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Best Of House Of Ass, The

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/24/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Best of House of Ass

Tom Byron Pictures

Genre: Compilation, Gonzo

Director: Tom Byron

Cast: Alexis Texas, Tom Byron, August, Eva Angelina, Sasha Grey, Tori Black, Monique Alexander, Courtney Cummz, Charley Chase, Lexi Belle, Amber Rayne, Sunny Lane

Length: 237:29 minutes

Date of Production: 4/15/2010 (compilation/cover only): 4/7/2007, 6/5/2007, 7/7/2007, 12/5/2007, 6/9/2008, 10/7/2008, 7/24/2009, 12/8/2009

Extras: There was a short interview lasting 10:22 minutes with Tom Byron explaining the popularity and premise of the series. There was also a photogallery and some trailers.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Best of House of Ass was presented in 1.33:1 full frame and 1.78:1 letterboxed widescreen as shot by director Tom Byron for Tom Byron Pictures in the MPEG-2 codec. The camera work mixed it up this time with a lot of tease footage taken outside by the pool where the natural light definitely enhanced the look of the ladies before they moved inside. The video maintained a bitrate of mid 5 Mbps most of the time, reducing the obvious compression artifacts to almost none and each scene provided solid fleshtones that appeared to be accurate. The composition of the scenes was consistent too with the picture not always optimal (looking slightly faded out at times) but as far as Tom's work is concerned, it was shot with the ladies in mind; making the gals look their best for the most part. The editing was generally decent, but not showing more skill than the last time I checked out one of his movies for review, albeit I wished some of the additional tease footage was left in the scenes or at least offered up in the extras section of the DVD. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English offering at 192 Kbps. There was no noticeable separation between the tracks and the dynamic range was limited but I could hear the ladies and the music was not a factor once the scenes started in earnest.

Body of Review: Tom Byron and his company, Tom Byron Pictures, have always struck me as the kind of porn a lot more people would watch if they were aware of the amount of "fun factor" presented in his scenes. Granted, Tom often takes great pains to select some of the best ladies available in the industry, but there is never any doubt that he adores them as he tries to get them off before busting his own nut in his work. Today's review is on The Best of House of Ass, a compilation of ten scenes from the series, while not always the best in my opinion, certainly a well rounded selection of ass on display. My biggest issue with the series is that almost by definition, the title implies that anal sex will take place but it is not something I've found in the scenes to date, but in the broader definition of "ass" as in "having sex with smoking hot babes", the series is a winner more often than not. The variety offered up was a regular smorgasbord of fine ladies, from curvy hotties like Alexis Texas, to sultry Latinas like Eva Angelina, to super cute Sunny Lane, and picture perfect Tori Black. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: House of Ass 5: Alexis Texas, Tom Byron: Alexis Texas, the blond featured on the right hand side of the front cover, was up first as she shook her money maker in pink panties (as well as other clothing in montage style) on the couch. I liked the shiny silver shorts even better as well as the red skirt combo; each outfit showing her fleshy ass off very nicely before the interview given by Tom Byron. She claimed to have been in under ten scenes during her two week stay in the industry, her ample sample busting out of some jeans as Tom went in for the taste on the small bed. The playfulness shown by the two was infectious and he warmed her up orally in the nicest of ways, Alexis showing she was no stranger to sucking men off as she knelt before him. She sucked his balls and gave great head, leading to her actively riding his cock using her cookie while her ass cheeks rippled delightfully as ever. They did it in several positions, taking their time before he launched his load of population pudding on her bent over ass. They might not have shown a lot of chemistry together but she had a lot of energy to spare and that made the scene a lot of fun with solid replay value. Whew!

