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Joanna Angel's Lights Out, Lezbos!

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 9/15/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All girl feature.
Director: James Deen
Cast: Asphyxia, Azrael Arden, Joanna Angel, Sami, Violet Monroe
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 02:11
Condoms: None.
Bonus: None.


Lights Out Lezbos is a very creative all-girl feature that actually unfolds in a single two hour and 11-minute scene. In it, star Joanna Angel buys a super-powerful sex toy that requires high voltage. When she plugs it into her apartment's 110-volt outlet, the toy blows the fuse and plunges the entire building--including Joanna's neighbors--into blackness. Soon, Joanna finds her place chock-full of horny girls who were either masturbating or fucking when the lights went out.

As Joanna's friends arrive, they break off into small groups and fuck. And, in due course, the small groups all combine into one five-girl orgy in which Joanna uses her tongue and fingers to pay the girls back for blowing out the lights.

Lights Out Lezbos is a really excellent watch. The girl-girl sex is very real and fulfilling and includes lots of vaginal and anal reaming with tongues, fingers, and toys. In addition, the plot is cute and creative and plays out well to tie together the lesbian action.

In addition to mesmerizing superstar Joanna Angel, Lights Out Lezbos also features some seldom-seen girls who I really like. If you've ever seen any Burning Angel movies that are produced and directed by queen of alt Joanna Angel and her husband James Deen, you know that they feature edgy girls with lots of tattoos and piercings. Lights Out Lezbos is no exception. I particularly like Asphyxia who has, I think, one of the finest bodies I've ever seen. Equally intriguing is Azrael Arden, who has a "tiger" tattoo right above her pussy. Just think of the covert meaning of that tattoo: the pussy that roars. It's true! And, if you like your girls uniquely pierced and extensively inked, you're going to love Sami. Finally, Violet Monroe has two of the prettiest eyes you'll ever see.

I really liked watching Lights Out Lezbos--twice!--and I highly recommend it to you.

Check out some photos of the girls in Lights Out Lezbos here. Pay particular attention to the photos of super-gorgeous Asphyxia, incredibly inked Azrael Arden, and uniquely pierced Sami! Of course, there are also hot shots of super star Joanna Angel. Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This web page provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Lights Out Lezbos can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2010.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Five girl orgy.
Performers: Asphyxia, Azrael Arden, Joanna Angel, Sami, Violet Monroe.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Lights Out Lezbos is really a single two hour and 12 minute scene that develops in several stages that culminate in an out-of-this world five-girl orgy. Foreplay unfolds in several phases as girls in separate apartments in the same building stoke their fires. When a power outage, caused by Joanna Angel's super-powered vibrator, cuts the lights, all the girls, randy from their solo or one-on-one action, gather in Joanna's flat for no-holes-barred fun.

Introduction: During the opening credits, Joanna Angel prepares one of the most amazing sex toys ever made for an evening of self service that, she hopes, will lead to her best-ever orgasm. The toy is so powerful that it even requires a super-heavy-duty power cable--the kind seen in construction sites! Once Joanna has everything set up, she gazes with wonder upon her orgasmic-bliss toy and exclaims: "This is gonna give me the most brutal orgasm ever!" Before she can give her toy a test run, however, her roommate, Violet Monroe, appears and begins to babble on about all sorts of nonsense. Desperate for a "brutal orgasm," Joanna implores Violet to go--immediately--to a deli to pick up supplies for a party they are planning. Joanna is so horny that she even escorts Violet to her room to get dressed and then drags her to the door, even though the deli will be open for another four hours.

Sami solo: While Joanna helps get Violet dressed and out the door, Sami, in a neighboring apartment, bares her remarkable body and steps into the shower. As we watch through frosted glass, Sami soaps up and cleanses herself while caressing her fine flesh. Of course, she takes great care to clean her gorgeous pussy, and, in doing so, makes herself horny. Sami steps out of the shower and, just as she starts to blow-dry her hair, the power goes out when Joanna's high-powered toy blacks-out the building. She decides to go next door and see if Joanna's power is out, too.

