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Naked News

Studio: Other » Review by Mark Roach » Review Date: 3/28/10

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Naked News

Fair and Bare-assed News.

Victoria Sinclair

Naked News is running a promotion in which they are giving away three free days. Read the rest of this review if you want to, but the best way to learn about the site would be to visit www.NakedNews.com, sign up, and check it out for yourself.

Naked News got its start in Toronto in 2000. They present six episodes a week. Each episode includes the daily headlines, and several more entertaining features. As a news program, it falls very short of the BBC, but unlike some of the news networks in America, the beautiful hostesses at Naked News have never told a guest to "Shut up" or cut off their microphone.

When they started, Victoria Sinclair was their only anchor, and though the cast now numbers thirteen, she is still the heart of the show. She is beautiful, and she has a talent for reading the news clearly and professionally while getting undressed. All of the other anchors have had to rise up to the high standards she has set.

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Christine Kerr

When you first log on, the day's newscast is available in the middle of the screen. You have the option to watch in full screen. They tend to choose stories with a sexy spin. In the sequence above, Christine Kerr is telling about a fertility festival in Japan where giant phalluses and yoni are paraded throught the street, and where you can see little old ladies sucking on penis-shaped popsicles.

There are also two archives of past shows. The "Download" archive goes back for three weeks, and the "Streaming" archive goes back six months. The archives are searchable by date, anchor, and segement.

(The Firefox add on, Download Helper, allows you to download flash videos (like those on YourTube) onto your computer. It also works with Naked News, so you can download six months of episodes for the price of a free add on and a free trial.)

Roxanne West with a Guest chatting on a 32" TV.

I downloaded the most recent episode. The one hour episode was packaged into seven shorter video clips, which downloaded as a single zip file in under five minutes. Once I checked the first segment on my computer, I wanted to see if I could watch Naked News on my TV. My PS3 is networked with my MacBook Pro laptop using MediaLink. Though MediaLink is incredibly buggy, it was able to play the *.mp4 files without a hitch as you can see in the photo above. (The swirly lines are an artifact of the camera taking a picture of the screen, and they are not visible to the eye.)

Christine Kerr on an iPhone.
(The fuzziness is because the camera wasn't focused. It was perfectly clear.)

Naked News makes a big deal out of the fact that their shows can now be watched on iPod or iPhone. Before using the special button to download their special iPhone version, I just copied one of the videos to iTunes, and synced it to my iPhone. It worked.

Will you get off?

Victoria Sinclair is highly stroke-worthy, as are Christine Kerr, Eila Adams, Whitney St. John, and all the other girls.  Naked News will make you want to get naked.

Victoria Sinclair takes off her panties without showing too much.

Almost all the anchors get 100% naked, but this is not hardcore porn. In the photo above you can see that the anchors practice taking off their panties without spreading their cooches for the camera. While this cuts down on the stroke-factor, but it maintains the sense of sexy innocence that is much of the show's charm.


Ariella Banks keeps her panties on.

Ariella Banks seems to keep her panties on all the time. Still, she is not shy. She does their "Naked on the Streets" segment in which she goes onto the streets of Toronto, and asks passers-by their opinions on the day's news. She has lovely curves, and could be a big star if she wanted to do porn.


Michelle Pantoliano is just crazy.

Another segment is 'Locker Talk" starring Michelle Pantoliano. Most of the girls have natural curves, and Michelle doesn't turn me on as much as the others. Still, her high-octane performances in "Locker Talk" are, well.... words fail me. Go check out the three-day free trial to see for yourself.


Eila Adams is a cutie!

All of the girls have shaved pussies with a hint of hair just above the slit or a full-on landing strip like Michelle Pantoliano.  Given the consistency, I imagine that this was discussed at meetings. If so a clean pussy with a hint of hair communicates "clean and sexy with a hint of perversion."


Kathleen Curtis at the Climax of the Canada-US hockey match.

To my taste the sexiest woman on the show is Kathleen Curtis. Here you see her in a comedy segment they did on the Olympics. While she doesn't have Bree Olson's genius for fake orgasms, she seemed really excited when the Canadian Hockey team won the gold medal.

In addition to the segments discussed above, there are about forty other spots they run, including Naked Nerd, Boob of the Week, and auditions for new anchors.


The website also has a forum called "Naked News Community." Like any web community, it takes time to get a sense of what's going on, so I will leave it to the reader to explore on their own. Still, I should point out that the first page of the Forum shows top-rated videos on the site. This is a great place to explore and get a sense of the best that Naked News has to offer.


If you want a light-hearted way to keep up on the news, Naked News may do the trick. Otherwise, it's good clean sexy fun. Most raincoaters should stick to hardcore porn, but if News Anchors get your juices flowing, then the weather forecast may be predicting rain in your living room.

I strongly recommend it that you Check out the Free Trial.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.

The End!

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