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Nexus Glide

Studio: Nexus » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 4/7/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Sex toy manufacturer Nexus has made quite the name for themselves. Based out of the UK their products are something of an unknown here in the States, but that's about to change. Recently they've released a series of Male G-Spot toys in an effort to broaden the pleasure men feel by themselves, or during intercourse. Today we're looking at the Nexus Glide.

The Glide is an aggressively designed prostate massager similar to the Aneros, though arguably you'll take less of a hit in the wallet with the Nexus variety. The toy is black in color and made of a hard, medical-grade plastic. The main body is flare to prevent the toy from slipping out (or in), the tip has a rounded prostate point, there's a roller ball that presses against the perineum, and a handle for easy operation.

The back of the packaging describes it as such:

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"The Glide was developed in conjunction with the UK's Sex Worker of the Year, exclusively created for men who wish to begin exploring the sensations of anal play. Its size and shape means that the Glide is a satisfying all-rounder for those who are new to the joy of prostate massage as well as those who are more experienced players, making it the best selling toy of the Nexus family.

The Glide has a stainless steel ball-bearing which teases the perineum point in addition to hitting the male G-Spot, bringing the user to the strongest and most intense orgasm a man can achieve."

Those are strong statements, I assure you, but does the toy really live up to the promise?

For starters the toy feels almost a little too hard at first. There's no give to it whatsoever, and the best thing I can advise is that you use plenty of lube and take your time. Once the toy slips into place you should find a position where it feels right, which for me was on my side or stomach. Once you're ready to go just take your time and breath. Prostate play isn't for everyone and in my case the Glide took a while to be effective.

While the toy alone wasn't enough to produce results, I dare say that the climax as far more powerful than normal and the road to that finish was much more enjoyable. Despite the hard nature of the product once you're familiar with the design and application of the toy it's easy to achieve strongest, more satisfying orgasms because of it. I don't see this being an every time kind of treat, but as a once in a while thing the Glide certainly packs a unique punch.

If you're in the market for a prostate massager and don't quite know where to begin, give the Nexus Glide a shot. It's a solid alternative to the Aneros and costs around $40 depending where you shop.

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