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Boys Night at The Baths 2

Studio: Citi Boyz » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 6/7/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Production Date: March 2010

Directed By: Steve Shay


Damon Audigier, Krist Cummings, Blake Hunter, J.D. Hawk, and Eric Austyn

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 21 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Bathhouse towel dude J.D. Hawk (cute with a bleached blond Mohawk and a slender/toned/smooth body), Eric Austyn (good-looking with closely-cropped brown hair, slender/toned/smooth body with plenty of tattoos) and Krist Cummings (cute with short brown hair and a toned/smooth body) are  shootin' the breeze in a communal shower making plans for later that evening. After rinsing off and showing their lithe bodies 'n  cocks, the guys get down for some fun. All the tell tale signs of cruising are there including sneaky glances at one another's junk. The dudes start out with some deep wet soul kissing while toweling off followed by body rubbing and dick stroking. Eric is the first to sink to his knees and chow down on Krist's clipped tool giving some very good head, cupping those balls, and jacking his own prick. Wanting a taste, Krist is soon on his haunches cramming Eric's large uncut member down his gullet sucking the heck outta that big meaty thang.

Dude then switches over and blows J.D.'s stiff cut dick while Eric and J.D. make out. J.D. suddenly takes a powder leaving the two remaining horn dogs to play. The action takes a turn when Krist takes a quick breath from sucking that fat uncut pork to announce, "I want you to fuck me!" Eric fucks his pal's tight hole in the missionary position on the shower's tile floor fast 'n smooth with some okay penetration shots from above but no close-ups. Eric practically "stabs" his throbbing beef stick into Krist's snug chute making Krist fill the area with loud moans 'n gasps. Switching to another position, Eric continues to pound his buddy while Krist hangs onto a metal pole on the wall with some good penetration shots/close-ups from behind/below. Eric beats off shooting a large thick load on Krist's bum. Krist quickly pulls pork 'n busts his nut on Eric's chest.  

Scene Two:

Still horny, Eric Austyn (scene one) heads to another area of the bathhouse and ends up playing pool with Blake Hunter (good-looking with short brown hair and a slender/smooth/toned body with tattoos). Blake looses the game and is soon on his knees taking Eric's chubby uncut cock down his throat and giving some very good head. Dude loves sucking that dong and Eric clearly digs the blowjob. The room is filled with heavy breathing, moans, and loud sucking/slurping sounds. There are some nice cock sucking camera shots here including some from below. Switching up, Eric chows down on Blake's stiff clipped prick sliding his hungry mouth up 'n down the throbbing shaft while providing a tasty jaw job. Blake lays back on the pool table and Eric slides that big boner up his new pal's tight shaved hole.

Dude fucks that chute long, smooth, 'n fast making Blake loudly groan with pleasure. Soon Eric is banging the heck outta Blake and although the viewer will easily be able to see the penetration, there are no close-ups for quite some time. Finally, there are some provided from above. At one point, Blake actually bites his knuckle! Ha! Dude definitely digs being fucked and jacks his hard cock while being pounded. Changing positions, Eric continues to bang Blake fast 'n hard. "Oh yeah, pound that ass daddy! Give me that hard fuckin' cock! Pound it! Pound it! Pound it!" These two are clearly into the action and Blake once again bites his knuckle! There are no penetration shots here. Switching back to the missionary position, Blake blows a load on himself and the pool table. Eric beats off working his foreskin and shoots a large thick load all over Blake's face and in his mouth.

Scene Three:

Bleached-blond punk J.D. Hawk (scene one) is back passing out clean towels when he happens upon Damon Audigier (cute with short brown hair and a toned/smooth body) and his pal from scene one Krist Cummings.  The horny guys quickly forget about towels and get it on with some deep wet soul kissing 'n body rubbing. Damon kisses his way down J.D.'s slender body and takes that hard clipped prick into his mouth while Krist is busy sucking on the punk's pink nipples. To return the oral favor and scratch the itch in the back of his throat, J.D. chows down on Damon's long uncut cock sliding his hungry mouth all around and then switching over to Krist's turgid bone. Dude gorges on those throbbing tube steaks and quivering balls.

Since variety makes the world go round, Krist gets down on J.D.'s tool followed by Damon giving it a go. The dudes end up sucking J.D.'s cock together playing a groovy tune (The Girl from Ipanema) on that sink flute. *wink*. There are some nice camera shots from below of the dick sucking with each dude easily sliding that big member down their gullets. Now getting into some butt-sex action, Damon fucks Krist lubed 'n smooth from behind while Krist continues to blow J.D. Naturally, Damon kicks up the speed until he's drilling the heck outta Krist's tight butthole. Finally there are some nice penetration shots once the dudes switch into the missionary position. It's about fucking time. Gaw! Oh for fucks sake! Damon pulls out and shoots a load but it's obscured by Krist's raised leg. Then, the other two guys do not cum! What lazy direction! There is no excuse for that!

Scene Four:

Eric Austyn (scenes one & two) and Damon Audigier (scene three) stroll into the locker room preparing to leave but at the same time wanting to bust another nut.  Eric 'n Damon begin making out with deep wet tongues and feeling each other up leading Damon down on his knees suck his new pal's big unclipped pork. This dude clearly knows how to suck a mean cock and crams it down his gullet and deep throating with ease. Wrapping his fist about the pulsing man-meat, Damon gets down on that unclipped pork like there's no tomorrow. Switching up, Eric sucks Damon's tasty uncut prick sliding his mouth up 'n down and giving some very groovy head.

Eric takes Damon on the floor fucking him fast, smooth, 'n hard in the missionary position with some okay penetration shots from above. Switching to doggy-style, Eric continues to drill Brandon's twink-hole quick 'n lubed. Blake Hunter (scene two) returns and has his dick sucked by Brandon while Eric bangs that hole. Finally, there are some nice penetration shots from behind. "Suck his fuckin' dick!" Damon shoots a thick load on Hunter's chest, face, and in his mouth while still being porked.  Eric beats off dumping his jizz on Blake ("Oh yeah! Shoot it all over me!"). Blake quirts a tasty load on his chest mixing his man-seed with the others.


Boys Night at the Baths 2 is shot directly on high quality video and presented in anamorphic wide screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer the easily hear the dudes as they talk and all the lusty sounds of twink-on-twink action.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stop. Also included are trailers for Citiboyz Volume 55 (which could not be accessed) and Boys night at the Baths (2009).


Boys Night at the Baths 2 was filmed entirely on location at the Midtowne Spa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hmmm. I wonder if Lenny and Sqiggy ever slung back some beers and hung out?  Shlemiel/shlemazel/ Hassenpfeffer Incorporated! J.D. is an interesting dude. He looks a lot like androgynous actress Ann Carlisle in the early 1980s cult science fiction movie Liquid Sky. The hand-held videography by Ethan Masters and Steve Shay is okay but for some reason, director Steve Shay waits for a very long time in each scene to show any close-up penetration shots of the butt-sex.

Scenes two and four are the scenes where the guys look to really be into the action. Scenes one and three are where the guys look to simply be going through the motions with a paycheck in mind.  There is simply nothing here that, pardon the pun, sticks out in the movie to give it a higher rating. There are too many better films out there to help you get your rocks off. LOL! To show the viewer how hap-hazard this movie is, the closing credits are for another film! Skip It.

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