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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Hustler's Naughty Pom Pom

Hustler's Naughty Pom Pom

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

images courtesy of Hustler

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Company Recap

Hustler had been a trendsetter in adult entertainment for longer than most women in porn have been alive, the longevity of the company due in part to the way it evolves over time. There is a large market for dirty smut of all sorts so it came as no shocker that the company would commission a line of sex toys branded with their name, my belief that future toys improve over time with consumer input such as what you will find in reviews like this one. I have no axe to grind and I am not a snob for particular materials, my ratings taking into account pricing at least a little bit because in my experience, most consumers do not get free samples like reviewers do. As a consumer advocate, I feel it is important to explain such things since few are too willing to kiss ass so long as they are getting goodies, my friends at Hustler feeling the sting of well deserved criticism but able to handle it better than the boutique companies that rely so heavily on a limited set of opinions. My latest reviews of the Rebel Rocket, Bang Bang Bullet, and the 7" Rocker Vibe show that unlike many porn production companies, Hustler has addressed the basics quite well and for less cost than most others, their sex toys able to get one off without a lot of fanfare while working on improvements for their future endeavors. In keeping with their philosophy of providing basic toys for low cost, I next looked at their Naughty Pom Pom, the red vibrator as basic as could be (and found online for under $15 shipped).

The Details

Using two non-standard C batteries (not standard for sex toys at least, very few using this size in my experience), the toy measured just under 7.5" (by a hair), the phthalate-free device made in China of hard plastic. There are reportedly several colors available, all of them sporting the company logo near the bottom of the base, a potentiometer allowing for the level of vibrators to be adjusted to your liking. Multispeed vibrators are common like this, my surprise that it was not advertised (by the company at least) as being waterproof conducive to the 7" Rocker Vibe so I did not test it in that manner. I wish there was a warning regarding the lack of waterproof capabilities since so many toys claim as much, many cheaper ones falling short, but that is part of the purpose of this review, to point out the details.

The strength of the vibration was not terribly strong but Nadine mentioned that it worked for her, my toy testing ally telling me she thought the vibrating motor was located a few inches from the tip. This might be important for those of you that use it without penetrating your pussy or ass, rubbing it along the clitoris seeming to have the desired effect on her playful demeanor. The batteries lasted over an hour when the toy was set on the highest setting too, the re-sealable package (which still strikes me as strange) on the basic side of the toy, marking it as part of their beginner line. I admit the packaging wasn't great and the inclusion of some red simulated jewels near the base made it look cheesy, the flashy red pom pom material best suited for role playing where your gal pal is a cheerleader with two of these toys, perhaps signaling her readiness for a technical DP (double penetration where one would go in her pussy while the other stretched out her ass; the end hope being you'd get to try said holes next).

Unlike some of the fancier toys on the market, there was not a lot to talk about here, the low cost mitigating the relative lack of features but its general strengths meriting a rating of Recommended for anyone wanting a good, decent vibrator that doesn't cost a lot of money. The pom pom material seemed easy to clean but lacked much tactile impact, those thinking it might work as a flogger likely to be disappointed given the softness of the material (we tried in vain to get it to leave an impression on Nadine's ass). Hustler seems to be trying to move on the low cost market niche these days, at least in regards to their toys, but frankly, I think a lot of folks will appreciate this until they are ready to drop some serious cash on a toy without a 30 day warranty, I wonder what they will come up with next.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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