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Bonny & Clide

Studio: Bluebird Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 9/28/10

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Feature, 2 disc set

Director: Nicholas Steele

Cast: Natasha Marley, Paul Chaplin, Madelyn Marie, Dylan Ryder, Tommy Gunn, Phoenix Marie, Madison Fox, Sadie West, Alexis Texas, Celeste Star, Amber Rayne, Hannah West, Kaci Starr, Riley Evans, Julia Ann, Jenny Hendrix, Dani Jensen, Jessica Bangkok, Kerry Louise, India Summer, Justice Young, Dale Dabone, Kiara Diane, Lily Labeau, Kylee Reese, Capri Cavalli, Billy Glide, Rachel Roxxx, Bobby Starr, Krissy Lynn, Jamey Jane, Will Powers, Anthony Rosano, Chris Johnson, Jazy Berlin, Andy San Dimas, Seth Gamble, Mr. Pete, Rocco Reed, Johnny Castle. Non-sex roles: Angelina Armani, Ivar Dewolf

Length: 256 minutes

Date of Production: 2010

Extras: There is a nice looking photo gallery and three trailers included. One of the trailers is the remarkable BATFXXX. The other two are Bare Runners and Passenger 69.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The video and audio quality is exceptional. This film is shot in High Definition with 1080 v. resolution, 16x9, and an aspect ratio of 1.85.1 

Overview: Bonny & Clide is a feature film by the studio Bluebird Films. It stars English model Natasha Marley as Bonny Parker in her adult film debut and Bluebird Films owner Paul Chaplin in the role of Clide Barrow as the legendary gangsters. With the superb direction of Nicholas Steele and the very entertaining screenplay by Mr. Chaplin, this movie runs smoothly and it never feels lengthy. Of course, a lot of credit for this reaction has to go to the performers and their  hot sex scenes. There are ten remarkable and dynamic sex episodes with many of them being group ones. Natasha Marley is a true gem who has much promise of being a star in this industry. Her gorgeous looks and sweet persona will make her a fan favorite. She comes across as very endearing. Meanwhile, Paul Chaplin delivers a phenomenal performance as bank robber Clide. He acts so comfortable in that role that it did not appear that he is acting.  Tommy Gunn is a natural in his role as the law man. He deserves all of his success that he has been receiving this year for his mainstream endeavors. He is one of the best actors in the industry. Next, the editing achievement of this production deserves high marks. Everything ran smoothly and effectively. The cinematography is spectacular. The scenic beauty of the outdoor locations and also the colors of the interior of the buildings are striking. Furthermore, the wardrobe department should receive many accolades for being so right-on in having the performers dressed in their period clothing. Nobody looked out of place for that era. The women are very colorful in their pretty dresses and leggings while the men are very debonair. The automobiles and the weapons looked great too.  As to the outstanding sexual performances that need to be singled out,  those are Julia Ann, Andy San Dimas, Madelyn Marie, Kiara Diane, Alexis Texas, Sadie West, Krissy Lynn, and Jamey Jane. It is also very important to note that the male talent provide amazing fuck for your buck action too. The trio of Mr. Pete, Rocco Reed, and Johnny Castle are spectacular.      

