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Sexual Blacktivity 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/20/10

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Sexual Blacktivity 2: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Jennaration X Studios

Genre: Interracial

Director: Jenna Haze

Cast: Jenna Haze, CJ Wright, Prince Yahshua, Monique Alexander, Mr. Marcus, Kristina Rose, Sadie West, Lexington Steele, Ashli Orion, Sean Michaels, Aryana Starr, Carlo Carrera

Length: 336:49 minutes (157:01 minutes & 179:48 minutes)

Jenna Haze

Date of Production: 7/19/2010

Extras: The best extra was a short solo masturbation scene lasting 6:45 minutes, lovely Jenna Haze doing herself on a couch in heated fashion. Next was a sweet 58:06 minute long Behind the Scenes feature where the cast and crew all prepared for the scenes. There was a photogallery, and a helpful cast list as well, all of the extras located on the second disc.

Condoms: None

Monique Alexander with Mr. Marcus

Audio/Video Quality: Sexual Blacktivity 2 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color with an approximate aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Jenna Haze for Jules Jordan Video using the MPEG-2 encoding and 480i resolution you would expect of a standard definition title. In order to allow her to participate in most scenes (including the solo work), Jenna hired outside help (the talented Van Styles again) to work the camera and handle the majority of technical matters, infusing her own ideas with his expertise for this latest effort that was pleasing sexually. The lighting was flat and even most of the time (there were fewer attempts at "style" this time, allowing Jenna and friends to really shine better and brighter), still better than that which you'll find in most gonzo porn and topping a few of Van's recent efforts elsewhere. There was little grain and the fleshtones were even better this time making me think that the HD picture might look even better on one of the newer high resolution formats, but only by a small margin given the look of the ladies thanks to his fine work shooting the scenes (Van Styles still on the editing board here too, though it seemed like he may have taken the day off a on some of the scenes here both in shooting as well as cleaning them up) with the bitrate coming in under the 4.6 Mbps rate most of the time. The composition of the shots was such that the ladies were made to look as good but I really did not think the movie was as polished looking as his own works these days, invoking a different look most of the time despite his dominance on the technical aspects of the movie. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (192 Kbps bitrate with a 48 kHz sampling rate) but there was no separation between the channels and the vocals were on the low side in all but a few circumstances. Still, I could hear all the vocals and moaning needed to enhance the visual experience.

Kristina Rose with Prince Yahshua

Body of Review: Jenna Haze has had one of the most varied careers in porn over the last nine years, once even limiting herself to lesbian work though legions of fans wanted her return to the endless nasty tricks she had so excelled at. Now that she is distributed by Jules Jordan Video she always goes out of her way to compete not only on quality of sex but quantity too, her latest epic movie, Sexual Blacktivity 2: Special Edition, clocking in at over 5 hours of all new material (not including the wealth of extras). As seen on the first volume of the series, Sexual Blacktivity 1, the eight scenes were not just limited to Jenna herself but also brought in other high end talent like Kristina Rose, Ashli Orion, and Monique Alexander (to name a few); all of the scenes providing interracial action. With men like Lex, Marcus, and Sean providing the other half of the marquee, even going into the show with an open mind, I knew there would be sparks flying all over the place. As small as Jenna is, watching her actively ride a huge black cock in her lustful manner was quite a sight to see, the young lady throwing herself into her work at all opportunities, the touches like sexy lingerie a given under her company banner. Here's a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested, each scene providing some form of interracial sexual action:

Sadie West with Lexington Steele

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Scene One: Jenna Haze, the featured hotty seen on the lower middle of the front DVD cover, was up first as she took on both CJ Wright and Prince Yahshua (both pictured beside her), after some erotic teasing in her blue bikini undies. As is always the case, the tease alone was most strokable, the men already erect when their pants were pulled down for her to alternate sucking them off. Jenna would stroke them each with one hand, bobbing back and forth as her hand to gland abilities enhanced the experience for them. The camera was a bit less active than usual here, providing some wonderfully static shots from far enough away to provide context, rarely getting too close as Jenna showcased her oral efforts. Her lily white skin contrasted with their far darker flesh too, the large white ottoman in the living room serving as her sexual platform for the oral and vaginal plowing that took place. The men took turns boning her mouth and pussy, Jenna yelling out while pushing back to actively meet their thrusts, typically keeping her rhythm with them. The men gave some head to her but that was not their forte, the scene closing up with her taking one nut of genetic juice to her face and the other to her crotch, her passionate glance to the camera showing a sense of self satisfaction.

