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Anal Buffet 4

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/7/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Anal Buffet 4

Evil Angel/Jay Sin Video

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jay Sin

Cast: Lioness, Will Steiger, McKenzee Miles, Jennifer White, Mick Blue, Alysa, Timo Hardy, Paulina/Fast Girl, Sonny, Angelica Heart, Kiera King, Sean Michaels, Logan

Length: 274:14 minutes (178:25 minutes & 95:49 minutes)


Date of Production: 2010

Extras: The first disc had a cast list and some trailers but the second disc had all the decent extras, the sexual material more strokable in most cases for those that care. This included 73:39 minutes of deleted sexual footage to appreciate, the cast having fun as they further displayed their sexual prowess. Up next were 1:21 minutes of Bloopers, a pop shot recap, filmographies, trailers, and six photogalleries.

Condoms: None

McKenzee Miles and Jennifer White with Mick Blue

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Buffet 4 was presented in a fine looking 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Jay Sin for Evil Angel using the MPEG-2 codec for standard definition release (in 480 resolution). The bitrate was usually in the 4.4 Mbps range but the basic lighting covered the action fairly well so there were not a lot of shadows around during the scenes. The flesh tones were perfect and the composition of the camera angles seemed to prove optimal for the women here too, my appreciation of his recent upgrades noted. Also worth noting, the action was clearly recorded and the raw energy of the cast was caught better than I expected; making it a good looking fuck flick in most ways, the editing showing substantial care going into the final product. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 192 Kbps bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate; the lack of separation and dynamic range meaning the audio was a bit flatter than hoped for. It was low end audio for the most part but given the gonzo niche of the movie, this is to be expected. The musical interludes were pretty decent though and added to the fun but they did not last long for those who care.


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Body of Review: Jay Sin occupies a unique place in gonzo porn production these days, his works distributed by Evil Angel and rarely following a linear path that most would call a "formula". He is as perverted as any of his peers in the industry, his emphasis always on women doing circus act sex tricks with their asses, milk enemas, large toys, and sexy fetish lingerie almost always a given. His latest title sent to me was Anal Buffet 4, the plethora of attractive women coming from all around the world to strut their stuff in front of his camera. As expected, most of the ladies were from Europe and all of them appeared to be well versed in kinky anal action, even the deleted footage tending to be hotter than most single disc releases from other folks on the market. The levels of fuck for the buck exceeded expectations with the movie clocking in at over 4.5 hours, the additional bonus footage elevating the double disc set to nearly seven hours of admirably heated sex and tease (lots of tease!) so fans will not be disappointed.

Paulina/Fast Girl and Sonny

The company website described the movie like this: "The King of the Gapes, Jay Sin, returns with his latest asshole-stretching epic, featuring a blend of Eastern European and American buttholes. The opening scene stars Lioness, a sexy blonde with her hair pulled back tight, who starts by rubbing whipped cream all over her miniskirt-clad ass. After a lifetime of teasing with a black dildo, Will Steiger joins and jams his hard cock down her throat, lubricating it with more whipped cream. After he works his tongue in and out of her asshole, he gives her a much needed milk enema before plunging deep in her butthole. The anal debauchery continues in several positions until he cums right into her waiting mouth. Next up is the twosome of Mckenzee Miles, a busty blonde, and Jennifer White, a pale, statuesque brunette. They tease in their lingerie before beginning their sapphic exploits, only to have Mick Blue join in their fun-time. Both girls work over Mick's cock with their eager mouths before he begins to sodomize both backdoors. After both assholes have been sufficiently violated, he delivers his big load all over Mckenzee's face, only to have Jennifer lick her clean. Sexy European brunette Alysa is next, as she uses a long black dildo to warm up her insanely gaped asshole. You could almost drive a truck up this girl's ass! Timo Hardy soon joins the fray, and pounds her backside hard before blowing a big load all over her waiting face. The duo of Fast Girl and Sonya are next on the menu, as they perform numerous ass-stretching exercises on each other. From tongues, to fingers, to big dildos, these girls penetrate each other's butt holes with just about anything they can find. The next scene features a three-way with curvy bombshell Angelica Heart, leggy brunette Kiera King, and Sean Michaels' black meat. Sean wastes no time before sticking his yardstick in Angelica's ass, before gaping Kiera's ass with his hard rod. The final scene is another three-way, this time starring Alysa and Logan. This one starts with lots of ass-play and Jay Sin's patented milk enemas, before Will Steiger joins the party and reams all available holes before dropping a load on both girls' faces." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Kiera King and Angelica Heart with Sean Michaels

Scene One: Lioness, a sexy blond hotty with all natural curves and pulled back hair, was up first wearing a skimpy black fetish outfit, the lady's love of whipped cream noted early on. She applied some to her tits and ass before using a huge dildo to penetrate her ass, the gal sucking it clean as if on a mission of sorts. She then masturbated and used milk enemas and whipped cream in her ass and on her pussy, the kink factor decidedly higher than in most commercial releases these days (no wonder certain online retailers shied away from it). Her perfect ass looked ripe for the plucking and Will Steiger joined her to get some action, the gal dropping to her knees to slob his knob aggressively, her demeanor continuing onward from the oral to the penetrative sex. There was vaginal and anal here, the food theme continued with Will eating her out and the gal giving him some foot job work to boot. It ended when he rubbed out a wad of genetic juice to her face, her eager attitude showing a lot of chemistry for the guy to the point that they continued with some additional tease after the facial was launched.

