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Getting Stoned

Studio: Madness Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 9/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Lee Stone
Cast: Aria, Brittney Skye, Cytherea, Lee Stone, Roxy Jezel, Stephanie Tripp, Venus. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 01:57
Condoms: Condoms
Bonus: No fucking condoms! One bonus point for latex-free sex.


Generally, it's my job to watch movies and to tell you what happens in them as well as let you know if I like them or not. That's not what happened in the case of Getting Stoned. Instead, one of my loyal readers e-mailed me and told me that I just HAD to watch it. I really appreciate his advice because, as he predicted, I loved this movie. It's almost as if director and performer Lee Stone had asked me, "Dr. Jay, what would you like to see in a porn flick?" If I would have answered that question, the result would be exactly what's in Getting Stoned.

Getting Stoned is definitely not about getting high on controlled substances. Instead, it's about what happens when six gorgeous girls get their pussies and asses stuffed with Lee Stone's mammoth dick. Frankly, I prefer the sexual connotation of the term "getting stoned" better than the pharmaceutical one!

Getting Stoned is really an all-sex, wall-to-wall release. However, there is some minor dialog, primarily featuring Lee Stone. Getting Stoned is Lee's directorial debut and the movie is, in essence, a movie about Lee making his first movie. Lee and his crew travel to various places to introduce each scene--Hollywood Blvd, a park, Lee's truck. However, there is really no plot--Lee just introduces the girl he's going to fuck next. In fact, the "dialog" is so lame that Lee soon tires of it and, as if the movie were a documentary, throws a tantrum and refuses to do any more scene setups. What the hell? All I want is the sex, anyway.

Check out some photos of the girls in Getting Stoned here. Pay particular attention to the photos of busty blond Brittney Skye and  uber-squirter Cytherea! Enjoy!


The five-star sex in this movie is superb. If you find that you like what I do, get Getting Stoned and watch it for yourself. I'm just going to tell you a few reasons why I like this movie so much.

Reason One

First, every scene features Lee Stone. Lee is my favorite porn stud and the guy whose DNA I'd most like to steal. Lee's not only gifted with a dick that 99.9% of all men would love to have, but he's also SO strong that he can pick up virtually every girl he does, toss her to the next position, or fuck her intensely while standing. In fact, he can turn a girl upside down so they can do 69 while standing (Cytherea in Scene One and Roxy Jezel in Scene Five). He can also lift a woman above his head so her can eat her pussy (Aria, in Scene Three)! In Scene Five, Lee and Roxy Jezel get so overheated that he lifts her up and carries her outside the house so they can fuck by the pool where it's cool. While they walk--and descend a flight of stars--Lee keeps his cock inside Roxy so she can bounce up and down on it as they walk. Damn, to have such strength is enviable! On top of all his physical attributes, Lee is one hell of a nice guy. In fact, he's such a nice guy that he makes it his business to make sure his girls cum: most porn studs don't give a damn. In this movie, he's successful with everybody except Stephanie Tripp whose orgasm lever never seems to "trip!"

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Reason Two

Second, Scene Two features box-cover-girl Brittney Skye. If you don't already know it, Brittney's currently my favorite porn girl. I love everything about her, from her long blond hair, to her big blue eyes, to her perfectly sculpted boobs, to her puffy pussy, to her rock-hard abdomen, to her womanly curves, to her perky sense of humor, to her star and moon tattoos, to her pierced navel and tongue. Lee really gives Brittney a fabulous workout that may be her second-best-ever scene (her best scene, in my opinion, was with Nacho Vidal in Shane's World's College Invasion 1 (see my review on this site). Their scene features lots of slobbery deep-throat action, choking, spit swapping, lots of giggling and screaming pleasure, plenty of nasty invective, and at least two babble-producing orgasms. If you don't know why Brittney is by fave, just watch this scene.

Reason Three

Third, there is lots of squirting. Squirt Queen Cytherea drenches everybody in sight in Scene One (she squirts five times!) while Aria does a outstanding job of ejaculating three times in Scene Three. Cytherea also douses everything in sight in her solo scene in the Extras.

Reason Four

Fourth, here's some hot girl/girl action between Venus and Cytherea in Scene One. However, the veggie action eventually graduates to carnivorous when Lee joins the girls to complete a threesome. The three performers work well with each other: each one always keeps busy pleasuring somebody else. Whereas threesomes often degenerate into two couples--one girl watches while the guy fucks the other girl--Venus and Cytherea are always occupied getting or giving pleasure. Excellent!

Reason Five

Fifth, Lee and Aria get together in Scene Three. In case you didn't know it, Lee and Aria are a real-life couple. Their scenes together, although many, are always real, fresh, nasty, and cutting edge because they know so well how to please and get the best possible sexual performance from each other. You'll NEVER go wrong watching Aria and Lee work together. Lee, you are so damned lucky to have Aria as your full-time better-half! 

