appears to have some facial wasting.   

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Robert, Matthew:  Peering through blinds from his bedroom, Robert Van Damme spys on Arpad and Tim making out by the pool.  A ring of the doorbell causes Robert to rush out to the front door and welcome Matthew Rush in who tells him of the anonymous invitation to the party.  The guys sit on a couch and Van Damme admits to being a fan of his and sending him the invitation to his party.  A very vocal kissing scene is followed by Van Damme spitting, worshipping, and slobbering over Rush's thick, long dick--what a beauty!  A vein along Van Damme's neck is clearly visible when he's deepthroating that dick.  Next, the boys rim each other on the couch and Robert fucks Rush who makes a lot of noise leading up to the cumshot but lets out very cum.  On the other hand, Robert more than makes for it when he shoots a few streams of milky cum on Rush.

Hunter, Jessie:  Two other invited guests played by Hunter and Jessie, who both appear to be Latino, are naked in the upstairs bedroom.  The boys 69 and Hunter fucks Jessie over the side of the bed.  Hunter repeatedly calls Jessie a "dirty bitch" and a "pig" as he's face fucking him, rimming his hot ass and doing him doggy-style.  The scene ends with Hunter and Jessie cumming beside each other.

Robert checks off the guys he invited to the party from his guest list.  At the name of Tyler Saint, he remembers the last party where they met and he asked Tyler about being fucked for the first time.  Moments later, Tyler pulls up to the driveway and inside the host's home, he meets three other men (Hugo, Romario, and Luke) who received invitations to the party.  Robert greets all of them and confesses that he invited them.  Wanting to surprise Tyler, Robert leads him to his bedroom and leaves the men alone in the living room to enjoy their own small party. 

Hugo, Romario, Luke:  The trio work their way to a big jizzfest on the velvet couch.  Luke eagerly serves the cute Hugo and the muscular, hard-body of Romario who carries a huge, thick, uncut piece of meat between his legs.  The scene is full of non-stop pumping (using Luke's ass) and sucking (with Luke giving) and leaving as very satisfied party guests.  Romario scores huge points for his sexy body and beautiful cock and ass.

Robert, Tyler:  Escorted to the bedroom by Robert, Tyler learns why he was asked to come.  Robert admits he's watched other men getting fucked and he remembers the hot time he had with Tyler and believes Tyler would be the perfect man to 'pop his cherry.'  Robert's plea of being gentle on him is coyly answered with "at first" from Tyler.   Naked and on top of the bed, the large smooth bodybuilders get into hot and heavy kissing and Robert, who has a noticeable gag reflex, blows Tyler until he's hard.  Tyler sucks and rims Robert.  Rambling on and on about wanting to be fucked by Tyler, Robert prepares Tyler's cock for his virgin ass.  He sucks the cock, places a rubber on the tip of the cock and unravels it down the shaft with his mouth.  Tyler suggests he sit on his dick.  Robert agrees and by the sound he makes, enjoys it.  Same goes when Tyler fucks him in the ass at the end of the bed.  The actual fucking time lasts only a few minutes.  With his thick Czech accent, Robert sounds like Arnold, the governator which can be humorous or sexy. Tyler's body is a good complement to Robert but like Tim Kelly, his face show signs of facial wasting.      



Video & Sound:

Although the box claims the movie was shot in HD, the overall video is average to poor throughout.  This is particularly true of the first scene which is riddled with pixilation and it's unfortunate given how hot the two men are in the scene.  The same problem crops up in the interview scenes found in the extras.  Sound is fine in the sex scenes though the dialogue does get lost in heavy foreign accents.

Standard extras are scene selections and trailers and then there is the cast interviews, behind-the-scenes, and a bonus fluffer scene.  In the interviews, all the men (except Robert Van Damme) sit naked on an oversized chair and speak candidly at the camera.  Some of the men play with their dicks while speaking.  Tim reveals that his scene with Arpad was his first time bottoming on camera and Arpad shares his secret sexual fantasy.  In his segment, Matthew tells us of his desire to have sex with another black man on camera.  Jessie jokingly confesses about the movie star he would "rape" and Romario considers himself straight and is of the opinion women give better head (cough).  The behind-the-scene menu option contains blooper footage and presents the more technical side of shooting porn which can ruin the sexual fantasy of porn.  It sheds new light on Van Damme's bottoming scene with Tyler Saint.  For the bonus fluffer scene, Jessie sucks Hunter's cock before Hunter has a photo shoot. 

Final Thoughts:
There is nothing new under the sun with this film starting with the flimsiest of plots but Robert Van Damme brings together a group of very muscular, hung men for a rockin' hot time.  In addition to Van Damme, we have major porn stars like Arpad Miklos, Matthew Rush and Tyler Saint.  The selling point of this DVD is "Robert Van Damme Bottoms for the 1st Time!"  If that is your reason (again, his fuck scene is very brief) for your interest then for that reason alone you might be happy with this film but the other scenes--my favorite are the muscle bears fucking and the threeway, make this one worth several repeated viewing.

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