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She-Male Idol: The Auditions

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 4/13/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

She-male Idol: The Auditions

I thought this would be some kind of spoof or take-off on American Idol, and I figured... judges at a table? Transsexuals come in and show off their stuff, maybe get into some naughty fun, and then either go on to the next round or are sent home. And I thought... that sounds kind of awesome and sexy!

So let's get on with it!

Thabata Piurany (Thabata Piorany on the box)

And she's walking and walking... and showing off tattoos and suddenly... we are inside! And she's now dancing in pink and black lingerie in what looks like a hotel room in a questionably safe city.

And she dances... and dances... and dances...

And she's still dancing...  and finally takes off her panties and starts playing with her uncut cock. The cock isn't bad, but the tan lines are severe. It's better if they stay a little further back from her face, too... The makeup coverage is kinda questionable.

Apparently this is just a fapping scene on a bed. The shoes and stockings stay on...

Ehh... it's ok...

But wait! A subtitle informs us that Paolo is coming to the rescue. And suddenly there's a dude sucking on her pierced nipple.

And she cums a thin, watery puddle. I guess Paolo didn't have to do much.

Thabata talks... and talks... and we don't know what she's saying, because she's apparently speaking Portuguese.

Weirdly, they show some photo stills in between scenes. That's odd.

Jo Garcia

The title informs us that she's "back and wants another chance." At what? We don't know!

Jo isn't speaking English either. LOL. She also has some kind of weird red dots on her nails, and she's wearing a clear corset. Both of these things are squicking me for some reason, but she's hung like a goddamn stallion so I expect I'll be distracted away from the issue.

Holy cock!

More masturbation as she wraps BOTH HANDS around her cock from top to bottom, with room to spare. Then she takes the corset off and used it to rub her cock, because... why not, I guess?

And she cums in like two minutes. Done. More talking that isn't in English but now we get a single subtitle. "I like bad boys."

You like bad boys and I like your cum! Best popshot in the movie.

Nicolly Navarro

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Nicolly is pretty hot as she sits poolside. We get a couple more subtitles (as she also speaks Portuguese) where she asks for a man to suck her, but then he sucks her toes first. For a while. Ooookay then.

Then he licks her ass for a while before getting to her cock. She's pretty huge too, especially considering how small the rest of her is. The dude sucking on her does a damn good job, I must say. Of course this would be way hotter if a chick was blowing her, but sigh.

Why couldn't that be a girl down there? Agh!

So there is more cocksucking. And more... and then she holds his nose for a bit. I'm not much of a breathplay person, but I thought I'd mention it.

So she jacks off onto his mouth while she jacks him off at the same time. She finishes and then she sucks on his cock briefly, but quickly proceeds to a hand job with ball licking. He finishes himself off.

More talking, which is... again, in Portuguese.


Next we have Paris. OMG an American?? She DOES speak English, but the sound is quite terrible in this movie.

Paris doesn't have the most feminine face. The rest of her is all right, though. Much like the other scenes, she sits and masturbates. She then masturbates with a dildo in her ass. Yawn.

Mostly ok...

Jessica Fox

Next we have Jessica Fox, who is apparently the top contender for She-Male Idol. We know this only because they tell us, since this has been the only mention of She-Male Idol thus far, outside of the box cover. Well, OK, they might have mentioned it before. In Portuguese.

Jessica is a really skinny little thing, but she doesn't look or sound anything like a dude, which is awesome. And she also speaks English! I'm starting to treasure these little moments.

Daaaamn, honey. Hot!

Now she's talking about how she lost her phone yesterday, which had hard core photos and videos on it... OMG I am so bored. Maybe this would have been better in Portuguese.

Finally we're indoors, and she undresses. Again, we get some too-close close-ups. She also has a foreskin, and we get some really good views of that. Hrm. She's shaved around the balls but not up top, and fingers her ass for a little bit before cumming on herself.

SUPER HOT. Too bad the scene was a snore.


Cheyenne has foreskin, no boobs, and also does not speak English. She takes her shoes off and some guy is kissing her feet, but at least there's two people in this one! He starts fingering her ass while she sucks on a dildo, and then he sticks the dildo in her ass.

A recent victim of the Horrible Blush Monster

Then she sucks on his cock... and he holds her nose. OK, so somebody is into breath play... She does pretty well but she's got crazy weird amounts of makeup on.

She still has the dildo up her ass. For a while I thought he'd actually fuck her in the ass but apparently no. And she cums and we're done. Snore. At least it's a pretty fair cum shot.

She then jacks off her co-star into her own mouth... or at least, tries to. He takes over while she says dirty things in Portuguese.

Alessandra Ribeiro, Stefany Gold

We get a subtitle here that says Alessandra is back to show that she can do stuff with a chick for She-Male Idol. Whatever, I don't care. But Stefany Gold is a cute little thang, and she's a real live girl to boot.

My god, Stefany is adorable! :)

Alessandra is doing this weird hissing noise as she breathes, which is incredibly annoying. Stefany's doing all right with the cocksucking though. Damn. Seriously, though, turn off the sound.

Next Alessandra puts a dildo in her ass... and continues with the goddamn hissing. Whoever is directing this should have told her to cut that the fuck out, but nooooo...

Look at this! Hotness in the making... except for that damned HISSING! Agh!

Alessandra then uses a vibe while Stefany continues to suck on her. And she's STILL HISSING. Eventually Alessandra shuts up long enough to jack herself off while she doesn't speak English.

Special Features

Cumshot recap, chapter menu, photo galleries, cast list, filmographies, trailers.

The "filmographies" are hilariously useless and they only list one movie per girl, and for some of them, guess which movie they list?

"She-Male Idol: The Auditions".



The hits: Jo's massive cock and nice, thick cumshot. Absolutely EVERYTHING about Jessica Fox (except her pubes). Hot damn. I need to see me some more of her, and in something much better than this.

The misses: The sound is awful, there are no "auditions", there's no penetrative sex, and only two people speak English. There's nothing on the box that would lead you to believe this is an all-masturbation/oral sex she-male movie (and the oral sex is sporadic at best).

A really sad little movie, which will only be sold if they fool you by putting nothing about its actual content on the cover.

And that is exactly what they did.

Final grade: D+

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