Scene One: Polite/Empty: Paul Chaplin as Clide is frustrated by the unsuspected circumstances that he experiences. A frisky duo played by Madison Fox in a green outfit and Phoenix Marie in her black dress get his spirits up. Soon, Ms. Marie is sucking his manhood with good effort and suddenly, Madison joins in. The atmosphere feels heated. Moments later, Ms. Marie is bouncing on his meaty weapon while the other blond hottie plays with herself briefly before some titty play occurs by the ladies. Then, more oral attention on the gangster's cock is applied. Next, Madison rides his dick reverse cowgirl style as the other woman continues to orally delve into Paul's sexual package with effective focus. Soon, Phoenix is slapping her friend's titties in a playful manner. Afterwards, Phoenix is on his cock while Madison rides his face. Then, Madison tastes the guy's sex package as Phoenix continues to bounce on it. Now, Madison gets to slap her tits. All of a sudden, the tempo rises when he fucks Madison missionary style with energetic force. Meanwhile, Phoenix is kissing her and fondles her boobs. More cocksucking follows. Then, he doggies Phoenix while she eats the blond's beauty spot. Madison slaps her face and tits a bit. The remaining three-way action is heated. It is not totally enthusiastic, but it's a very good and lengthy opening sex scene that does heat up extremely well as it proceeds on. There are many sexual positions, but it does not take away from the steady and exciting sex. The camera also pans their bodies nicely. The editing work is quite good. Finally, he strokes off and each beauty gets to taste his sticky load.    

Scene Two: Slide: When Paul Chaplin meets Natasha Marley, who is Bonny Parker, it is very evident that they have remarkable chemistry. Her sexiness is quite apparent. She oozes it. Her sexy long legs and body are hot. He tastes her beauty spot briefly before he focuses on her incredible pretty breasts. The scene is playful and sexy in tone. Her blow job is determined and sensual and, then later, it becomes more passionate. Their vocal banter enhances their personal chemistry. The doggie screw starts the solid fucking that showcases Natasha's beautiful body. The viewer is mesmerized by her stunning good looks. Even though this is the blond cutie pie's first adult film, her constant enthusiasm does not reflect that of a novice performer. The screwing becomes more intense during the second doggie session. The scene feels very heated as it progresses. This scene is definitely better than the first one. Her cocksucking demeanor also becomes more passionate throughout their performance. At the end, he strokes off at her receptive open mouth. A star is born.

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Scene Three: Reward: After Dale DaBone and Tommy Gunn finish with their business arrangement, a trio of lovely ladies enter the office. Kiara Diane is in an orange dress. Lili Labeau is wearing a black hat with a feather and Carolyn Reese is wearing a hat. Lili Labeau and Mr. DaBone are kissing while the other two women are fancying Tommy. Suddenly, Lili sucks the Bone's sexual boner with some horny demeanor. Next, the blond satisfiers are orally massaging their own piece of manhood in a slow and tender fashion. The action looks good especially to the viewer. Afterwards, Mr. Gunn is fucking Kiara Diane from behind as the other guy is sucking on his own lady's passion fruit. Later, Ms. Diane sucks his dick and rubs her friend's pussy. Moments later, Dale is screwing Lili with much effort in missionary style. Then, Carolyn tastes Tommy's cock briefly before riding it solidly. All of a sudden, Lily is bouncing on her fella's dick with a lot of energy. The Bone also thrusts his sex tool into her quite rapidly. Then, Tommy is pumping his own meaty plaything into Kiara's womanhood with much force and determination. The rapid fucking is hot and the women moan emotionally. There is no doubt that the audience's body temperature will rise. I was ready to remove my clothing because I was feeling so hot. Furthermore, Kiara gets a very well-done workout by Mr. Gunn throughout the scene. Later, the guys are doggying two of the women. Tommy is screwing Carolyn and then, Lili while Dale is fucking Kiara. The Gunnmeister fucks Lili very rapidly and hard during the standing doggie. The activity becomes very heightened and emotional. Finally, Dale cums on Kiara's chest and Tommy pulls out of Lili  and shoots his load on Carolyn's sexual mound.  