Azrael Arden and Asphyxia: In the kitchen of another apartment, Asphyxia cooks dinner as her lover, Azrael, sits on a kitchen counter and admires Asphyxia's fine body. Azrael appreciates Asphyxia's "homemade-out-of-a-can" cooking and rewards her with a wanton kiss with the power to peel paint off the ceiling. Their lust begins to escalate rapidly and soon causes them to strip off each other's clothes, caress each other's bodies, squeeze and suckle each other's breasts, and stroke, multiple-finger-fuck, and eat each other's pussies. "You taste good," coos Asphyxia as she gorges herself on Azrael's "tiger" pussy. "That feels good!" giggles Azrael as she thrusts her hips and fucks Asphyxia's face. After Asphyxia has stoked Azrael's passion to nearly the boiling point, Azrael announces, "It's my turn to eat." Asphyxia sits then sits on the countertop and enjoys Azrael's first-rate cunnilingus and multiple-finger-fucking techniques while panting ecstatically and squeezing her own gorgeous tits. The girls take turns pleasuring each other with their fingers and tongues and, just when Azrael's on the brink of orgasm, the lights go out when Joanna, in a neighboring apartment, blows the fuse with her sex toy. Like Sami, Azrael and Asphyxia decide to head to Joanna's place. Asphyxia brings the food she was cooking in the hopes that Joanna might have a gas cook top.

Joanna Angel solo: Once Joanna has helped Violet dress and has kicked her out the front door, she struts gleefully across her living room, sits on her couch, strips off her pants, lubes her fingers with her spit, and then begins to masturbate feverishly using both hands to pleasure her vagina, clit, and asshole. She even DPs herself with her fingers. Meanwhile she motivates herself with nasty vocabulary and passionate moans. She gives herself what she hopes to be the first of many orgasms that will lead to a "brutal" one and then grabs her oh-so-powerful toy. "It's time!" she exclaims. Unfortunately, as soon as she plugs in her "weapon of mass pleasure," she pops the building's circuit breaker. "What the fuck?" Responding to the "crisis," Joanna lights numerous candles and, in doing so, makes her apartment quite romantic...though dimly lit.

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Joanna Angel and Sami: Sami is the first to arrive at Joanna's door. The girls talk briefly about the "weirdness" of the power failure and, without much ado, fall onto Joanna's couch and start making out. The girls kiss, strip each other, and caress each other while giggling with delight. Soon, Joanna begins to suckle Sami's fine nipples, squeeze her breasts, stroke her just-scrubbed labia, and finger-fuck her horny pussy in missionary. Of course Sami coos with delight and fucks back as Joanna stokes her fires with her well-practiced fingers. Joanna gives Sami an orgasm and then the girls kiss to celebrate. Of course, Joanna's already hornier than hell and can't wait for Sami to reciprocate. Sami does so with great enthusiasm and aplomb as she eats, licks, and tongue-fucks Joanna, in missionary, through a powerful orgasm. As you might expect, Joanna knows exactly what she wants and tells Sami her desires. Joanna rewards Sami too, by fucking back and with her sounds and words: "You look really good eating my pussy!" As the scene continues to unfold, Sami shoves her face between Joanna's ass cheeks so she can eat her pussy and rim her asshole in kneeling doggie. Meanwhile, Joanna fucks Sami's face, pulls Sami's flowing blond hair, and strokes her own clit. After Joanna cums yet again, the girls trade places so that Joanna can lick and finger-fuck Sami to climax from behind in doggie. And, Joanna DPs both of Sami's holes with her fingers and rims her asshole with her tongue, too, while keeping her own pleasure flowing by masturbating. After Sami cums, she shows her appreciation to Joanna by greedily sucking her nipples. Just then, Azrael and Asphyxia knock on Joanna's door. Joanna admits the girls and, as they stumble around in the dark, the food the girls brought with them gets spilled all over Joanna's naked body. Joanna introduces the four nude girls to each other and then takes Azrael into her bathroom so that she can wash the food off her body.

