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Slick Dogs: Director's Expanded Edit

Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: 2010

Directed By: Paul Wilde


Tony Buff, JR Matthews, Billy Berlin, Will Parker, Dean Flynn, Ethan Wolfe, and Spencer Reed

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Spencer Reed

The camera slowly pans left stopping on hot 'n sexy Spencer Reed (black Mohawk, beard stubble, and a muscular/tattooed body) sitting on a small stage, dressed in black latex 'n combat boots smoking a stogie. The room is lit with green lights and cool harsh industrial dance music blares on the soundtrack.  JR Matthews (nice-looking with closely-cropped reddish-brown hair, beard stubble, and a toned/smooth body) strolls in wearing a beige latex uniform. The dudes stare each other down leading Spencer to blow smoke it JR's face and then force him down on haunches to be his oral slave. JR licks 'n slobbers all over the front of Spencer's latex mouthing the obvious growing tube inside. Spencer opens his pants revealing dark pubes and hauls out a large/fat clipped cock. JR sucks 'n jacks that thang like a champ cramming it down his throat and giving some wonderful head.

Dude worships that thick piece of man-pork. Spencer loves the jaw job grabbing JR's head to fuck his mouth. There are plenty of mouth-watering close-ups 'n various groovy angles of this tasty cock sucking. JR releases his long clipped tool from the confines of his uniform and wildly strokes the flesh-snake into submission. Wearing well-lubed black latex gloves, JR strokes his prick shooting a thick load all over himself. Spencer squirts a large wet load on JR's back. He then pisses all over JR. JR, who has been lying face down on the floor, turns over and takes a leak of his own that splatters all over himself hitting his face and inside his mouth. Switching up the action, JR, still in complete uniform, bends over and offers up his butt. Spencer slides in from behind and fucks the ever lovin' heck outta dude's tight shaved hole with excellent penetration shots from below.

As Spencer bangs the horny stranger, plenty of lube drips down onto the floor. Switching to the ol' sink/bounce, JR rides that chubby hog like there's no tomorrow bouncing up 'n down cramming his chute full. There are plenty of excellent penetration shots from the front. Spencer stands on the stage while JR stands on the floor in front of him. Spencer lets loose with man-water and pisses on JR's face and in his mouth. Fans of the golden shower will love this! Spencer orders JR to get on his back, uses a jack-sleeve sex toy to beat his meat, and crams his cock (with the sleeve) up dude's stretched asshole. While Spencer porks his buddy, he jacks JR's stiff rod. Spencer gets rid of the sleeve and fucks JR fast 'n hard in the missionary position with plenty of excellent penetration shots. Dude dumps a thick nut on JR and on his fist. JR squirts another big load all over himself. JR then takes another long piss with Spencer bending over to take some in his mouth.

Scene Two:

Ethan Wolfe

In an artsy/fantasy locker room set, Will Parker (cute with brown hair, goatee, and toned/smooth body), wearing blue latex sports gear and Ethan Wolfe (good-looking with a brown buzz cut and toned/smooth body), wearing a red latex sports uniform, are already getting down to some hot man-to-man action. Will is on his knees cramming Ethan's huge meaty clipped cock down his gullet taking as much as he possibly can and giving some hella-cool head. Dude's dong is fat! Ethan removes one of his track shoes and forces Will to smell by shoving it in his face. Ethan tapes the shoe to Will's face leading Will to haul out his cut cock and piss all over himself. Standing above his buddy, Ethan lets go with the yellow flow as well hitting Will's entire latex-clad body. The shoe is removed from dude's face and then Ethan chows down on Will's big cock giving a fantastic blowjob.

