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She-Male XTC 7

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 9/1/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

She-Male XTC 7

Bailey Jay is on the cover, and why wouldn't she be? She' freakin' hot!

Each scene starts with a few still images (because there's nothing like delaying getting to the actual porn, amirite?), then an interview, then the scene.


So it starts with a little Bailey Jay at the Burbank airport, being picked up. They interview her as they drive around So Cal.

There's a weird cut to the shoot location, and she plays with her pretty boobs and cock while wearing a cute blue plaid dress and a Hello Kitty necklace.

Well hello again, Bailey!

There's a little ass action and then she masturbates until she cums. She then licks it up off her hand, and then they give us a mighty close-up of her wet drippy cock.

And hello, Bailey's cock! *slurp*


Again we start with the interview. This scene has some horrible OONTZ-OONTZ music but thank god it stops quickly. Suddenly she becomes very oily and we get to see that she's not a skinny little stick - and neither is her cock.

She masturbates until she cums with her Lee Press-on nails and it's over pretty quickly.

I have that exact corset! Frederick's FTW.


Luana wears pointy white '80s boots and a big long necklace while she plays with herself.

How many people really want a tattoo of a cartoon character?
And then pick one from like 80 years ago?
...and then get it on their *stomach*??

She has super obvious implants with unfortunate scars underneath. She masturbates and then cums. You get the idea.


OK, Labelly? NEEDS TO SHAVE. Goddamn. Her legs are super hairy, and that is just not a good look.

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Just 'cause it's blonde doesn't mean it ain't there! Eww!

Stephanny, the Real Girl (TM), sucks Labelly's cock while Labelly yells at her in some other language (most likely Portuguese, if memory serves). Labelly keeps a cute plaid skirt on, so that's cool.

So much potential! Gah! Why isn't this hotter?!

Labelly also has a huge back tattoo but it's kind of cool.

Stephanie licks the tops of Labelly's butt cheeks (??) and then Labelly masturbates until she cums on Stephanie's face. Stephanie makes no move to lick up what little there is, so... yeah. Not great.


Bruna strips down and ow razor burn! She leaves the panties on while she masturbates and her tits look fuckin' great. But then the panties do come off and I'm sad. The box says this is her first scene, and she's really quite cute with a great smile.

Anybody else want to join me in the Bruna fan club? Mmm.

She cums all over the floor and stays very quiet while the cameraman rambles in Portuguese. Makes me wonder if she has a maaaaaan vooooice... she whispers a bit and her voice is a little low but it's not bad. Maybe she's self conscious.


Raissa plays with a purple vibrator while wearing black nylons. It doesn't stick around for too long and she masturbates (sometimes through a hole in the nylons) until she cums. It's pretty quick, she's pretty cute, and we're done.

She's adorable, but that does not a hot scene make.


Sabrina has like super veiny arms. Ew! She's also super pale and too skinny. Not my taste. She makes Fernanda suck her cock, and Fernanda seems to have nice boobies. Sabrina holds Fernanda's nose for a bit and then Sabrina cums on her face.

Madonna called, she'd like her biceps back.


Carla has unfortunate boob scars around her nipples. She's also wearing some horrible bikini with matching bracelets from the '80s.

There is nothing good about this image.
And if you can see her scary boob-job-through-the-nipple
when the pic is this tiny, imagine how they look on a 42" TV... :/

She does have a super huge cock though. Which she briefly rubs with her foot. LOL. I mean , uh, of course that's hot...

She cums and that's it.


Dany rubs her panties on my grandpa's chair, and strips down to reveal no boobs at all while she masturbates.

Oh grandpa, your chair smells like Bengay! *purrr*

She leaves the fishnets on, but she still looks a tad boyish through her figure, especially with no boobs. She's got a pretty big cock, and she masturbates until she cums. More razor burn ow and we're done.


Cumshot recap
Photo galleries
Cast list (how is that a feature?!)
Filmographies (doesn't even include the whole cast)


The good: Bailey is as hot as ever, and is the only one who seems to really enjoy busting her nut. Raissa is cute and Bruna is smokin'. Some of the girls have nice cocks, but that's about where the goodness ends.

The bad: It's mostly solo masturbation, which the box doesn't advertise, and the scenes with girls blowing the T-girls should be incredibly hot by the very definition, but unfortunately none of the participants seem much interested in what's going on. It's very dull, very boring, and nothing happens. It was a struggle just to find something to write about in each scene. Also, at several points the sound is absolutely awful and you can't hear a damn thing the girls are saying.

Final grade: D

More lame mainstream crap, without an ounce of creativity, originality or horniness from the participants. I was going to say it's worth it for how good Bailey, Bruna and Raissa look, but it's not. If you want to look at them (and you should, they're pretty and have awesome cocks), do a google search or find better movies they've been in, because this one just ain't worth it.

...unless you've been dying to see a Betty Boop stomach tattoo, but who am I to judge?

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