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Hustler's Rebel Rocket

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

image courtesy of Hustler

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Hustler is the company that started off providing a whole generation of men with the idea that they should "think pink" instead of settling for cheesecake pictures from Playboy. The magazine combined a raunchy attitude with political satire offensive enough to push the boundaries of society well beyond what was "safe", the resulting empire coming at quite a cost for publisher Larry Flynt. In some ways, his magazine helped lay the foundation for the modern day porn industry (along with others), the company initially sticking with productions centered on their belief that "Barely Legal" women were always the most popular, hundreds of such releases always their mainstay until they began distributing (and eventually jumping on the bandwagon) a large portion of the sitcum porn parody market. Given the history of the magazine, it made sense for it to embrace such flicks, the economic realities of our times forcing the company to try something new once more in the form of sex toys. As a quick overview, the new Hustler toy line up is designed for the mass market, shooting for the low cost portion rather than the exceedingly fickle high end toys that few can really afford to buy. The first in this line to make it my way is the Rebel Rocket, the version making it to me being the purple colored one.

Okay, upon researching the toy online, I found this one with free shipping and coming in under $10 at several places, other retailers charging more but offering additional benefits. To me, this pricing tier is such that short of a toy being a complete dud, it will appeal to a lot of ladies, perhaps even men. Of the three development levels of toys in this new line, the Rebel Rocket is a "beginner" toy, offering the same basic stimulation as the myriad of pocket rockets available out there. It measured 4.25" long and 1" thick at the widest point, an "O" ring sealing the battery compartment to make it waterproof. I tested the device under water for several minutes and no design flaws were discovered, the lack of water in the battery compartment measuring up to expectations. The one potential flaw to it was that there was only one moderate speed, technically two speeds if you consider "off" a speed. The rocket twists in the midpoint to turn on, off, or to take out the single AA battery that powers it for in excess of 45 minutes, the fact that it doesn't twist easily mitigating the fact that one could open it up by accident if not paying attention.

interesting packaging

Also curious was the black & white plastic bag container it came in, the idea that someone might want to reseal it (it had a sandwich bag reseal section) kind of odd. This holds true for several of the other toys in the line as well, no one able to explain exactly why this approach was taken or why it added value. Still, as simple as the toy was, the cost needed only be balanced against the strength of the vibrations. Some ladies like it strong while others have less pressing needs, Nadine whipping herself into a frenzy to see if it had what it took to get her off. The god news is that it was just strong enough to do so, the whisper quiet motor one of the quietest of recent toys I tested with her. The phthalate-free substance was hard plastic and made in China but discrete enough in noise levels and design that it looked more like a lipstick case to us, the packaging even going so far as to list that it should burn 57 calories an hour when used sexually.

It did not include a battery in the package but going for cost often means doing so, higher end toys not as likely to pass muster by following suit. It can be inserted safely but the vibrations were not strong enough to work that way for her, direct contact with her clitoris or nipple needed. Still, given the pricing point of the toy, it had enough appeal to merit a hardy rating of Recommended since the Rebel Rocket worked at least twice in getting her off, the lack of options weighed against the very reasonable cost of the device. There are better toys in the line to get Nadine off, generally offering more speeds, different vibration patterns, and only costing a little more but if you are in the market for a low cost pocket vibrator, you could do far worse so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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