Alysa and Logan

Scene Two: McKenzee Miles, a sexy blond dressed up in crotchless white panties and matching stockings, was then up with brunette Jennifer White, her attire similar except that it was black. The ladies posed a lot as they felt each other up, going down on each other until studly Mick Blue joined them. The ladies then changed their focus to sucking him off, Mick giving a little head but showing more love of boning them like he owned them, starting with McKenzee's ass. Her perfect ass was as clean shaven as the rest of her, Jennifer assisting with a lot of taste testing (PTM and ATM) until it was her turn on the receiving end of his pounding pecker. She was not as active as McKenzee but tried to push her limits as best she could, the guy eventually lobbing out a nut of population pudding for the women to share.

Scene Three: Alysa, a shapely brunette wearing a neon blue & pink mesh outfit, was up next as she teased extensively in a room best described as draped in white and having wooden floors. The music was pleasant here and fit the tempo of her tease, the clarity of her pink anal dildo best seen up close (this was one of the few times that the flesh tones were over saturated). She took turns stuffing the toy inside her ass and then licking it clean, giving herself a technical DP before moving even further with a technical DAP(two large fake cocks in her ass at the same time). Just as she was warmed up, Alysa was joined by Timo Hardy the man secure in his macho status apparent because of his neon pink panties worn. She gave him a messy blowjob full of streamers, the slobber flying all around the place, before Timo started drilling her ass as deeply as his balls would let him. It was slow going but she proved to be an active rider once warmed up, meeting his thrusting cock better than most domestic gals. I could have used without his opening her ass up with both hands to show her inner anal tissue but she seemed to get off on his extreme treatment and that helped make the scene work on several levels. He then stuck most of his hand up her ass and she jerked him off until he almost blew, the gal licking his balls as he tossed off to her face a big wad of semen.

Scene Four: Paulina/Fast Girl and Sonny, a couple of attractive young ladies wearing black biker type outfits, were up next as the last scene of the first disc, the gals oiling each other up and going down on each other in rapid fashion. They loved eating clam and ass, the gals never stopping in their quest to please, a large red dildo stuffed in their asses complementing the extensive rimming to become the most straightforward scene of the entire production. They both had extensive anal gape hang times too, the ass winking amusing to say the least. This was also notable as the only lesbian scene of the whole movie, other pairings having some gal on gal action but only as complimented with men in the other scenes. They appeared to have some chemistry together too, making it a nice change of pace on various levels for the show.

Scene Five: Angelica Heart and Kiera King, both dark haired ladies with nicely shaped figures, were up next as the first scene on the second disc. They wore bikini styled underwear and seemed to fit right in with the program of rimming and anal play, Angelica clearly the curvier of the two. Kiera kissed her partner and warmed up her ass with some tongue, Sean Michaels joining in to assist both with the kind of interracial loving they were seeking. He started orally on Angelica but gave Kiera some attention too, the ladies double teaming his thick black pipe before he began pounding their pussies and asses in various positions. There was a lot of taste testing taking place here too, each gal showing a prolonged anal gape hanging time as well as a propensity to suck him clean between positions. The amount of personal chemistry between the ladies was pronounced at times, Sean clearly having as good a time as they did before he unleashed his seed in the form of a facial shared by the gals, the expression on his face classic for the man as he used to give the same look under his own label years ago.

Scene Six: Logan, a lean blond cutie with a great turd cutter, was up last with sexy brunette Alysa, their classic lingerie and poses during the tease enhancing their initial stroke value. Alysa was the dominant of the show early on here, using some whipped cream in a food fetish manner with all the usual emphasis on anal play, the extreme nature of the milk & cream enemas mixed in with the more traditional rimming with the scene as messy as could be. I'm not typically a fan of whipped cream in the ass to be shit out on another gal so this is perhaps best suited for those that have become jaded with traditional porn, the highlight for me less about the specific acts so much as the way that the ladies were enjoying themselves so much. Food fetish (including bananas) and toy use aside, they also both seemed to relish when the erection of Will Steiger came into sucking range, the ladies slurping on his rod and balls as though deprived for some horrid length of time. They sucked him off until it was time for the penetration to start, the guy drilling all of their holes with special attention to the ass. The ladies tossed his salad and stuck together when the facial was jerked off to their faces, the cum swapping close of the scene showing the women into each other as much as performing.

Summary: Anal Buffet 4 by director Jay Sin for Evil Angel was another of his titles where a little bit goes a long way for me, the superior amounts of kinky fuck for the buck with wild and attractive ladies from across the globe earning a rating of Highly Recommended. In short, if you like tease and all sorts of nasty, smutty fun, Anal Buffet 4 should be on your short list of porn flicks to pick up. It was strong enough sexually that I broke up my viewing into three sessions over a week long period too, that should tell you something when a jaded old porn hound like me doesn't watch the entire movie in a single sitting.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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