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Studio: Other » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 8/19/10

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The official website of Bailey Jay

In case you're not familiar with Bailey Jay, she's a smokin' hot chick with a cock. Quite possibly the most feminine, sexiest t-girl in porn.

I think I'm the first person to review her site, actually, which is pretty exciting!

See? I told you! Mmm, Bailey. :D

Anyway! The site is a little unusual. The layout is different from most porn sites. As far as the photos go, there are sections on the left hand side for Toys, Softcore, Hardcore, and non-nude.

Videos are broken out in similar sections.

Bailey Jay is a girl after my own heart, and is way into costumes. There's a bride, princess Leia, a cheerleader video... lots of stuff to choose from. She can also be seen playing her DS in one of the videos, so her geek cred is legitimate.

Slave Leia with a cock? Yes plz!

There's also occasional fetish stuff, with some foot-fetish content as well as some sexy smoking.

It seems like it's updated about twice a week, but there's not too much to see just yet. There's also a candid video of Bailey buying a fish tank. LOL. She also has an interview up there.

<3 <3 <3 <3!

Getting to the movies, there are some categorizing issues. For example, there's a movie called "BeeJay". The still shows Bailey sucking on a cock. What you don't know is that it's another t-girl in the set with her. That would be good information to have.

Unfortunately the streaming option on that particular video was broken, so I moved on to Bailey's video with Bee Armitage as a backup (who, it turns out, was the other t-girl in the "BeeJay" movie).

When the video came up, the titles said, "Something is wrong with pipes," which is kind of hilarious. Bee got into the tub fully clothed and found that the tub was "broken", because turning the handle one way made the water come on, and turning it the other way made it go off. Um.

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Then she rolled out of the tub like a scuba diver and announced the need for a plumber. Several crazy cuts later, Bee pretends to call the plumber on a TV remote and then the rest of the movie departs from possible reality in a fairly startling way.

More random cuts to sexy things and Bailey the plumber arrives with an empty tool belt. She starts "fixing" the bathtub with a dildo, and then they are making out in the waterless tub and I am feeling so very confused.

Still, though, they have sex and then Bee cums on Bailey's boobs and it's pretty hot, I must say.

The other movies I watched seemed to not have all of the oddity at the beginning of this one, which was nice. Those mostly seemed to be shot from the guy's POV and are clearly homemade, but I dig that. Bailey also enjoys cum and plays with it/swallows it (her own included), though there could be a bit more of that.

There's also one movie where she spooges all over her own face, which... yes, it's just as hot as it sounds, but it ends before she can do too much with it.

In fact, most of the movies seem to end before she can ever clean it all up. :(

This is the most "hardcore" photo on the entire site right now, I believe.

Unfortunately it's not all pretty Bailey, her pretty cock, rainbows and sunshine.

There are streaming videos that don't play, if you go to a section that doesn't have content yet, like hardcore photos, you simply get a blank page (all the navigation is still there, but the content section is just empty)... even the top banner graphic says "baileyjay.com" on it.

But if you actually go to baileyjay.com, it's a site that links in to Bailey's ACTUAL site, ts-baileyjay.com (and a couple other sites she's appeared on). And then there's the videos with entirely different URLs on them, presumably from other sites Bailey shot content for.

Her videos are available in high or low quality WMV, Quicktime and M4V for iPods. It's not consistent though; some of the videos have no Quicktime format, and a few have an extra medium quality WMV version as well.

It would also be nice to have a way to simply browse through all movies or all photo sets, but there's no real option for that at this time.

Content as of AUGUST 19, 2010:

Sadly there's only 14 total videos on the site right now, and one is a cute interview (but there's no sex action) and one is Bailey going to buy the aforementioned fish tank.

There are also only 25 total photo shoots, each with about 100 photos in them. The photos are large and crisp and well-lit, but unfortunately a lot of the shots in each set are very similar to all the others. You might see five or six pics in a row where she's sitting in the same position and only moving a little bit between each shot, so at times they can get a little monotonous.

I absolutely never get tired of looking at Bailey, though. She's incredibly pretty and cute and has a great personality (and a lovely cock!), but more creativity and variety from photo to photo would be nice.

I'd rather see a set with 1/3 as many photos, where every shot was different, but maybe that's just me.

Membership options:

Monthly Recurring Membership $19.95
180 Days non-recurring Membership $59.95
Monthly (Multisite Pass) recurring Membership $35.00


The good: The content that is here is pretty good stuff. Bailey loves costumes, geeky things and cum (it's like she and I are twins! er, except I don't have a cock) and she is just absolutely fucking gorgeous and adorable, in both looks and personality. Also, as it seems to be updated twice a week (that's also my update schedule... ok, now it's getting freaky!) there's always new stuff to see.

The bad: Total amount of content is quite low. It looks like the site might have only started in May of 2010, so there's just not that much here yet. And because it's so new, all the kinks haven't been worked out yet (like the wrong URL in the main graphic, the empty sections with no content, a few broken streaming videos, etc). And more variety from shot to shot in the photo shoots would be lovely.

Final grade: B-

I think the price might be a little on the high side for the low amount of content, but the good news is, again, the updates seem to come at least twice a week so you're getting new stuff often.

Based on the update schedule and Bailey herself, this site is worth it.

I sense a lot of promise here! I think it's going to be pretty amazing once Bailey has some more content and this site gets really going, and here's your chance to get in on the ground floor.

Tell her CrazySlutty sent you. Maybe then she'll do a shoot with me someday! ;)

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