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P.O.V. #24

Studio: North Pole Enterprises » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/16/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Peter North's POV #24

North Pole Enterprises/Pure Play Media

Genre: Gonzo, POV, Compilation, Web-to-DVD

Director: Craven Moorehead

Cast: Memphis Monroe, Cody Lane, Penny Flame, Micah Moore, Michelle Honeywell, Peter North, Will Powers, Brian Stevens

Length: 89:43 minutes

Memphis Monroe

Dates of Production: 10/24/2006, 11/14/2006, 11/29/2006, 1/28/2008, 4/8/2009

Extras: There was a photogallery and some trailers.

Condoms: None

Cody Lane

Audio/Video Quality: Peter North's POV #24 was presented in a letterboxed (non-anamorphic) 1.85:1 ratio widescreen as shot by director Craven Moorehead for North Pole Enterprises. This appears to be a compilation of older works, none of the five women seemingly making porn any more, though it states nothing about this on the cover anywhere at all. The male cast was not credited at all either, this being the kind of shoddy, tossed together production used from older scenes finally appearing on DVD having been on the company website for a long time now (going back as far as 2006). The lighting was not consistently strong so there was some variation of the color tinting, more grain than usual, and related issues. The editing was on the sloppy side as if haphazardly done, making me wonder if these scenes were also released as other works before this point of view experience chopped up footage for a second shot at the apple; none of it particularly complimentary to the ladies. The MPEG-2 codec showed a video bitrate of around 8.2 Mbps when I spot checked it but I really can't say that this was even close to fixing the visual elements, some of the scenes looking like they were supposed to be longer. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps bitrate, the garish music covering background noise at times, the ladies yelling as if this meant they were getting off.

Penny Flame

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Body of Review: Craven Moorehead was one of those directors that never seemed to guide his talent much, preferring to provide a straightforward visual experience when he shot something for assorted companies in porn. As a result, his participation rarely factored in with me when selecting porn to pick up like it might have with more technically proficient folks. The most recent of his movies making it to me for review was Peter North's POV #24, a collection of five older scenes tossed together from the company archives of ladies that haven't been making porn in some time. While I had the distinctive impression that this was not only a compilation of older web scenes but scenes reedited from other releases that took the POV material out for this unmarked adventure (nowhere on the cover or in the advertising does it spell out the particulars), having seen very few titles from the North Pole Enterprises catalog now distributed by Pure Play, I figured it might merit a look. Disappointments aside, one can hardly forget the appeal of Memphis Monroe, Penny Flame, or Cody Lane, so I gave it a shot despite my apprehension. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Micah Moore

Scene One: Memphis Monroe, the busty blond featured on the front cover, was up first wearing her neon blue attire as she teased on a generic bed. The cameraman seemed to go out of his way to showcase her implant scars on a regular basis but otherwise did a decent job of showing her assets off, albeit while chopping parts of her body off due to framing and compositional errors. I haven't seen a lot of her since she left porn for greener pastures (allegedly meeting financially secure fans across the country) but her curves always appealed even if the boob job wasn't the best you will find. She tossed off her clothing to masturbate, rolling around until presented with a large boner in POV to suck, Memphis keeping her eyes looking at the camera as she jerked him off and blew him in various ways. There was some titty fucking fun here too, her dirty talk helping elevate the moment until she began actively riding in various vaginal positions. There was no discernable chemistry between them but she did some taste testing, a modest load of genetic juice landing on her face for her to lick clean ending it.

Michelle Honeywell

Scene Two: Cody Lane, an exceptionally cute brunette with a tight body and beautiful eyes, was up next out by the pool in the backyard while wearing neon pink bikini undies. She stripped them off as she was clumsily caught on camera, the close up look too much for the cameraman to properly capture given what appeared to be his proximity. Still, her sweet ass was highlighted and her all natural body will always manage to find some space in my spank bank, the tease cut short for her to start sucking someone off in the bedroom. I hate abrupt changes in locale but she gave some mean head with dirty talk, rubbing her smaller tits on his pecker while orally servicing him at times, looking at the camera as if it were the man some of the time (this was not a "pure" POV since the camera was not where his eyes should be often enough). She was a more passive vaginal rider and the footage did not appear to be in the same order as it was shot, the switching of positions handled poorly as if to mask them being taken from a more complete scene. She was loud, had some fun, but went over the top as she did taste testing and worked his cock over, the ending wad of population pudding far greater this time.

Scene Three: Penny Flame, one of the most popular young ladies to ever exit porn and try a career at journalism (of sorts), was up next in a pink & black PVC corset, her matching thong riding her ass crack as she pranced about in bed. She watched the camera playfully as she removed her outfit slowly, some material seemingly missing as she teased and masturbated on the bed. Once naked, she sucked the first cock presented in front of her, slobbing the knob aggressively if mechanically. While only able to take about half of it down her throat, Penny was an active vaginal rider, the eventual nut gracing her face and mouth also plentiful as she continued sucking him off during the ending.

Scene Four: Micah Moore, a lean brunette with a girlish appeal, was up next as she took off her t-shirt and booty shorts in the living room, soon retiring to the bedroom where she orally jumped the first cock in sight. She took her time toying with it, handling the penis gingerly as she sucked and jerked it off, talking as if to a girlfriend how much she enjoyed the feel of it. The lack of chemistry did not kill the scene for me but the camera work was definitely sub-par for a gonzo offering, the choppy editing again interfering in the enjoyment of the action. She did a modest job at actively riding the rod and talking too, only a few positions allowed before the facial was provided.

Scene Five: Michelle Honeywell, a gal not listed on the cover credits (which mentioned Cali Cassidy instead), was up last as a skinny 20 year old blond who broke the mold by getting interviewed for the scene on the bed by the director. Her nipples poked through her orange bikini top and the shiny matching skirt and thong did not hurt her appeal but she wasn't the best of the bunch unless you like a specific "look". The abrupt jump from her teasing to the blowjob was expected by this point, her eyes focused on the camera wherever it went. She was no stranger to slobbing a knob and she was moderately active at vaginal riding, her facial expressions making her look like she was pushing her limits on the cock provided. It ended when he rubbed out a wad of spew on her face, the semen falling down her face onto her chest while she clamped her mouth shut.

Summary: Peter North's POV #24 by director Craven Moorehead for North Pole Enterprises had some fine young ladies in it but the more I watched of this almost 90 minute long show, the more I was convinced that the "scenes' merely took all the POV camera angle footage from previous releases to make up a "new" movie, the choppy editing reinforcing my belief as it kept the males out of sight for anything but meat puppetry. Had this been labeled as such, or even just a "from the vaults" designation applied, I'd be more inclined to be generous but without any labeling on the DVD cover or advertising, it came across as a money grab worthy of a Skip It at best, the price point at this writing coming in at a brand new, top tier amount. In short, while Peter North's POV #24 did have the listed cast in four scenes (Cali Cassidy was not in the production as shown on the back cover, Michelle Honeywell was) and the footage was largely point of view (POV), it seemed as if other movies were ransacked to make this one as if it were new so I'd suggest you skip this one unless you're a slavering fanboy for the performers described.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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