Scene Two: House of Ass 6: August, Tom Byron: As with Jada, Tom can't help but start this scene by burying his face between August's ass cheeks. When he finishes licking her pussy and tossing her salad, she spends some time returning the favor by giving him head. The fucking starts when August saddles up for a very sexy cowgirl ride, both regular and reverse, that accentuates August's plump rump. There's also missionary, before she's treated to a facial for her troubles. I love seeing August in action. However, there's only ten minutes of fucking to be found on this scene - and none of it was doggystyle. Boo! Nonetheless, i'll do my best to be positive and look at this scene as "glass half full" to enjoy what action was on display. (review by Michael Vega)

Scene Three: House of Ass 6: Eva Angelina, Tom Byron: Unlike the previous two scenes, Tom doesn't begin this one with his face buried between some honey's cheeks - instead, he buries it between Eva's thighs. She gives him a lengthy blowjob, and starts the fucking with some cowgirl, both regular and reverse, which is followed by missionary, until Eva takes a messy shot on her face. I'm rarely disappointed by a scene featuring the always satisfying Eva Angelina. Despite the fact that I enjoyed watching Eva show off her body (duh), and she still exhibited her ever-present enthusiasm and lust for fucking, this scene took me a little while to warm up to. Perhaps it was the lack of doggystyle? (review by Michael Vega)

Scene Four: House of Ass 7: Sasha Grey, Tom Byron: Sasha Grey, the milky skinned gal showcased on the lower right hand corner of the front cover and co-host of the show, was up last as she worked with Tom Byron. She made it clear that she wasn't going to do anal this time but her living room tease in the red & black slutware was such that I could see why he favored her as the featured performer of the day. She relaxed on the black leather couch before dropping to her knees, handling his cock and balls to get the layout of the land before actively slobbing his knob and leaving lipstick smeared all over it. While she added a lot of energy to the mix, she also provided some needed playfulness that most of her peers simply could not provide; the messy hummer leading to her getting some licking by the man. She went back to blowing him and then tossed his salad; fingering his ass with two fingers when he shook his head at three. The anal play worked for her as much as it did for him, the vaginal sex beginning right afterwards as his now rock hard cock was used by the gal as she really powerfully bounced on the dick. She wanted him to get rougher and the rapid tempo of the penetration was the best of the show; her dirty talk almost as good as Sandra's and the scene ending with the facial as she taunted him.

Scene Five: House of Ass 8: Tori Black, Tom Byron: Tori Black, the cute gal featured on the right hand side of the front cover, was up last as the movie had built her up along the way in the interviews where she and Tom "The Lord of Asses" Byron introduced the scenes. His proposal of marriage did not convince her to toss his salad or do anal but she gave one of the most polished tease acts of the entire movie, the fetching young lass knowing full well how appealing her ass was. There was no interview once the scene started since they had already covered everything else previously, Tori dropping to her knees in the bedroom to inhale his dick. Her blowjob was not the most assertive of the bunch but as a cock socket, I'd do her myself if given the chance (without a hefty price tag). I was slightly taken aback that it wasn't done in POV fashion as the others had been but this allowed for a smoother transition to him going down on the dirty talking dame. Her vaginal ride was too passive as well but that gives her another trick to add to her list of things to do in the future, her puffy pussy needing to be bouncing on cock for best effect. The scene finished with a facial that she swallowed down, her eyes kept open the entire time though the scene not lasting as long as some of the others.

Scene Six: House of Ass 12: Monique Alexander, Tom Byron: Last but not least, cover girl Monique does her interview bit but with that out of the way gets down to business. She shows off her body for the camera and does a fine job of turning us on, really working her sex appeal nicely. Tom's getting into things pretty quickly and he gets her naked and spread as fast as he can. He eats her pussy and she gives him head before she lets him slip it in. They got at it with a lot of spirit here, the cowgirl standing out as it's really the only part that shows off her backside as nicely as it should. She blows him and he slips it back in only to pull out a while later, let her suck his cock some more and then blow his load onto her face, thus ending the scene and the feature. (review by The Mooninite)