Reason Six

Sixth, there are oodles of female orgasms. In particular, I loved watching Cytherea cum over and over again. In fact, she came so hard and so often that she had to ask Lee to give her a break, "I can't handle it any more!" She's so lusty and so real when she experiences orgasm upon orgasm: not only does she squirt, but also her entire body also quivers and quakes! If you haven't seen Cytherea cum, you haven't lived yet. Other noteworthy orgasms include: Venus (in Scene One, Lee made her squirt for the first time--much to Cytherea's delight); Brittney's choke- and slap-intensified explosion in Scene Two; Aria's body-shuddering climax while Lee eats her pussy and her squirting orgasms in Scene Three; and Roxy's screaming orgasm in Scene Five as Lee tosses her body up and down on his cock while they fuck standing up. Bottom line, since the words "I'm cumming" are the most important thing to me when I fuck--or when I watch somebody else fuck--Lee and his girls really pleased me. 

Reason Seven

Seventh, the girls outdo each other accommodating Lee's super-sized dick. They gag on it, swallow it deep-throat style, and take it balls-deep up their pussies. Venus and Roxy Jezel also take it completely up their asses! And, nasty Venus does ass-to-mouth (ATM), too!

Reason Eight

Eighth, the girls fuck Lee as hard as he fucks them: there are no lazy slouches among them! Their moves are sexy, erotic, and high energy as they work themselves into a lather. Perhaps most vigorous is the stunning and vivacious Roxy Jezel. After Lee, in the scene set-up, announces that he's gonna fuck he hell out of her, Roxy looks right at us through the camera's lens and contradicts him: "More like I'M gonna fuck the hell out of HIM!" Roxy is good to her word: damn, she fucks him HARD! The result? Their scene together goes way beyond volcanic! Yes, Lee chose a magnificent bevy of marvelous female performers.

Reason Nine

Ninth, the sex is hot and sweaty. You know performers are truly lusty and passionate when they work up a whole-body sweat! 

Reason Ten

Tenth, the girls are absolutely glorious. Not only are they among the hottest performers in porn, but also each girl is cute or striking in her own way. 

Reason Eleven

Last, there are a variety of pop-shots. I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of facial cumshots on tightly closed mouths. Happily, Lee provides an assortment. In Scene One, he pops on Venus' belly and then Cytherea laps up his semen so she can cum-swap with Venus (Venus swallows every drop!). Brittney Skye takes Lee's load on her face and then vacuums his rod dry in Scene Two. Of course, my favorite cumshot is in Scene Three when Lee pops inside of Aria's pussy while she screams out "GIVE IT TO ME!" Afterward, in true cream-pie fashion, Aria uses her fingers to scoop out a combination of her clear ejaculate and his creamy semen. Lee then facializes Stephanie Tripp in Scene Four and plants his seed in Roxy Jezel's stomach after she swallows his load.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The only thing that really disappoints me about Getting Stoned is the video. Throughout the movie, the colors are too intense (too saturated) so that people look orange instead of tan. In addition, the lighting is too contrasty (either too bright or too dark) so that lots of the action is hidden in dark shadows. The image, however, is crisp and clean with no sign of digital compression artifacts. However, I did notice some grainy-looking noise in the shadows due to poor lighting. The editing is good: there are few gratuitous cuts that give one the feeling that something was missed. Three stars.

Audio (technical): Overall, the audio is decent. The dialog is audible and generally of sufficient volume. In addition, the moans and groans are clear as a bell and not overshadowed by music. Four stars.

Extras: Realistically, I think that the extras are among the most worthwhile I've seen on an adult DVD. Lee Stone included about 40 minutes worth of solo masturbation action during which each girl shows off her "nastier side." (I wish they could be accessed by girl: all six masturbation sequences are in linear array, so you have to either watch them all or fast-forward to the girl you want to see.) The total volume of ejaculate that Cytherea sprays all over the camera during her solo action is reason enough to buy this disk. (They must have protected the camera with a sheet of clear glass. Otherwise, the camera would have been destroyed!) In addition, there's a complete bonus girl/girl scene featuring Venus and Cytherea, an informative nine-minute Behind-the-Scenes featurette, seven minutes of Bloopers, a self-running slide show, Trailers, and website access.

Aesthetics: As previously mentioned, the scene setups were shot in a variety of Southern California locations--mostly outdoors. The sex scenes themselves were shot in a stunning hillside home. Full advantage was made of the estate-like structure: scenes were shot indoors as well as outside, during the day and at night. The girls are all superbly made up and their costumes are hot and provocative. No musical soundtrack accompanies the sex, so there are no musical aesthetics to evaluate. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 5.00
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 5.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.40

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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