Scene Four: Gas: As soon as Paul and Will Powers go indoors, they find dark-haired Sadie West, Krissy Lynn, who is wearing a white dress with a white headband, and Jamey Jane, in a blue dress, looking very appealing to the eye. After some fondling amongst the women, Sadie sucks Paul's cock while Will is focused on the other two women. Suddenly, the brunette is joined by her pal Jamey in pleasuring the gangster's sexual weapon. Meanwhile, the blond Krissy is applying her nice looking cocksuck on Mr. Powers' hard on. Moments later, Ms. West is riding Will's face as Krissy and Janey orally stimulate the man's wiener. Soon, Paul fucks Jamey mish style while Sadie bounces on Will's mouth. Even though this switcheroo activity continues, their gorgeous bodies and the solid fucking does not distract the viewer or lessen the effectiveness of the stimulating sex. The constant heated sexual energy persists throughout their performances. Overall, the viewer will not have wanted this colorful and exciting scene to end despite it already being quite lengthy. It finally ends with Sadie West accepting a loadful of cum on her cute face and moments later, all three ladies are in position to take in a loadful from the other fella.

Scene Five: Jazz: At the jazz club, the gangsters and the party-goers all have a sexual free-for-all. The opening action shows India Summer giving her guy a passionate cocksuck in her gold gown. Meanwhile, Dani Jensen, Jazy Berlin, Jenny Hendrix, and Rachel Roxxx are giving pleasure to their partners beside her. The male talent in this scene are Billy Glide, Anthony Rosano, Seth Gamble, and of course, Paul Chaplin. As this activity is going on,  Julia Ann and Jessica Bangkok are spending some personal girl time with each other on the couch.  Somewhere else in the room, Paul, Natasha Marley, and Kerry Louise are having a three-way celebration. After he doggies his gorgeous partner, Paul gets his cock sucked by Kerry in an enthusiastic manner. Then, the camera shifts to the lesbian session as the blond hottie is eating her brunette friend's muffin. Then, it shifts to some heated  tag-team cocksucking action. Moments later, the three-way is shown with Paul still getting his dick sucked by Kerry and then, Natasha rides him solidly. The sight of many beautiful women getting fucked and sucking cock is a huge turn-on. The scene is also very colorful with the red-colored interior of the building and the many different colored gloves and stockings of the women.  These aesthetics enhance the appreciation for the film's high quality production value. The sexual energy heightens as the participants' efforts become more determined in their fucking and sucking attitudes. The girl-girl session is quite emotional as Jessica squirms while Julia sucks her tasty womanhood with passionate technique. The doggie moments in the crowd and Kerry's hop-along on Paul's sex tool are definitely exciting and hot looking. Natasha is having a lot of fun bouncing her on his dick and fondling her tits. Meanwhile, India is still sucking cock as if she was possessed with it. Moreover, behind her, Jazy Berlin is getting screwed by a guy in the missionary position on the couch. The camera shifts to where Rachel Roxxx and Jenny Hendrix are both riding a dick well as Jenny gets pumped very rapidly and hard and Rachel gets some clit stimulation by Dani's manual rubbing. Later, Jazy Berlin and Dani Jensen are hopping on dicks beside each other with Dani riding with much more enthusiasm and vigor. The camera shifts from one part of the room to another more quickly and as it does, the sexual intensity rises to a much higher level. The excitement level is great. The sexual hunger among the participants are amazing. Everything is at top speed. By now, Julia Ann has joined the crowd and is sucking cock and then, later is riding one reverse cowgirl style. I can definitely say that this scene is one hot sexfest that turned quite intense. It deserves an award nomination for group sex performance.       

Scene Six: Capture: While the gangsters and their ladies are having a picnic, Tommy Gunn finds out that it is difficult to outsmart the famous bank robbers. Moments later, he finds himself in an uncompromising position with Bobbie Star and Julia Ann who is wearing a black dress. They suck his meaty plaything while Natasha is giving her main fella Paul Chaplin a worthy oral massage. Meanwhile, Dylan Ryder in a green dress is making out with Billy Glide and Will Powers. The energy level heightens as soon as Paul doggies Natasha during their standing screw. As for Dylan, she continues to get fucked from behind as she sucks cock. The cocksucking among the women is very stimulating to the men and the audience. However, it is Natasha's gorgeous body that is the main eye candy throughout this scene. Her reverse cowgirl moments allow the camera to focus on her beauty. Later, Julia Ann gets off while she has her sex spot licked by one of the fellas. Then, her vaginal fucking activity gives her more inner sensations. Beside her, Dylan is getting a solid workout. Everybody is doing a splendid job fucking away. The camera pans the scene well and the lake in the background is a super touch. Later, a four-way is shown with Tommy fucking Julia Ann from behind and she is sucking Bobbie Starr's muffin as Bobbie sucks a cock. The best moments are the two-way with the two leads of the movie and the four-way. I really like Julia Ann's efforts. She gave a very memorable performance. Natasha will also be the other woman in this scene that the viewer will admire. The sight of Julia Ann and Natasha together is totally hot. I did not want this scene to end. The pace of the sex is very good and it kept getting more and more exciting as it proceeded.

