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Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/27/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: 2009

Directed By: Brian Mills


Dario Beck, Dean Flynn, Marco Blaze, Christopher Saint, Jay Roberts, Scott Alexander, and Bryan Slater

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours and 22 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Dario Beck

Hunky Marco Blaze (good-looking with short dark brown hair and a muscular/smooth body) is helping his buddy Dean Flynn (handsome with brown hair and a toned/hairy body) work out by spotting him during weight lifting. Pool Boy Dario Beck (good-looking with black hair and a toned/tanned/hairy body) keeps a horny eye on the dudes while pretending to work. Things heat up when Dean begins sucking Marco's finger while rubbing the stiff tube in his own red running shorts. There's nice sexual tension building up as Dario and Marco eye each other while Marco fucks Dean's hungry mouth with his big fat uncut cock. Dario joins in by taking Dean's large clipped dick into his mouth and playing a sweet tune on that skin flute. Dude knows how to give a decent blowjob. Marco straddles Dean allowing him to lick those plump balls while Marco jacks himself working his heavy foreskin back 'n forth over the slick knob. Dario soon switches over and takes that meaty unclipped meat into his mouth nursing the swollen mushroom and getting a good taste of that delicious foreskin.  

Dean gets off the press bench, drops to his knees, and chows back down on Marco's pulsing boner while rubbing the front of Dario's bulging swim trunks. The horny dude pulls Dario's swim suit down revealing dark pubes and a thick unclipped tool. He takes that mother fucker down his throat giving excellent head (with plenty of deep throat) making Dario moan with pleasure.  Dean begins switching back 'n forth between the two pieces of uncut man-pork sucking cock like the pro he is while Marco and Dario make out with wet tongues.  Marco busts a thick nut on Dean's hairy chest, Dario shoots a nice thick load, and Dean sprays a wet load on the ground. The three guys then move their party into a bedroom where kiss and fondle each other leading Marco and Dario getting into a traditional sixty nine with Dario on top. Macro grabs that uncut cock and crams it into his mouth while Dean munches down on Dario's tight hairy butthole.  These dudes are obviously into the action and one another filling the room with heavy breathing and panting.

Dario gives some very good head here taking as much of Marko's meaty member down his throat as possible. Dean sinks in from behind and fucks Dario fast 'n smooth with plenty of hot penetration shots while Dario gets his face screwed by Marco's tube steak. Changing up, Marco bangs Dario quick 'n smooth in the missionary position with lots of tasty penetration shots while Dean strokes his own stiff prick and feels Dario's hairy chest. While still being fucked, Dario grabs Dean's dick and chows down. It's now time for Marco to have his tight shaved asshole fucked by Dean in the missionary position while sucking Dario. Dude definitely digs having both of his hole plugged at the same time. Dario takes over drilling Marco in the missionary position while Dean pulls his own pud. Marco throws his head back, lets out a loud 'n low grunt, and cums on his stomach. Dean sprays a load on Marco's chest, and Dario cuts loose with some thick man-goo on Marco's lower stomach.

Scene Two:

Christopher Saint

Handsome Jay Roberts (dark hair and a toned/smooth body) is working in his garage when hot British dude Christopher Saint (short salt 'n pepper hair, heavy beard stubble, and a toned/smooth body) comes over to pick up a "charity donation". Sexual tension runs high and after giving each other longing looks, the dudes make out with lots of deep wet tongue action, pinching hard nipples, and grinding bulging packages against one another. Hot stuff! Christopher pulls Jay's long 'n hard clipped man-snake out and begins stroking it leading him to get down on his haunches and take that fucker down his throat giving some very groovy head. Jay digs the jaw job filling the air with moans 'n heavy breathing and begins fucking Christopher's face nice 'n smooth. Dude goes hog wild on that big dick and plump balls making complete oral love to 'em. Wanting a taste, Jay gets down on Christopher's hard uncut cock and blows him sliding that hot wet mouth up 'n down giving a tasty blowjob. There's some hot foreskin play when Jay strokes Christopher's overhang forward and pulls on it with his lips.

Christopher straddles Jay allowing him to tongue that tight hairy butthole while both pull their pork. Jay shoots a wet load all over his own stomach. Christopher is not too far behind working his foreskin and cutting loose with a huge wet load of jizz that flies everywhere. Moving their good times indoors, Jay offers up his mouth-watering ass leading Christopher to rim the heck outta that tight little hairy pucker. Christopher rolls on a rubber and slowly slides into his buddy's snug man-chute from behind for a good fucking with plenty of hot penetration shots. The guys love the action and fill the room with heavy breathing, moans and groans of pure pleasure. Christopher kicks up the speed and gives Jay a right good dicking. Switching positions, Jay plays a highly erotic game of the ol' sink/bounce riding his pal's uncut meat like it's the last piece he'll ever have up his asshole while his stiff 'n big dick bounces around. There are hot penetration shots from the front. Changing up again, Christopher bangs the heck outta Jay in the missionary position making Jay growl with lust.  To finish up, the dudes jack off with Jay shooting a big load all over his stomach and Christopher squirting an enormous amount of love juice everywhere.

Scene Three:

Scott Alexander


Bryan Slater (nice-looking with dark hair and a toned/smooth body) is an exhibitionist at heart. Standing on a deck in the beautiful outdoors, he strokes his hard clipped cock knowing that co-worker Scott Alexander (handsome with a shaved head, goatee, and a toned/smooth body) will soon take notice. Dude runs his hands over his beautiful body, rubs his nuts, and makes that stiff dick bob up 'n down.  Scott does indeed take notice, strolls out onto the deck, and grabs a hold of that throbbing dong while kissing Bryan with a deep wet tongue. Bryan soon has Scott's hard unclipped ebony cock out and begins jacking it as the dudes continue to make out. Bryan sinks to his haunches taking that big tube steak down his gullet sliding his mouth up 'n down and giving some excellent head. Dude knows how to orally treat that large chocolate pole. Returning the favor, Scott chows down on Bryan's big deal sucking like a champ. The dudes trying getting back to work but their manly hormones are in overdrive.

Bryan is soon bent over as Scott eats his tight shaved butthole licking 'n thumbing the pink starfish making Bryan moan 'n groan. Switching gears, Scott fucks Bryan fast, smooth, 'n hard from behind with plenty of hot penetration shots from below while Bryan makes all sorts of sexy noises and yanks on his pork. Switching to the missionary position, Scott continues to give Bryan an intense deep/fast fucking that is sure to scratch every erotic itch he has. Again, there are plenty of mouth-watering penetration shots. Scott bends over allowing Bryan to eat 'n thumb his tight hairy asshole. Scott digs the attention filling the room with loud moans, grunts, and cries 'n whimpers. Bryan screws his buddy long 'n deep from behind with plenty of beautiful penetration shots from below.  To finish up, the guys pull their pork with Bryan dumping his load on Scott's dark pubes. Scott jacks that meat working his foreskin back 'n forth busting a huge thick nut all over his stomach and chest.


Distraction is shot directly in high definition and presented in wide screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The videography by Paul Wilde and Jeff Slurry is strong providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound in clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the guys as they talk and all the hot man-on-man sex noises.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a ten minute behind-the-scenes featurette of photo shoots with Dean Flynn, Dario Beck, and Marco Blaze, and twelve minutes cum shot review.


TitanMen and director Brian Mills have created another horny fuck fest featuring hot sexual tension and plenty of good-looking dudes with big cocks. The direction is solid as is the vidreography and editing. The guys all look to be enjoying themselves along with the action. My personal favorites here are Scott Alexander and Christopher Saint. I Highly Recommend.

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