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Stripper Diaries

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Stripper Diaries
Zero Tolerance

Directed by Mike Quasar

Running Time: 2hrs and 16 minutes

Special Features:

Shot in HD
Behind the Scenes (15 minute feature. Some interesting interviews with the extras, and cast)
Photo Gallery
Cum Shot Recap
Full Motion Chapter Menu
Trailers (7 of them)


Tori Black
Sara Sloane
Angelica Heart
Andy San Dimas
Monique Alexander
Mick Blue
Chad Alva
John Strong
Mr Pete
Anthony Rosano
James Dean
Carlo Carrera

Overall Thoughts

So every guy has their ideal way a visit to the local strip club will play out, and I think this movie is that dream, either that or I have been going to the wrong clubs. So anyways, if some of these girls were at my local club, I think I would go a lot more often. After a somewhat slow start with the sex, it really picked up with the Tori and Andy scenes, being the standouts of the feature. The interviews with the girls were rather funny, basically they played out every single stereotype of a stripper. The special features were OK, nothing too special, and the audio and video were OK, no issues. I think this is another solid release from Zero Tolerance and I am going to give this release a RECOMMEND rating. For the price and the quality of most of the sex, it's worth checking it out, and a good release to add to your collection.

Scene One: Andy San Dimas and Chad Alva

This movie is sort of a spoof reality type show about a strip club and it's dancers. We start off with an interview with "Thumper" (Tori) and we learn a little about how she got her name. We then cut to her dancing on stage trying to get a customer's attention, but another girl, "Candy" (Andy) seems to have his attention. We cut to some more interviews with some of the other girls and the owner of the club. Back to the club, Tori is trying to get a customer to get a lap dance, but Andy comes in and sweeps him away. She takes him into the back and begins to give him his lap dance. She lets him suck on her tits, but then brings out the lotion and begins to give him a hand job. After a few minutes, she begs him to cum in her mouth and he delivers.

Scene Two: Tori Black and Carlo Carrera

Off to the backroom at the club, and Tori finds out how Andy gets all the customers, and she is off to top her. Andy is working on a customer and then Tori swoops in and whispers something in his ear, and he decides to go with Tori. So she takes him into the VIP room and gives him a short lap dance before she starts working on his blowjob. She continues with the blowjob until he cums all over her face and mouth. So we are two quick scenes in and the sex has gotten a little further each scene, wonder how far the next customer will get.

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Scene Three: Monique Alexander and Mr Pete

We cut to an interview with Monique and we find out that she takes all of her customers across the street to the hotel to give them an extra show. They begin kissing on the bed as she opens his pants and gets things started with a blow job, which she swallows all of him. She kneels on the bed and he takes off her panties and begins to please her pussy from behind, while getting a few ass slaps in there too. After some finger play, he begins to tease her pussy with his cock, but then enters her and get some doggy style action going. She seems to having a hard time keeping her breath, even when they switch to some spoon fucking. Pete really seems to be getting a workout, as the sweat begins to start pouring even more when she climbs on top and rides him, as he does most of the work at first. Every once in awhile Pete would get a little finger action in her ass. She is soon back on her back and while Pete continues to work on her, she says she is about ready to cum for him. But so is Pete, so he continues to fuck her hard until he cums on her tits and then in her mouth.

Scene Four: Tori Black and James Dean YOU'RE GOING TO GO BLIND AWARD

Back in the dressing room, we see Tori has bought a new outfit and just as she is about to go out and work her magic, Andy comes in and she is wearing the same outfit, awkward. We get a short cat fight before the girls are in the boss's office getting a talking to about their extra activities with the customers. But Andy gets on his good side by offering him a 20% kickback to the club, and he agrees. So we next see Tori in the VIP room working on another customer. But this time she lets him to more hands on right away and he begins to take her clothes off as she dances on his crotch. She is completely naked and she stands up and lets him lick her pussy. She ends up on her back on the couch as he continues to play with her pussy and we see her O face, she seems to really enjoying it. But soon enough she is giving him a blow job, but she soon gives up her pussy to him, as he fucks her in the spoon position on the couch. During the whole time she is begging and pleading for him to fuck her, this shows why she is so good at what she does. She climbs on top and continues to beg for his cock as he fucks her. After some amazing oral from her, she is once again riding him, and it seems like she may have cum at least once while riding him. She turns around and continues to ride him as he gets to stare at her amazing ass, and he even gets to slap and squeeze it. He continues to fuck her until he cums in her mouth. But he is not done with her, he bends her over and gets a little more doggy style action from her, until cums again, this time on her ass.

Scene Five: Andy San Dimas and Mick Blue

Now that things are going a little differently at the club, so we see Andy working on her newest customer, Mick. They start off with some heavy kissing while he rubs her pussy. But she is soon begging for him to let his cock out so she can please him. She starts off with a nice blow job, but then tells him to stand up so he can fuck her face. She stands up and starts to give him his lap dance, but he fingers her pussy instead. But enough with the fingers, he starts to fuck her with his cock instead. She enjoys it so much that she cums even before they switch positions. After she rides him for awhile, and then sits on his face and lets him please her pussy, until she lets him fuck her from behind. She rides him again, and just as she is about ready to cum again she takes a quick break before she is on her back on the couch, getting fucked once again. And after some reverse spoon action he cums in her mouth.

Scene Six: Angelica Heart and John Strong

We go to an interview with the owner of the club talking about a new girl who wants to join the team, but we see with her subtitles that someone took her passport and they will hurt her dog if she doesn't play along. And by play along, he means she lets him fuck her. They start off with some kissing, before he starts playing with her breasts. But she soon turns around and lets him play with her ass, which he enjoys smacking and jiggling. But soon he is underneath her and licking her pussy and she continues to ride his face. She continues to show her ass off to the camera as he is taking off his pants, but when he done, he gets right into her from behind. After a pretty wet blow job from her, she is on her back getting fucked. After some spoon she is riding him with her big ole booty bouncing on top of him. But after the booty bouncing we get some anal from them in the spoon position on the couch. After the anal we get some ass to mouth until he cums in her mouth.

Scene Seven: Sara Sloane and Anthony Rosano

We get an interview with Tori talking about how her boyfriend is starting to have a problem with her fucking all the customers, the money is nice, but doesn't like the way she smells when she comes home. She gets pissed off and leaves him, so he goes and tells the cops all the stuff that is going down at the club. The officer shows up and threatens to close down the shop and the owner figures maybe he can bribe him with a lady. The cop wants Crystal, but its her day off, but the owner calls her in and she is willing to take one for the team. She begins to show him her assets, as she climbs on his lap and he plays with her tits. She takes his pants off and begins giving him a blowjob, and then climbs on the couch and starts to show off her ass to him. He licks and plays with her ass until she is once again giving him a blowjob. She climbs aboard and begins to ride him, but he keeps slipping out, so she goes back to the blowjob. After he is wet enough she is back on top riding him once again, but she moves around too much and he slips out a few more times. After some spoon action she sits on his face and she continues to give him a blowjob. After some doggy and some funny one liners about cops, she is on her back and getting fucked on the couch once again until he pulls out and cums on her face.

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