Scene Seven: House of Ass 11: Courtney Cummz, Tom Byron: Courtney Cummz, the former contract hotty seen introducing the scenes with director Tom Byron, was up next. She was as playful as ever, her tease montage out by the pool really working for me. Once they went into his "Reefer Madness" movie memorabilia room though, he undressed her skirt off her hide to suck her sweet ass and pussy. Courtney offered up the most polished of the performances too, showing more personal chemistry with Tom than the others had with their respective partners, some POV oral tossed in for good measure. Courtney was a sex freak in terms of going all out too, getting Tom ready to drill her silly by the way she slobbed his knob and jerked him off with her wealth of saliva, Courtney even playing with her ass though anal was not a major component of the scene. She impaled herself on his rod and he did plenty more oral on her, the ending nut of ball batter unleashed all over her welcoming face.

Scene Eight: House of Ass 10: Charley Chase, an attractive brunette (as seen on the upper left hand corner of the cover bent over), was up next with Tom Byron. She teased in the bedroom, showing off her solid tan and smiling as if into the action, just a hint of tease by the pool before she was on her knees sucking Tom off beside the bed. She was an active oralist, looking up at him and making all sorts of knob slobbing sounds. He ate her ass and she rewarded him with even more oral, tossing his salad and jerking him off before some active vaginal penetration positions. Charley had fun with him and seemed to share some chemistry, Tom beating off some genetic juice all over her head and upper torso when the time was right.

Scene Nine: House of Ass 10: Lexi Belle, the cute blond seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she teased in her pink top and white booty shorts by the pool, her naked form impressing Tom Byron. She ended up having a short interview in the living room, Tom unable to keep his hands off her ass and Lexi providing him a POV hummer until he snacked on her snatch as she reclined on the brown couch. He then began planking her pussy with Lexi moaning loudly, a bit fake at times but the gal becoming more active with the passing of time as her pussy lubed up. She was practically impaling herself by the end and while I sensed little personal chemistry between them, she enjoyed his facial of spunk even as she clamped down to avoid swallowing any.

Scene Ten: House of Ass 9: Amber Rayne, Sunny Lane, Tom Byron: Sunny is a cute blonde with a nice round ass, and Amber is a sultry brunette that loves to take it in the butt. This scene is described as "The girl next door, and the whore next door," it delivers. Amber is dressed in black and Sunny in pink. The girls start by making out, then sharing Tom's stick. Tom and Amber briefly take turns licking Ambers pucker, then Sunny places her brown hole on Tom's face while Amber licks Tom's hole and dick. Amber is the first to get fucked, by getting on top and putting two fingers in her own ass while Sunny assists. Sunny takes a turn next, and slides up and down on his cock while Amber slaps Sunny's big white ass. Amber then turns around to get her holes licked by Sunny while she is still riding Tom. Sunny gets her pussy pounded for a bit, and then it is time for some anal. Unfortunately, Amber is the only one in this scene that takes it up there. She gets her ass drilled in numerous was, while showing a couple of good gapes. Amber takes the cock out of her ass and cleans it before remounting it. Then it is Sunny's turn for an ATM, sucking on it until he squirts on both girls' faces. Then Amber licks the cum off of Sunny's mug and the girls pass the load back and forth before swallowing. (review by Frankenlola)

Summary: The Best of House of Ass by director Tom Byron for Tom Byron Pictures provided an ample sample of hot ladies with shapely asses for the director to tap, my biggest issue being that the implied anal sex was not followed up on. Still, with ten full scenes and a lot of tease, I believed that the collection earned a rating of Recommended or better, the limited extras and lack of any new material hampering the score ever so much too. In short, the technical values and casting were top notch for The Best of House of Ass, the sheer amount of quality footage nearly worthy of a higher rating all by itself, just keep in mind my comments regarding the lack of anal sex and you will almost certainly find this one worthy of your hand to gland combat as you fill your spank bank with some wildly good times.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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