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Je Joue G-Ki

Studio: Babeland » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/22/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

images courtesy of Babeland
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Most sex toys I review are pretty basic and need limited explanation, after all, society has mainstreamed generic vibrators and dildos enough over the decades that most of them are self explanatory. While this is usually true of the more common toys on the market, there exists a number of high end devices that are specifically geared towards particular types of usage, often employing high quality materials and engineering to keep it simple but also get us off in record time. One such toy is the G-Ki by Je Joue, the makers of the wildly popular SaSi, a rechargeable device women have enjoyed for the last few years. Their latest development is the G-Ki and unlike the intelligent "tongue" known as SaSi, this is a G-spot vibrator with two adjustable positions to help customize it for more effective use by ladies of all shapes. In keeping with the company's environmentally progressive policies, it is also rechargeable, a single charge lasting well over 90 minutes in the last week's testing, recharge times varying since there is no gauge to tell just how deep a charge it has.

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Anyway, the G-Ki comes in four color selections, my review version being the company's trademark purple, though the black, rose, and pink versions all had their own appeal. It is not meant for complete insertion but the head certainly delves deep enough into a woman's vagina to hit the mythical Graffenberg spot for a deep vaginal orgasm quite different from the usual clitoral one. I know a lot of people don't believe such a spot exists, even medical science is split on the spot where various nerves are said to converge, but unlike "squirting" (at least the porn version), I've met enough ladies well versed in this type of play to say that there is such a spot, the location varies, and if you find it on a gal, you pretty much own her since you know what button to push to give her earth shattering orgasms.

The point of the G-Ki is to stimulate this spot in a gal's pussy and it works as described, the various settings allowing for a constant vibration of varying strength or one of five pulse modes that some prefer. The device is waterproof, made of a very soft phthalate free silicone and reports to charge in two hours for "two hours use or two weeks' standby". It charges much like modern videogame controllers do via a couple of magnetic buttons and a small charger that clamps down on it, the ease of use decidedly refreshing.The strength of the vibrator wasn't as strong as possible but as my partner said, it was a guided vibration that worked well once placed on the right spot, something other companies rarely get right. For the 9" toy, only about half of it needed to be inserted to work for full effect too, though some frantic play resulted in it being stuffed in and out pretty quickly at times too.

It took some doing to adjust the G-Ki to Nadine's perfect spot, the tip curving in more than the longer neck making it just right for her. There were five strengths of vibration but she preferred a couple of the pulsing modes more, the shivers going up her body telling me when I hit her spot just right. When a gal like Nadine has goose bumps all over her body and is grabbing my arm with a grip of death as she rolls her eyes, I'm pretty sure she's either giving birth or getting off, the "let's do that again" styled comments suggesting the latter over the former. I did have some concerns over the strength of the two flex points on the G-Ki though, there seemed to be a fair amount of "give" to them and I really didn't want to break it as her pussy clamped down on the toy so hard. She suggested we use it as an anal toy on me but that was outside the scope of the testing (it wasn't an advertised use) and such materials are not safe to share among people in my experience (good cover, yes?) so we left my backside alone.

The strength of the G-Ki is not only in the quality of materials used but in the success rate of the toy usage, a week's worth of testing convincing me that it nearly took the top spot but still clocked in at a very nice level of Highly Recommended. As a complimentary piece for the SaSi, the G-Ki was outstanding but even on its own merits, you really can't go wrong with one, my goal now is to see how long the rechargeable batteries will last (in terms of cycles, most such toys don't last very long but the Sasi (reviewed in 2008) still manages to give a short performance so my hopes are high that this one will too.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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