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Hustler's Bang Bang Bullet

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

images courtesy of Hustler

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Hustler had been a trendsetter in adult entertainment for longer than most women in porn have been alive, the longevity of the company due in part to the way it evolves over time. There is a large market for dirty smut of all sorts so it came as no shocker that the company would commission a line of sex toys branded with their name, my belief that future toys improve over time with consumer input such as what you will find in reviews like this one. I have no axe to grind and I am not a snob for particular materials, my ratings taking into account pricing at least a little bit because in my experience, most consumers do not get free samples like reviewers do. As a consumer advocate, I feel it is important to explain such things since few are too willing to kiss ass so long as they are getting goodies, my friends at Hustler feeling the sting of well deserved criticism but able to handle it better than the boutique companies that rely so heavily on a limited set of opinions. My latest review of the Rebel Rocket, a beginner toy designed primarily for women needing direct clitoral stimulation, was a nice start but what about the intermediate toys such as the Bang Bang Bullet?

First off, unlike the easily affordable rebel, this one tends to retail for close to $100, my ability to shop around and find it with free shipping for half that taking out the sting a bit. The major premise with the Bang is that it offers two pieces, the vibrating bullet being waterproof and controlled remotely by a handheld unit. This opens up a variety of scenarios where lovers can play games in public, my past experience with other toys like this being they are often expensive, highly unreliable, and very weak even with brand new batteries. This time, the batteries were not the common type you will find at all retailers too, the controller using a 12 volt, 23A battery while the bullet uses two "N" batteries; all of which are included. They are not very expensive online, especially if you buy them in bulk after searching around, but they do not last as long as I would have liked, the experience fading after a bit over 38 minutes. This could be a reflection of weak batteries included though, my bedroom testing ground not exactly replete with a score of specialty batteries to try a second round as Nadine and I generally do when running time is a concern.

The controller had the Hustler logo on it, both pieces fashioned out of hard, phthalate-free plastic. The controls were simple enough in that there was an on/off button as well as a second button to cycle through the seven vibrational patterns, three steady patterns followed by some that mixed things up a bit. The weakest level was definitely too little to do anything while inserted but stuffed in some panties by the clitoris the stronger levels, the patterns in particular, worked charmingly well. The device was made in China but the bullet proved to be as waterproof as advertised, the little "tail" (it might be an antenna) strong enough to fetch the device out of Nadine's clenching pussy when inserted. We did not try it anally but I suspect it would hold up just as well there, just keep in mind that the tail was made of some form of rubber so it could break when worn out.

Now, for the price involved, I really did not expect a whole lot of range to the device, trying it in different locations to see how much it could be impacted by closed doors and such. As it stood, with a direct line of sight, the range was only about 12' so plan your adventures accordingly if you pick one of these up. At the lower price range online, I thought it was bargain enough to merit a rating of Highly Recommended since the novelty might inspire your gal pals to try something a bit more risqué than usual in terms of public sex, Nadine dripping by the time the batteries had actually stopped working. It had some quirks though so I was appreciative that it was quiet enough when inserted to mimic a strong cell phone vibrator, I just wished the cheap plastic box it came in was a bit more durable since disposable plastic toy boxes are so 1990's. In any case, the box does list that the device burns 52 calories an hour, the nearly 3" bullet just the right size to bring along on vacations or road trips, just make sure you pack plenty of batteries.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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