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She's Gonna Blow P.O.V. 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 8/6/10

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She's Bonna Blow 2

Today we are reviewing the hilariously named "She's gonna blow 2".

Tessa Taylor, Ally Kay, Jennifer White, and Natalia Rossi

So they're talking, and that of course means INSTANT POINT loss, because who wants to hear bitches talking, amirite? ;)

Jennifer is making BOLD CLAIMS about her cocksucking. Oh we will just see about that, missy.

Tessa starts off by drooling on herself, and Ally starts licking a vibrator. Um... OK. The other two join in, in similar fashion. I like how Natalia sucks on the OTHER end of the dildo that Jennifer had. Because swapping spit is gross, but spitting on cocks is good! Uh...

What do you mean this isn't what you expect to see in a blowjob movie?

Then there is more spitting and drooling on asses, but the girls are hot.

Natalia says today is all about sucking!

We'll see.

Then there is a pussy lineup. No, for real, it is a pussy lineup. BOOOOOOOOOOORED.

Well, okay, but...

Next there is a man licking their assholes, which of course has everything to do with a blowjob movie.

So yes, we are ten minutes in, and girls have spit on dildos and a guy is licking asses and pussies. IN A BLOWJOB MOVIE. If I were some dude buying this from looking at a box, I'd be kind of pissed off.

Finally, thirteen minutes in, they fade in to some actual cocksucking. Tessa and Ally take the lead. Ally does some serious deepthroating. Points, considering the cock is freaking huge. Tessa can't really get down there on it, but not many women would be able to. So I am conflicted.

Jennifer and Natalia take a turn next. Surprisingly, Jennifer's deepthroating claims were not misplaced. Applause. Natalia only manages to get halfway or so.

All four of them manage to get in there and lick and suck for a while, which is kind of impressive when you think about it. I can tell you from personal experience that two at once is kind of difficult, so good job there.

You have to at least respect them for the logistics involved.

Lots of POV shots and closeups, and the makeup is quite good. The girls look great. There's some mild facefucking but nothing too serious.

Jennifer gets what little cum there is, and I think they chose wisely, because she's the best. The girls then snowball down the line, and kind of spit on each other. This is rapidly approaching drool fetish territory.

Ashli Orion and Kaci Starr

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Different girls, same drooling. Hilariously there are post-it notes covering up assorted Marvel and DC comic artwork on the wall. LOL.

Nobody Post-Its Batman and gets away with it!

This scene starts just like the other scene - toys, then a guy rimming, and OMG Kaci has a totally hairy pussy. Ashli is shaved. Whew.

Kaci deepthroats pretty well. Ashli isn't as good. Lots of drooling here.

Apparently Kaci had that latest Hollywood procedure
they replace your saliva with bubblegum. WTF!

Now they catch the drool in a martini glass and Kaci is blowing spit bubbles. Kaci starts sucking up the spit from the glass with a straw. This is quite honestly the most drooly blowjob I've ever seen.

It's just so weird that there wasn't anything on the movie to make you think there was a lot of spitting. I mean, there's like ONE picture of a spit bubble, and ONE tiny picture of the martini glass, but... to this extent, there was just nothing to suggest that. o_O

Let's just call this what it is, fellas... drool/spit fetish porn.
And that's okay, it honestly is. Just market it properly!

Anyway, he cums in Ashli's mouth and she drools it into a glass and then they play with it. They seem to suck on his balls pretty hard.

Ashlyn Rae and Katie. St. Ives

This scene starts off exactly the same as the others. Katie has a HUGE bush. Dayum.

Neither Ashlyn nor Katie is all that great at sucking, and again, they seem to be pretty rough on the balls. Of course there's more drooling.

Ashylyn is OMG cute sexy adorable!

He cums in Ashlyn's mouth, and the girls snowball again.

Kiera King and Amy Brooke

OK, so these girls didn't identify themselves, but they just went straight to spitting in each other's mouths. THEN we go to ... dildo sucking. Again.

They're OK with cocksucking. Not amazing but not horrible. Lots more spitting, and more ball sucking. Clearly this man knows what he likes, but it's all. The. Same. Great for him, boring for the rest of us.

I just don't find either of them attractive and...
holy hell, brush that tongue, honey! Eww!

For this scene, I really don't believe he came. Lots of makeup running in this one, but honestly, the girls are not that good looking. I'd give this one a skip.

Alanah Rae and Alicia Tease

These girls are much hotter, but he starts by asking how tall they are.


Lots of things come to mind instantly when I see these two hotties.
Not even in the top 2 million is "How tall are you?"

Finally we get down to business. Alicia gets pretty far down there, so I give her an A.

Alanah is very pretty but not as good at the cocksucking. She's totally choking on it halfway down.

And then we continue with drooly blowjob. We also get a boy rimjob in this movie. Alanah is quite unenthusiastic about licking boy ass. Alicia is much more accommodating when it's her turn. Again, there's more snowballing at the end.


Chapter selection by star
bonus scene
photo gallery

Watching the bonus scene was interesting. We start with an unidentified girl, who seems not so enthusiastic about doing porn. She strips, a guy fingers her, and then she continues with a pretty standard blow job. There's no mention of what movie the scene is from or who the girl is, and she is very clearly only doing it so she can collect her money and go home.



The good: Jennifer is an excellent cocksucker and Ashlyn is so sexy-cute I could look at her all day. The action is well-shot and well-lit, and some of it is pretty good.

The bad: This is, without a doubt, drool/spit fetish porn. Which is GREAT for people who are into that, but if you go into this thinking it's a blowjob-only movie, you will be disappointed. Blame the box for marketing this as just blowjobs when it's much more about spit and drool and also includes an awful lot of male-on-female rimjobs and girls sucking on toys (???). Also EVERY cumshot is small and weak, and honestly you can't even enjoy them snowballing it because there's so much spit you can't even tell if ANY of it is cum. Also, every scene is the exact same thing over and over again. No variety, no creativity, not even a different order of doing everything in.

Final grade: C+

This movie is very... specific, shall we say. If you love snowballing and really super messy drooly blowjobs, then you're going to like this. If you don't love snowballing and gallons of spit, then you will be probably be sort of grossed out.

The girls are hot for the most part, but I am also taking away points because there was nothing to suggest that this movie had content like that... or rimjobs or sucking on plastic toys.

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