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Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D

Studio: Juicy Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/28/10

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The Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D

Juicy Entertainment/Ultra Magnum Creations

Genre: 3D, Gonzo

Rachel Roxxx

Director: Damon Magnum

Cast: Sarah Vandella/Sloane, Capri Cavalli, Pike Nelson, Rachel Roxxx, Eric John

Length: 94:27 minutes (not including separate versions of the same material)

Rachel Roxxx with Eric John

Date of Production: 5/21/2010

Extras: There were four major extras included, starting with a feature called "3D Porn! (2D)" that lasted 46:19 minutes and was the regular version of the first portion of the disjointed movie, then "Rachel & Capri Pole Dance (3D) which lasted 1:01 minutes for Rachel & :58 minutes for Capri as the ladies worked the metal stripper pole to some generic music, "POV BJ (3D)" which was the same 11:09 version as the opening selection of the movie with Rachel blowing Eric(?) in POV/near-POV fashion, and Soundtrack which was a DVD-ROM version of the 12 music tracks used by the movie but it had to be opened via your computer.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Damon Magnum for distribution by Juicy Entertainment under his Ultra Magnum Creations label. It was encoded in the usual MPEG-2 codec but the gimmick here was that it was shot in true stereo using a new process deploying amber and blue filters which allow up to 80% color pass through and reportedly come without the headaches of the old fashioned style of 3D. The video bitrate waivered somewhat but seemed to gravitate toward the 4.1 Mbps area when spot checked, my room kept suitably dark as I watched it with Nadine (my toy testing sweety). In terms of the 3D effect, it was a marginal upgrade over the old style and certainly not comparable to the kind needing a brand new television (drop $3 grand to see one available kids movie?!? No thanks!) but it was an upgrade in terms of the added depth perception, beating out recent porn attempts by a noticeable amount for me. There is still a long way to go to polish up the technology but even as a gimmick, it was cute and that "something different" I always clamor for, the technical aspects otherwise showing a need for a more experienced crew rather than the tag team of director Damon Magnum and his partner Bijan Ultra. Keep in mind that the movie comes with two pairs of the specialty eyewear needed to properly view the movie, the 3D version looking slightly "wrong" if you take them off. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps audio bitrate, the 12 track music score by Rick Slim and the Hillbanger standing out as at least interesting at times. The vocals were not a focal point of the technological advance from what I could hear (my system is integrated into my surround stereo set up) but the moans, groans, and limited dirty talk were all clearly heard with few ambient noises interfering with the effect.

Body of Review: Those of us with two working eyes (and no brain damage) all see in stereoscopic vision, able to perceive depth and distance as well as various nuances that make things look what we often call "life like". Over the years, various forms of entertainment have tried to simulate this effect artificially using an array of gizmos, most notably what we usually refer to as "those damn red & blue glasses". Needless to say, many people get headaches using them and the effect is minimal for most people, be it on the big screen of the movie theaters or the small screen of your television, recent upgrades to the process invented for movies like James Cameron's Avatar breathing some life into the format if you happen to go to the best theater and everything is set up just right. Television advances in the field have been minimal too, even the recent super expensive versions best used to impress the feeble minded types that try to "keep up with the Jones" and outdo others based more on disposable income than common sense. As it stands, a single mainstream title was available for those high end set ups last time I looked, hence the need for something to hold consumers off for awhile, resulting in a technological breakthrough by Damon Magnum & Bijan Ultra. These two figured out a new system bypassing the red/cyan (red/blue) glasses of years gone by to come up with a proprietary system to use on porn, their first release called The Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D. As a cynic, I knew that any new system like this was going to yield marginal results but the box advertised Sarah Vandella (Sara Sloane of Zero Tolerance contract fame), Rachel Roxxx, and Capri Cavalli, all three of the ladies fetching enough to generate some marketing buzz.

Sarah Sloane/Sarah Vandella

The box described the movie like this: "Using four professional HD cameras, our new 3D technology brings out amazing depth with full color clarity, placing you inside the action, engaging more of your senses and delivering a sexual experience more realistic and gratifying than ever before. Ultra-Magnum 3D Spectacles use custom filter technology, producing the strongest 3D video on the market. Watch the hottest girls raise the bar in this amazingly realistic 3D film. Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D takes sucking and fucking to the next level, delivering orgasm after orgasm. Over 2 hours of quality content. Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D works on all TVs and monitors. Offering over two hours of original, high definition enjoyment, each copy of Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D includes 3D and 2D formats, plus two pairs of ground breaking 3D glasses." While the front menu of the movie was kind of basic, offering four unexplained selections, a quick tour showed me that the first choice was merely a means to jump right into a BJ scene between Rachel Roxxx and Eric John, the longer action of a Sarah Sloane, Pike Nelson, and then Capri Cavalli tryst following up nicely. There was even an extended session between Rachel and Eric that had them all over the bed room and set, a few pop shots away from immortality. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Capri Cavalli

Scene One: "Stimulate": Rachel Roxxx and Eric John were up first for an 11:09 minute long blowjob scene. There was no tease or build up of sexual tension so it could have been substantially better but it was still fun to admire Rachel giving her all using her oral skills developed over the years. She slobbed his knob aggressively and milked him dry of population pudding at the end, her kneeling stance allowing a lot of POV camera work to prevail.

Scene Two: Rachel Roxxx, again looking fit to mingle, took on Eric John in a much more involved scene lasting 35:49 minutes. This included some vaginal plowing that showed her to be quite active in bed, the taste testing and oral by both of them showing some personal; chemistry and enthusiasm. There were different sections to check out so look for the ending points of the clips by the way his genetic juice launched forward but it was still worthy material to appreciate.

Scene Three: Sarah Vandella/Sloane, the attractive young lady featured on the center of the front cover, was up next in a prolonged set of clips lasting 57:38 minutes, the gal tied up with red tape, allowed to masturbate on a bed, and then joined by Pike Nelson for some heated vaginal screwing. A few busted nuts on the young lady later and Capri Cavalli joined in, initially to tackle Pike by herself but Sarah graciously joining her to complete the tryst. Of all the scenes, this one had the most energy and enthusiasm, the personal chemistry notwithstanding, the most replay value as well.

Summary: The Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D distributed by Juicy Entertainment is an appealing little movie that requires neither expensive new gear nor leaps of imagination to add some depth of field to the sex scenes, rendering it the latest and greatest 3D offering on the porn market. While I thought the disc layout was odd and left much to be desired, with some tweaking and guidance by more established technical staffers in terms of how to shoot a scene to be really hot, I think the folks at Ultra Magnum Creations could make a secondary breakthrough in terms of what consumers want, my rating for this current project still a respectable Rent It. In short, The Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D was not without its flaws or solid selling points, reminding me that Juicy Entertainment has long been able to pull a rabbit out of a hat in terms of competing with the big budget gonzo companies from time to time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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