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Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 9/30/10

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Burning Angel's Web Site Review

Joanna Angel and the Burning Angel Girls bring you BurningAngel.com with everything you can image including some very hot and down right sexy alt-girls. There's a lot to do and see that will keep you forever occupied as it did me. Come follow me, as I take you through a tour and review of a very exciting web site BurningAngel.com

Home Page

A very active home page that is a great eye catcher, well laid out and easy to navigate on. As soon as you log in you get a overview on what's new. You'll be able to see, hottest news, newest pictures, newest videos, blogs, staff favorite picks and comments right from the home page. Of course, from the home page, you can get to any area of the site and enjoy over 200 hot and exciting BA Girls. 


Each BA Girl, has her own page that breaks down into videos, pictures, blogs and more. It is very easy to move around to the sections and topics of each girl and you can spend hours enjoying just one girl, since so many have a lot of things up and posted. There is a pull down menu or you can look at thumbs for each girl as you select the one to visit. I decided to jump around to several girls pages to get a look at what there is to offer and get a variety on some of the girls pages. Here is a overview of some very exciting pages. Trust me though, this is only a small highlight of of the many sexy and exciting BA Girls on the site. With all the girls, sections and other areas of the site, it is non stop fun, pleasure and enjoyment.

Personal Gallery


Stopped by Kleio Valentien's, Personal Gallery and saw some great pics that she has uploaded for her fans and viewers to enjoy. These galleries let the girls express their own individuality through personal pictures that involves around their work, personal life and even a chance to have a little fun in front of the camera. Kleio, shares a great mix of pictures with everything from sweet and innocent to that wild girl in her we all love. Great poses and lots of fun from her and like most of us who can never get enough of Kleio, well here is a place to enjoy some pics you may not see anywhere else. Thanks, Kleio for sharing with the BA Fans.


My Burning Angel web site surfing next stop was the picture section and a visit to Sparky Sinclair's page. Of course seeing some of her work, I was excited to spend some time in her nine photo albums with over 500 pictures. What a great mix of photos and fantastic shots that if you are like me, you'll spend hours just in her portfolio. The picture quality was astounding along with many of the poses. As always, Sparky was hot in everyone. Each set has it's own theme to it, allowing you to go directly to those you wanna see, which in my case that was all of them. All nine sets were great with my favorite one called "Factory Girl". This is her most recent posting of pics that just went up the day before I was reviewing this section. This tells you, current pictures are always posted to enjoy new and exciting poses. Now, back to Sparky's "Factory Pictures". They are clear, crisp and so life like they gave me a rise in my Levis, that still hasn't gone down. If Sparky, would come to my town and get a job at a local factory, well I would apply for one there too and request the station right behind hers. Great shoot, Sparky.


Many of the BA Girls have videos, some of the scenes you may have enjoyed in a BA DVD and many are exclusive to the BA site with some great amateur ones too. There are a lot of the BA Girls on here that you may have not seen in a video anywhere, so be sure to check your favorite BA Girls out and you might just be surprised to find a video of her. This was certainly my case as I went to Miss Genocide's video page. Always wanted to see her in a video and I got to see her for the first time in action and enjoyed more than a woody while I did. Miss Genocide, has a great scene and I could write a whole review on in it's self. But, to summarize it into one sentence well here is what I have to say. "This scene with a very exciting and sexy lady, gave me an instant boner that stayed strong the entire time, busted my nut in a big big way and I could watch it over and over all day long". Meaning, it was fucking hot! Hopefully, you get the picture. Thanks, Miss Genocide, you were great. For the entire number of videos on the site, there is more than just a few hours of enjoyment for anyone, even more than a week or month. Maybe, enough for a lifetime.


Many of the BA girls blog on the site. When I recently interviewed Draven Star for XCritic, she talked about the BA Blog section during it, so I figured, it be a great one to check out. Draven, has posted over 75 blogs during her time on the BA Site. She is great in the way she keeps her fans up to date with her activities, shooting and even her personal life. Draven's, blog with so many others who blog is a great way to find out more about them or if already a fan of a BA Girl, a great way for her to stay on top of what they are doing. I enjoyed reading many of Draven's blogs, they were awesome.


You will to see each girls other Burning Angel favorite girls and be able to click the link right to their pages. Of course, with Moretta being a favorite of mine, I had to check hers out to see who she thinks is hot too. Great picks Moretta, they are some of my favorites too.


The store is great, from the products to the ease of buying. Burning Angel Fans can choose from over 45 of their dvd's, clothes and 17 Burning Angel Toys, including the Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll. One thing I like is from a past experience in shopping, they will work with you, if there is something you would like to buy and have them send it with a note to one of the BA Girls. Their customer service rep JoJo is fantastic to work with and the prices are a very good value.


There are lots of forums to read and join in on as a member. The main forum has over 14,000 threads and over 22.000 post. That is a hell of a lot of enjoyment in reading just in this one section.


This is a section of interviews and music reviews that is certainly worth staying on top of and checking out.


A Great section, because it not only keeps you posted on BA events coming up, but there are lots of galleries with of pictures from past events to enjoy.


$19.99 - 30 Day Membership

$49.99 - 90 Day Membership

$119.99 - 1 Year Membership

My Overall Thoughts & Impressions

Violet Monroe

Burning Angel's web-site is by far one most exciting ones I have visited. Or, as Joanna puts it "Never Mind Mainstream Porn, Here's BurningAngel.com". I certainly agree, as in all of Joanna's works and creations, she has done it once again, bringing fans a awesome site with some of the hottest Alt Girls in the industry and many exciting amateurs too. I see some great talent that will continue to emerge strong into the industry from this site and why not catch them first here. If you are a fan of, dream of, wanna look at and even jerk off to Alt Girls, you will find no site better than BurningAngel.com. If you have never checked out this style of girls and want to, there is no better place to start than here. If you are not a big fan of Alt Girls, trust me, by time you spend some time on this site, look at all the BA Girls you will with no question fall in love with some. The real plus is that for the cost of this site and all what it has to offer makes it an excellent value that you will stop by and visit everyday. There is a lot of time, hard work and dedication that has gone into this site and it continues everyday, bringing you more and more new things and girls to see. Joanna Angel and all the BA Girls should be commended for a great site, no let me rephrase that, should be commended for a "Fucking Fantastic Site" that I give a "XCritic Pick" overall rating to BurningAngels.com know you will too.

Maven Mayhem


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