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Silicone Roulette

Studio: Evolved » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/21/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

images courtesy of Evolved Novelties

To some people, the term "sex toy" merely means the person they are bedding that night, the generic term bandied about so freely these days that it is important to hone in on what you mean. For others, the term means a device used to stimulate oneself or a partner to orgasm, some allowing us to delay the event, others prolonging it, and still others allowing for multiple orgasms. One of my favorite manufacturers of sex toys is Evolved Novelties, an offshoot of a popular gonzo porn outfit known far and wide for the movies they make. While some companies are content to let piracy whittle away at profits until they are selling oranges alongside busy streets, this one has stepped up to make sex toys for the masses, one of their nice touches being the excellent boxes they come in. The latest device sent for review from the company is called the Silicone Roulette, my version being hot pink in color or, as the box stated, "croupier".

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Okay, the general measurements of the thing were 1.75" thick by 7.75" long, the useable length closer to 5.75" from my bed testing with Nadine. In a step forward from their jelly toys, this vibrator was made of "100% European Silicone" which is reportedly also phthalate and latex free, the device made in Europe as opposed to mainland China as previous toys were constructed. The first thing I noticed apart from the clear case it came in (the cases by the company as always really cool in design) was how quiet it was when turned on. The AA batteries (2 needed) provided a decent amount of power that lasted fairly long, slowing down after an hour or two, the control mechanism being a wheel at the bottom of the shaft (instead of the usual push button).

The second thing I noticed, or rather Nadine noticed, was the relative lack of odor emanating from the toy, a rarity these days given the materials used and locations they tend to be made in. She also noticed how soft the flexible material was to the touch, the middle of the shaft having little resistance at all to squeezing due to the lack of the vibrating bullet motor or other controls in that spot. This allowed her to experiment with it a little more once the waterproof testing was complete (for the record, it was waterproof, the small O-rind located where the colors change snapping on with a twist rather than screwing in oddly enough).

In terms of pleasure, the highest setting was not as strong as she would have liked but she claimed it worked more than well enough that she would suggest it as Recommended, the price of the toy a bit on the high side unless you shopped around more than a little (she claims to have seen it for under $50 at least once including shipping). The advertising mentions nothing of how to use it but Nadine suggested it might also work for those looking into exploring anal pleasure with the toy as a second tier device (for those that have gotten past the shock stage and ready for something larger, but not too large), my own lack of experience in that regard telling me that either alcohol in copious quantities or some really heated fantasy play involving her girlfriends joining us would be needed to up the ante on this game of roulette. Otherwise, it was fun and I look forward to seeing what else comes from the line in the future.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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