Joanna Angel and Azrael Arden: Once Joanna and Azrael reach the bathroom, Azrael holds a flashlight so that Joanna can wash up. Still horny from the coupling she just shared with Asphyxia, Azrael can't help but notice Joanna's fine body. Joanna, too, gets turned on by Azrael...especially when Azrael uses some towels to dry Joanna's wet chest. Within milliseconds, the girls are kissing passionately while caressing each other's already-naked flesh. Already inflamed with untold lust, Joanna is soon feasting on Azrael's fine breasts and stroking her still-horny pussy while Azrael leans over the bathroom sink. Joanna quickly adds both her hands to the action so she can finger-fuck Azrael's pussy with one set of fingers while using the other set to jack her clit. Azrael loves it and fucks back enthusiastically. Azrael loves it even more when Joanna shoves her tongue deep into her vagina. Needing better access, Joanna turns Azrael around and bends her into standing doggie. Joanna takes full advantage of Azrael's gorgeous ass and spanks it sharply before resuming finger-fucking. Even better, Joanna finger- and toy-fucks Azrael's asshole too. "Fuck my ass!" she giggles. And, best of all, Joanna DP's Azrael's holes using fingers in her pussy and a vibrator in her anus. In due course, Joanna uses the vibrator to ream her own asshole while she continues to eat Azrael's pussy. Azrael likes what she sees by flashlight and exclaims: "I like watching you fuck your ass!" During this segment, Joanna and Azrael work like a well-engineered Sapphic sex machine to give Azrael a body-trembling orgasm. Then, it's Azrael's turn to pleasure Joanna. While Joanna stands and fucks her own asshole with the vibrator (she does ass-to-mouth), Azrael kneels in front and greedily eats and three-finger-fucks Joanna's pussy (Joanna's holes get DPd). In addition to ramming the vibrator in-and-out of her asshole, Joanna thrusts her body up and down to fuck back. Joanna cums like a volcano and then, after a passionate celebratory kiss, followed by ravenous nipple sucking, the girls stand facing each other and jack each other's clits and finger-fuck each other's pussies. Joanna gives Azrael another orgasm and the girls kiss to rejoice.

Asphyxia and Sami: Asphyxia and Sami remain in the living room and sit on Joanna's couch while Joanna and Azrael use the restroom to clean up and then fuck. Of course, the girls hear the sounds of oh-so-sweet sex emanating from the bathroom. Asphyxia is shocked: "Is that my girlfriend?" she asks Sami. Sami nods affirmatively. "What a slut!" Asphyxia observes. Then, perhaps to get even with Azrael, Asphyxia notices Sami, smiles broadly, and exclaims: "You're cute!" Within mere moments, the girls fall into each others' arms, kiss, and fondle each other. In fact, the girls can't keep their hands--and tongues--off each other. Sami, the bolder of the two, soon has her face buried between Asphyxia's gorgeous legs in missionary. She begins by licking Asphyxia's clit with gentle flicks of her tongue. This drives Asphyxia wild and Asphyxia responds by pulling Sami's hair, by groaning happily, and by begging Sami to choke her throat: "Hard!" Then, Asphyxia, who's bold and assertive, insists: "Put your fingers in me." Sami eagerly complies and soon has Asphyxia's pleasure engine running at full throttle. Meanwhile, Asphyxia reaches across Sami's body to caress her body, lick her flesh, and to finger-fuck her pussy. Although Asphyxia obviously loves receiving pleasure from Sami, she really wants to give it, too. So, she positions Sami in kneeling doggie atop the couch, shoves her face between Sami's ass cheeks, and famishly rims her asshole and licks and finger-fucks her vagina. After a while, the girls take a break so that Sami can suckle Asphyxia's nipples, Asphyxia can masturbate (she finger-fucks both her pussy and her asshole), and the girls can share delicious kisses and finger-fuck each other. Then, Asphyxia sits on Sami's face and fucks it until Asphyxia has an "oh-my goodness!" orgasm. Afterwards, Sami lies back on the couch and enjoys Asphyxia's talented fingers and tongue in missionary. Sami likes it so much that her body undulates erotically has her flesh--especially her pussy--turns bright red with lust.