Scene Seven: Clothes: In a dress shop, Natasha Marley tries on some dresses with the assistance of  Alexis Texas. Meanwhile, a brunette Celeste Star checks them out. Afterwards, the two horny shop employees are fondling the blond beauty in a separate room, Alexis licks her gun. The touchy-feely behavior among the trio continues. It is a turn-on. Soon, the two blonds place their focus on Celeste as they suck her titties. Some kissing activity is shown between Alexis and Celeste. As the two friends are enjoying themselves with one another, the female gangster is tasting Alexis' juicebox with good fondness. Then, the heat factor rises when Celeste rubs Natasha's feminine playground. Later, the blonds are fondling each other as Alexis rubs her pal's love spot with much enthusiasm. Her actions easily make the woman squirm and moan with emotion. Then, the emotional toll is applied to Natasha as Alexis sucks her muffin and the brunette cutie caresses and sucks her rack. Alexis is quite energetic on the woman's mound and tunnel. Suddenly, Celeste brings in a dildo and it is used on Natasha's sex tunnel. Soon, the blondes are kissing and Celeste gets to use the item on the beauty's passion fruit. Natasha squirms uncontrollably once Alexis licks her sensitive clit and pussy. Then, the two pals are licking on the toy momentarily before Natasha uses it to fuck Celeste solidly and constantly. It easily gets her off. Natasha also has her opportunity to taste the lady's juicebox while fucking her. The sexual behavior among the trio is high and quite passionate. The pussy eating actions by Celeste on Alexis is very determined. Natasha is also fucking her while the brunette tastes her feminine juices. The mood feels emotional as Alexis is getting off immensely by the tag team activity of the other two women. Afterwards, the mood turns to intimacy and romance briefly. But, the passionate level increases as Celeste rubs her tits and Alexis orally works over her sensitive womanhood. Their three-way activity is hot as Natasha rubs Celeste's clit and Alexis pays attention to Natasha's love spot. Later, the two blondes work on the brunette's muffin together which stimulates her sensitive area. Afterwords, Celeste and Alexis work on the gangster's pussy briefly which gets her off.

Scene Eight: Poor: While at a rural slum, Paul Chaplin and Natasha Marley spend some important quality time amongst it's community. A long-haired brunette Kaci Starr is in a green dress, Amber Rayne in a blue dress, and blonde Hannah West are the three active cuties in this scene. The other male actors are Mr. Pete, Rocco Reed, and Johnny Castle. When the screwing starts, these three ladies are fucking their fellas outside of their own homes. The camera action of panning the selected area and also zooming in on the fucking activity is quite effective. The scenery in the background especially the cabins give the scene a nice touch of showing a mid-western slum and the feel of that era. The sexual energy among the three couples is solid especially the screwing moments. The men are constant fuckers that never let up on their partners regardless of sexual position whether it is vaginal or through their mouths. It easily keeps the audience's attention even though this scene does not look as high scale or glamorous as previous ones. Later, Paul joins them and gets his cock sucked by one of the fortunate women. Soon, he continues with his three-way session as he fucks the woman vaginally and then, anally. When the anal moment occurs, the woman is actually getting double penetrated. Her demeanor is hot. Meanwhile, the other two couples continue their fuckfest. When Paul leaves, the woman gets fucked much harder. The energy level has definitely heightened as the humping moments are much more rougher and intense. The moaning and heavy breathing sound emotional. The anal activity looks hot especially on Amber Rayne and Kaci Starr. Another three-way and even a four-way moment occurs, but only briefly. Finally, the cum shots look very cool as the couples are at their own homes.