Jenna Haze with Mr. Marcus

Scene Two: Monique Alexander, the increasingly tattooed blond seen on the middle of the left side of the cover, was up next as the plaything of Mr. Marcus, some slightly off-camera coaxing by Jenna Haze the icing on the cake. Jenna had brought Monique into the fold, introducing the pair as she paid for the services of the former Vivid contract gal (the scenario was that Jenna had a fantasy to hire a hooker for her boyfriend). Monique sat on the couch as Marcus acted shy, the casual introduction leading to shapely Monique giving Marcus a lap dance show. Her ass in his face as Jenna masturbated was hot, the man giving Monique some licks before she went aggressively oral on his pecker. There was a fair amount of dirty talk but done in a believable manner, even some POV camera angles until he went down on her more extensively. Jenna lent a hand jerking him off as he tapped Monique's passive pussy too, the gal much more active when she moved on top of his lap to impale herself. The lighting was substantially different (with a yellow tone to it) but it seemed natural given the setting, the chemistry between them exceeded only by the enthusiasm (acted or not, very sweet pairing and Jenna's minor help touches put it over the top). The scene ended as both ladies jerked him off to Monique's face, the wad of population pudding going mostly into her mouth, some post coital head leading to a case of the giggles.

Ashli Orion

Scene Three: Kristina Rose, the bountiful booty brunette seen showcased on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next as yet another top name talent who was positioned to work with trainer Prince Yahshua in a skimpy home gym setting (even mine is better equipped). Kristina went silly by dancing to some music, her attitude bothering Prince as he chastised her until some light lifting began. Her lunges showed off her sweet ass nicely but Kristina had a different kind of workout in mind, pulling off his sweatpants to start sucking him off. He grew turgid in mere moments, Kristina slobbing his knob aggressively and using both hands at times to increase the friction provided. They moved into a standing 69 where he snacked on her crack more thoroughly too, the active vaginal penetration on the workout bench showing her ass ripple delightfully as she yelled out in an over the top fashion. There was some choking and taste testing too, Kristina going anal as he tapped that fine ass of hers to further their tryst. She looked into his eyes when able and provided ample energy throughout the scene, some ATM and additional blowjobs fleshing out the action. The scene finished up with him beating off to her face, her open mouth his target as she licked him clean while looking up to him and smiling.

Jenna Haze

Scene Four: Sadie West, the brunette beauty featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next as the last scene from the first disc. Her black and red camisole and other lingerie enhanced her looks and she seemed more alert than I've seen her in some time (Sadie often has glossed over eyes and is slow to react in scenes), the tease session in the breakfast nook substantially different from the previous scenes, including showing two of her at once. She masturbated and caressed herself, soon joined by the mighty Lexington Steele who held her throat as he came up behind her. The first thought through my head was that this was going to suck as a scene, Sadie rarely able to handle a guy half his size in a believable fashion, the gal kissing him and responding well to his touch suggesting I give them a longer chance to work it. Sadie gyrated and felt his growing bulge, her need for seed expressed in her facial expression fairly well, the gal tackling his pecker orally with one hand on the base while she took his head into her mouth. Lex toyed with her a bit after that, some titty play leading to him driving his monster black cock balls deep inside of her pussy. She yelled out as one might expect, sucking his head clean between positions. Her dirty talk was actually surprisingly good for how limited it was, the lady impaling herself as she tore at her lingerie. While the scene lacked the finesse of the other scenes, on both sides of the camera at that, it was definitely one of her best trysts to date on passion levels and how over the top it went, her flexibility assisting her oral and vaginal efforts to drain his dragon of spunk. The ending load of spunk went to her face and mouth, Sadie stroking his balls dry even if looking a little worn by that time, the scene almost keeping up with some of her peers in the flick (definitely a surprise on that level by the way).

Aryana Starr

Scene Five: Jenna Haze, wearing large sunglasses, a yellow bikini top, and some blue jean shorts, was up next as the first scene of the second disc. Mr. Marcus knocked on the door ready for a shoot (he was probably a few days late given his usual timeliness), complaining he hadn't nutted in a long time, checking Jenna out as though she was a fresh piece of meat. Their flirting led to a kiss, his caressing hands and eye contact soon encouraging his cock in her mouth as she sat down on the couch to blow him. Jenna so owned his cock orally here and he did his best to reciprocate, shoving his face into her ass but having troubles rimming her since she was so tight. The active vaginal screwing and oral then led to him rubbing out a wad of semen to her face, Jenna aurally coaxing him and providing some heated post coital head from her excellent job milking him.