The guys beat off with Will cutting loose with thick jizz on Ethan's track shoes and then licks 'em clean. Ethan pulls that pork busting a thick nut all over Will's chest. Will then cuts loose with another piss on Ethan's legs 'n shoes. After some deep 'wet tongue kissing, Ethan bends over a bench and Will munches down licking those furry butt cheeks and crack. Will then fucks his pal quick 'n lubed in the missionary position with some nice penetration shots from above. Dude then plays the ol' sink/bounce riding Ethan's chubby member with hot penetration shots from behind. Dude rides that big thang fast 'n hard.  Switching again, Ethan pounds Will doggy-style with okay penetration shots from the side and then excellent shots from below of that big dick sliding in 'n outta that tight hairy asshole. Ethan dumps a thick cum load on Will's bum. Will jacks off squirting man-juice on Ethan's cock.

Scene Three:

Tony Buff, Billy Berlin, and Dean Flynn

Tony Buff (handsome with a black Mohawk, beard stubble, and muscular/smooth body) dressed in black 'n yellow latex with combat boots and Dean Flynn (good-looking with brown hair, beard stubble, and a toned/hairy body) wearing red 'n black latex and combat boots) enter a mysterious room lit in green where they find Billy Berlin (good-looking with brown hair, beard stubble, and a toned/smooth body) completely nude on all fours and encased in a box covered by clear plastic. Tony is on one end of the box and slowly sinks his black latex-clad fist up Billy's well-lubed shaved butthole while Dean is on the other end feeding Billy his stiff clipped cock. Billy lets out a long low moan as that fist goes up his hole and mixes rather well with the pulsing 'n dark techno tunes of the soundtrack.

Dean fucks Billy's face while Tony is busy bringing up the rear switching back 'n forth between right 'n left fists for maximum anal pleasure. Now outta the box and on a small black stool, Billy is fist fucked by Dean while Tony crams his big clipped cock down Billy's gullet. The dudes then take turns tag teaming Billy with their fists. Switching to the missionary position, Tony continues to fist Billy as Dean watches pulling his own pork. Billy strokes his stiff cut dick and shoots a tasty load all over his stomach. Tony joins in on the wanking dumping thick jizz on Billy's inside thigh. Dean cums on Billy's chest. Not finished with their intense party, Billy is now wearing a clear jumpsuit as the dudes kiss with deep tongues and rub lube all over each other.

Billy is soon on his knees blowing Dean and then switches over to Tony's man-meat. Dude knows how to suck a mean cock switching back 'n forth between the two throbbing tube steaks. Billy eventually bends over allowing Dean to munch down on his butt hole while continuing to blow Tony. There are nice camera shots of the rimming with tongue on pucker. Dean fucks Billy doggy-style long 'n lubed leading Billy to buck back demanding more cock up his ass while gorging on Tony. Switching up again, Tony bangs Billy in the missionary position with plenty of hot penetration shots as Dean fucks his throat. Tony pulls out, yanks his rubber off, and takes a nice long piss that squirts into the air like a fountain. After Tony rolls another rubber on his own beefy cock, Billy sinks down for some ol' sink/bounce....but with a twist. Dean also slides his hog up Billy's butthole for some double penetration action! Dean and Billy nut all over Tony's yellow latex and Tony squirts his load on Billy's ass.


Slick Dogs is shot directly in high definition video and presented in wide screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The videography by Arnel Valle and Brian Mills is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, butt fucking, and fisting. The picture quality is sharp 'n clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the guys as they talk and then get down to all the intense man-on-man action. The musical score by Pledglyng contains very cool industrial techno tunes. Exactly the type of music I love to dance to.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, and chapter stops. Also included are twenty-five minutes of bonus features with a cum shot review, behind-the-scenes featurette, and video of the photo shoots.


Director Paul Wilde really delivers the intense down 'n dirty goods with this latest release from TitanMen. Strong direction, videography, editing, and hot studs giving no-holds barred performances make these three scenes sizzle like expensive steaks on a grill. Personally, I'm not into fisting. I'm more of a vanilla dude. However, the movie will be a huge turn-on for golden shower 'n fisting enthusiasts and will definitely not disappoint. NOTE: Only the Director's Expanded Edit disc and the Blu Ray disc contain the fisting and golden showers.  I Highly Recommend!

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