Scene Nine: Training: Tommy Gunn, Justice Young, and Chris Johnson are in the office. Suddenly, a pretty Madelyn Marie in her sexy white gown, blond Riley Evans, and brunette Andy San Dimas enter the room. After Andy shows off their very useful skills, each one  applies their own personal abilities on them. The atmosphere in the room is a turn-on. Madelyn's gorgeous looks are eye candy to the soul. The ladies give their guys solid bjs. Madelyn's technique is sensual and sexy just like Riley's whereas Andy's is more of a cocksucking whore. Afterwards, some nice looking vaginal screwing occurs for Andy and Riley. The brunette is bouncing on a cock with much energy as her friend is getting doggied by Tommy. Meanwhile, the beautiful Ms. Marie is performing a steady cowgirl ride on the couch. All of the participants are applying effective efforts. This is a very good sex scene that I did not want to see end. The loudest woman is Andy San Dimas who also expresses the most passion and emotion on her face. Later, Madelyn is on her back and is getting missionaried. Her body looks incredible regardless if the viewer sees her front or backside. As the scene progresses, the energy level increases as well as the emotional toll on Andy. Even though the woman is getting a total workout throughout the entire scene, her energy level never lessens. Later, she is riding a cock while sucking on Tommy's manhood. She is amazing in this scene. Then, a four-way is shown with Andy, Riley, Tommy, and one of the fellas. Meanwhile, Madelyn is giving her guy a very sensuous oral massage. The cum shots are turn-ons especially Madelyn's. It is quite sticky and is applied on her mouth and chest extremely well. I love how it drips from her chin.

Scene Ten: Crash: Paul Chaplin, Natasha Marley, and Madelyn Marie enjoy an outdoor tryst. The ladies are fondling one another as the guy looks on. When he joins them, the very attractive brunette is stroking his meaty plaything while the female gangster is tasting the woman's sweet tasting honeycomb. The chemistry among the trio feels nice. After Madelyn has a taste of his cock, it is Natasha's turn to orally pleasure it while Madelyn sucks on her womanhood. Soon, the guy is fucking the pretty brunette from behind momentarily before he doggies his main lady. More fuck from behind moments occur later on a bridge. Then, the ladies are riding him. Natasha is on his cock while Madelyn is on his face.  Then, they switch positions. The activity on the wooden bridge is hot and we get great shots of their incredible bodies. At the end, he cums on the side of their faces. Despite having many sexual positions being shown in a short amount of time, this scene never lessens the effectiveness of the solid screwing or the enjoyment level of their performances. It is difficult to make a gorgeous Natasha and a beautiful Madelyn look bad and this scene makes the audience wanting more. Nevertheless, it is a disappointing one only because it was too short and by now, I and, I am sure, the viewer have been accustomed to those lengthier ones that have been the norm in this film.

Final Thoughts: Bonny & Clide is an excellent dynamic, sex-filled film that will garner many nominations during the awards season. High on the list will be Paul Chaplin for best actor, Natasha Marley as best actress and newcomer, Nicholas Steele as best director, and of course, best feature. Cinematography, editing, and screenplay will receive nods as well. It is difficult to create a film about real-life characters especially if they are bad SOB's since so many people know the truth about them. However, in this case, Bonny & Clide gives heart to this legendary duo and I was saddened to see the ending even though I already knew the outcome as so many people already do. It's these types of films that develop an emotional bond with the audience that become instant classics. I fully give this phenomenal production an XCritic Pick.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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