Jenna Haze (bonus scene)

Scene Six: Ashli Orion, the sexy babe seen on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she masturbated on a white couch. She was looking as cute as ever, preparing her asshole for a tryst with CJ Wright, her winning some BS IR anal award coming up as Jenna mentioned that this was her (Jenna's) 9th anniversary to the day. Ashli was wearing a neon pink tube top, pulling on a rainbow bright set of booty shorts as she giggled endlessly while Jenna inspected her backdoor. Jenna even assisted her anal masturbation but was replaced by CJ, the man taking his time teasing her with his hands, tongue, and the fabric of her shorts before she reciprocated with a decent but short hummer. While I detected no true personal chemistry between the couple, she did appear to be into getting hammered hard in the pussy by his dick, the gal becoming even more passive during the anal portion of the scene. Ashli was face down and ass up as he pounded away, her little moans serving to enhance the moment, CJ having her spread her ass cheeks with her hands to allow him deeper entry. She even used her pink dildo to receive a technical DP, her devotion to booty duty getting her to do some ATM along the way. The scene ended when he jerked off a round of spew to her anal gape, the but large enough to leave a substantial puddle that she licked at as Jenna commented.

Scene Seven: Jenna Haze, looking especially sexy with kinky hair and a really small muff buffer skirt and top (made of some pink & blue satin material), was up next with studly Sean Michaels, her prolonged tease again showcasing her lithe young body very nicely in the living room. The colors were again partially saturated but she had fun despite the minor technical issues, the camera atypically active here as she performed. Jenna left the tease room to go downstairs and meet with Sean, the man relaxed and the colors looking much better (perhaps someone found the white balance control?), his hands all over her as he tasted her tiny tits. She pawed his growing erection in his pants and enjoyed some head before she provided a superior double fisted handjob with a lot of oral attached. Jenna's dirty talk made the act even more heated, her concentration and eye contact with Sean becoming the icing on the cake before he snacked on her one more time. This led them to start the penetrative portion of the show, Sean taking his time to warm her up as they both actively ride each other silly. This continued until he bust a nut of spunk all over her little ass, Jenna smiling at her effect on the guy, their chemistry clearly in evidence as she sucked him clean one last time.

Scene Eight: Aryana Starr, the thick black gal seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up last as a nod to a different kind of interracial tryst (there are some who suggest that interracial in porn is only about black men with white women; I call them ignorant), involving Carlo Carrera. She had on a bright orange bikini and danced out by the pool, oiling herself up and showcasing her moves before taking her deliciously rounded rump inside for Carlos to play with. They kissed and felt each other up, Carlos paying some attention to her ass and tits, Aryana sucking him off seductively as she knelt between his legs. She then started actively riding him vaginally in various positions, taste testing his pecker with a fine hummer when he asked to see her "fine fucking ass", Aryana squatting over his cock to do some cowgirl positions. Just as she began her descent...the movie ended!!! What a nut buster that was! From the BTS, he must have nutted and both of them got off, but how the scene was cut is a mystery to me since there was clearly room left on the card (or hard drive) as proven by the BTS. In any case, this was my sole issue with the movie, the rest of it appearing to be a great, well rounded set of IR scenes. That said, Jenna herself pointed out that early copies may have a mastering defect and the final product was even better, this scene ending with a solid blast of splooge to her chest and leg that Aryana jerked out herself, the volume making her a happy camper.

Summary: Sexual Blacktivity 2 by director Jenna Haze for Jules Jordan Video had more quality interracial fuck for the buck than two top flight fuck flicks from virtually all of her competitors, the casting excellent, the technical values solid, and the lengthy BTS feature adding some amusing anecdotes that will make fans happy. The replay value and chemistry in most scenes was enough to merit a rating of Xcritic Pick, even the slightly truncated version of the movie beating out the competition as far as I'm concerned so if you are into high energy interracial scenes and/or Jenna Haze, by all means pick up a copy for yourself to see why this one excelled so very much in many areas. In short, Sexual Blacktivity 2: Special Edition was an upgrade from the exceptional Sexual Blacktivity 1, Jenna pulling out all stops and opening her pocketbook to finance bringing in a lot of great talent providing 8 full scenes where even the weakest one will serve as notice to the industry that Jennaration X is the company to beat! On a side note, the original pressing of the movie was about 20 minutes too short, cutting off the last scene but Jenna stepped up to the plate to make things right; that being the kind of service the young lady provides for her many fans. Yay Jenna!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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