Threesome: While Asphyxia is eating Sami's pussy to heaven and beyond on the living room couch in Joanna's dark living room, Violet Monroe returns home and lets herself in the front door. She approaches the girls on the couch and asks, "Ahem! You guys...what happened to the lights and why are you fucking on my couch?" Asphyxia turns her attention away from Sami's pussy and gazes at Violet using a look so feral that it may just cause you to cum. Believe me, we all want women to look at us like Asphyxia looks at Violet! Then, like a cat in heat, Asphyxia pounces! She strips off Violet's top to suckle her nipples, invites Sami to join in, and, within mere seconds, an outstanding no-holes-barred threesome is under way. Both Sami and Asphyxia are so riled up by their coupling that Violet doesn't stand a chance. Of course, Violet loves being the center of attention by the other girls and truly enjoys every second as her passion immediately ignites. The girls are soon pleasuring their own (every girl spends some time masturbating) and each other's pussies, mouths, nipples, hair...every part of their bodies...using their voracious fingers and mouths. And, they do it using some hot positions, including face-fucking, round-robin finger-fucking in kneeling doggie, love trains (in which one girl pleasures another who, in turn, pleasures the third), and stacked sex (Sami lies face up on Violet's belly so that Asphyxia can finger-fuck them both at the same time). Throughout this segment, the girls' pleasure is undeniable and their numerous orgasms real and extremely fulfilling.

Orgy: As the threesome unfolds, the girls accidentally find Joanna's "brutal" sex toy, which she had quickly hidden under one of the couch's pillows earlier in the scene, read its warning label ("450 volts necessary, do not plug into normal wall!"), and conclude that the toy caused the power failure. In unison, they all call out to Joanna, who's finishing up with Azrael in the bathroom. Joanna and Azrael hustle into the living room and Joanna immediately notices that her friends are holding up her sex toy. Joanna becomes instantly embarrassed, tries to explain and asks, "How do you guys masturbate?" On cue, each of the four girls whips out her favorite toy and shows it to Joanna (some unusual and very pretty toys are among the mix). "Ah!" replies Joanna, "Let me see!" Without further ado, the girls sit back on the couch, plunge their toys into their cunts, and fuck themselves with practiced skill and without any measure of restraint. God, I wish I was in the room when this segment was shot! Meanwhile, Joanna sits on the sidelines, inflames her friends with naughty vocabulary, and fingers herself to orgasm. After all the girls have climaxed by themselves at least once, Joanna announces: "I can do better than those dildos!" So, she kneels on the floor in front of the girls and eats and multiple-finger-fucks (as many as three fingers) each one's pussy to orgasm, one at a time, in round-robin fashion. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls continue to masturbate and pleasure each other with their fingers and mouths while their pressed-together bodies writhe with uncontrolled lust. Once Joanna has finished with all the girls in mish, she has them kneel on the couch in doggie and starts over again. She eats each pussy, rims each asshole, and sharply spanks each butt while the girls, in turn, pleasure each other and themselves. And, Joanna also multiple-finger fucks all the girls' holes--even DPing them with two sets of fingers. The girls love it and fuck back passionately. Eventually, the power comes back on, the girls giggle with just a touch of embarrassment, they thank Joanna for being such a great hostess, and, as they take their leave, they kiss or hug her goodbye, one by one. Since the girls leave before Joanna had a chance to cum, she feels "sort of used," grabs her new toy, and says, "I'm not done yet!" Of course, the power blows out as soon as she plugs in the toy.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, shower, kissing, masturbation, spanking, tit sucking and squeezing, caressing/fondling, hair pulling, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, multiple-finger fucking, clit jacking, tongue-fucking, stringers during cunnilingus, girl-on-girl rimming.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, kneeling doggie, standing doggie, standing face-to-face, face fucking.
Anal Positions: Kneeling doggie, standing doggie, standing face-to-face; DP with two sets of fingers and with fingers/toy.
Girl cums: Numerous times.
Pop: NA

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 4.00

What I Liked Most:

  • I love the creativity of Burning Angel movies. This one is no exception. Not only is Joanna's toy truly remarkable (too bad she didn't get it to work!), but the notion that it would cause a building-wide blackout is, without a doubt, original!
  • The outfits the girls initially wear are quite attractive.
  • I also love the girls that "queen of alt" Joanna Angel casts in her movies. Each girl is, in her own way, a remarkable piece of art. For example, look no further than Joanna herself. Her hair and tattoos are remarkable. I, for one, can't take my eyes off her! And, check out Sami's piercings and tattoos. Speaking of tattoos, check out Azrael Arden's "tiger" pussy. In addition to being mesmerizingly-attractive, Azrael is an extremely fine fuck. I cannot wait to see her in other scenes. Although Asphyxia's tattoos and piercings are not as extensive as the other girls featured in the movie, you've got to admit that her body is stunning. You're going to love her gorgeous boobs. Just wait until you see them when they bounce in reaction to her hot-and-sexy fucking moves! Although Violet Monroe doesn't have many man-made decorations, her God-given beauty is truly artwork. Have you ever seen prettier eyes? And, her bouncing tits are a sight to see, too.
  • I really like the way this two-hour scene unfolds in stages that ultimately lead to an incredible Sapphic orgy.
  • Azrael does a very nice job eating and finger-fucking Asphyxia's pussy during foreplay in their kitchen.
  • Joanna's finger-fucking technique--with Sami--is extremely effective and results in multiple delicious orgasms for lucky Sami.
  • Joanna is a world-class sexual partner. No matter if she's masturbating or fucking a girl (or guy), she's always enthusiastic and demonstrative. She gives and takes pleasure with passion and skill.
  • There's a real emphasis on anal pleasure during the scene. Rimming, finger-fucking, and toy-fucking are used very effectively throughout the scene. Girls fuck their own assholes as well as those of their partners.
  • The girls really enjoy themselves. The chemistry that develops between them is undeniable as they do everything in their power to please each other...and themselves.
  • I really like Asphyxia's boldness with Sami. She's not afraid to do or ask for whatever pleases her. Asphyxia's feral lust for Violet is even better. Wow! What a magnificent fuck! I WANT ASPHYXIA!
  • I also want Azrael Arden. I'd give almost anything to gaze on her perfect body and remarkable inkings...especially if she was masturbating at the same time!
  • The girls sit on and fuck each other's faces.
  • The four-girl masturbation segment during the beginning of the five-girl orgy is awesome! Seldom do you see girls wield their "tools" with such skill and talent! And, it's so good to see their self-serviced writing bodies grinding against each other as they masturbate.
  • During the orgy, Joanna drops to her knees and greedily eats each of her friends' pussies with her voracious mouth and jacks her clit with her practiced fingers. She does this in round-robin fashion as the girls continue to masturbate and pleasure each other while their bodies, which are squeezed tightly against each other's, writhe with ecstasy. This segment is beyond incredible and will please all lovers of Sapphic sex and female pleasure.
  • Violet's ass-gasm, during the kneeling doggie portion of the orgy, is breathtaking.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The lighting leaves a lot to be desired. Some of the action is hidden in deep shadows (of course, some of this is to be expected during the candle-lit portion of the scene) and the color balance is often incorrect.
  • There is an overuse of oblique camera angles. This technique, which is not found in mainstream, involves the cameraman turning the camera this way and that during filming. The result is an image in which it appears that the performers are about to slide off the screen.
  • On occasion, there is some annoying ambient background noise.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Not a thing!


The DVD-9 disc I reviewed contains a full motion chapter selector organized by the girls' names; multiple chapters per sex scene; a 32-minute behind-the-scenes (BTS) featurette; trailers for four Burning Angels movies; a four-minute self running slide show that includes pretty-girl, soft, and hard production stills; and a screen that provides information about www.burningangel.com. The BTS contains footage of the cast and crew screwing around on the set (a couple of the crew members play the guitar and sing goofy songs); random behind-the-camera shots of the cast (lots of naked chick video) and crew; informal interviews of--and conversations between--the cast and crew; footage of the cast and crew planning and rehearsing, setting up equipment, and sanitizing the set; some funny video of Asphyxia eating some ravioli; and footage of the girls getting made up. This selection of Extras is about average in today's marketplace. Three stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 5.00
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 0.00
Overall rating: 4.00

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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