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Dust Devils

Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/3/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Year: 2010

Directed By: Brian Mills


JR Matthews, Dean Flynn, David Antony, Dario Beck, Jock Hudson, Spencer Reed, and Christopher Saint

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours. Yes.

Scene One:

Dean Flynn, Jock Hudson

Dean Flynn (handsome with dark brown hair, light beard, and toned/smooth body) and his pal Jock Hudson (good-looking with a brown buzz cut, beard, and toned/hairy body) are hiking shirtless through the desert's rough terrain. The dudes stop and begin a hot make-out session with deep tongue kissing, arm pit licking, and overall body rubbing. Dean seems mesmerized by Jock's sexy lean body and is soon down on his knees where he pulls those pants and white jockstrap down revealing his buddy's brown pubes, plump balls, and fat clipped dong. He takes that meat into his mouth and makes oral love leading to a tasty face fucking. Dean strips down so that we can see his hot body and stiff cut dick and then chows back down on that delicious man-pork while reaching up and pinching Jock's hard nipple. Switching up, Jock goes down on Dean's tool giving the same excellent head that he just received.

The camera work during both blowjobs is strong and provides and number of mouth-watering angles. Dean sits back on his haunches and takes a nice long piss on himself.  Jock jacks off and shoots his large thick load on Dean's chest. Dean sprays a thick nut all over the ground. The guys move their party closer to home and Jock lays face down on a low brick wall. After rolling on a rubber 'n lubing up, Dean slowly sinks his cock up his friend's tight hairy asshole with excellent penetration shots from behind were we can also see Dean's snug furry bunghole. Dude fucks Jock smooth 'n hard and both guys are totally into each other and the sex. Moving to the missionary position, Dean keeps on plugging his pal deep 'n lubed with hot penetration shots from above. He then pulls out, yanks off his condom, and cums on Jock's hairy stomach. Jock chokes his chicken squirting a thick load that splats all over the place.

Scene Two:

David Anthony, JR Matthews, and Dario Beck

David Anthony (handsome with dark brown hair, goatee and a toned/smooth body), JR Matthews (good-looking with a red buzz cut, light beard stubble, and muscular/lean/smooth body), and Dario Beck (handsome with dark hair, beard, and a toned/hairy body) meet up in a desert clearing almost as if they were led to the same location by some unseen force of lust. David opens his tight faded blue jeans revealing dark pubes, low hangy nuts 'n a big fat cut cock and lets go with the yellow flow, baby! JR watches for a while and then wonders over where the two slowly feel each other up and soul kiss. Dario wants in on the action as well leading the dudes to a highly erotic three-way make-out session. These guys are clearly into each other and the action. Dario kisses his way down David's body taking that big dick into his mouth giving some groovy head while JR and Mark continue to suck tongues.

Watching Dario slobber all over David's pulsing purple knob is fucking hot! JR soon gets Dario's excellent oral treatment when he gets down on that large chubby hunk of clipped man-pork taking as much as he can into his mouth 'n throat. JR is still wearing his white jock strap and red pubes can be seen peeking out of the side. JR wants to taste some meat too so he licks 'n sucks his way down Dario's sexy hairy body, slowly unzips those blue jeans, kisses Dario's dark pubes, and crams that hard uncut cock down his throat. Dario's foreskin still covers his knob when stiff. Dude gives an excellent blowjob playing with the extra skin, sucking those plump balls, and chowing down on the throbbing tube steak.  I love how he pulls on Dario's foreskin with his lips. Fucking hot! As in scene one, the camera work is strong during the oral sex providing a number of angles and close-ups. David once again releases his chubby clipped hog and JR goes for it, baby. He spits on 'n licks David's nuts and blows that dick leading David to bust a thick nut.

 Dario soon cuts loose with a large thick load of his own. JR release thick jizz on his own fist. JR bends over leading David to lick that tight shaved bunghole (with okay camera shots of the rimming) while JR sucks Dario. He then slides a condom on and crams that big dong up JR's rump from behind fucking him long 'n smooth. The penetration shots are excellent and from below. Changing up, JR screws Dario's tight hairy asshole from behind while Dario nurses on David's purple mushroom. David takes over fucking Dario from behind. During both of these there are okay penetration shots a little further back from the side. The fucking is fast 'n forceful. The three guys finish up by jacking off with David shooting all over Dario's thigh, Dario dumping thick jizz on his fist 'n on the ground, and JR busting a thick nut on his own stomach.

Scene Three:

Spencer Reed


Christopher Saint (handsome with short salt 'n pepper hair, mustache, and toned/smooth body) jogs through the desert wearing nothing but grey shorts and his running shoes.  Of course, another hunk, Spencer Reed (Good-looking with short black hair, heavy heard stubble, and a muscular/smooth body), happens to be taking a leisurely hike in the same area. Christopher pulls off his running shorts revealing a beautiful uncut cock and takes a nice long piss. Spencer unknowingly plays copy cat by unzipping his shorts, revealing dark pubes and a clipped cock and takes a relaxing slash. Finished, he begins playing with his dick until it completely hard while hero worshiping his own muscular body. Naked Christopher comes upon Dude jacking off and is soon chowing down on that stiff meat giving one heck of a blowjob that leads to a good old-fashioned face fucking.

After some deep tongue kissing where the guys practically swallow each other, Christopher sits on Spencer's face leading him to eat that tight hairy bunghole with some very hot camera shots. Dude digs having his hole eaten and jacks his uncut cock while filling the air with sighs 'n moans. Christopher rides that tongue! The ass eating turns into cock sucking when Christopher crams his tool down Spencer's gullet and starts to bang his willing throat.  Spencer then takes a piss on Christopher's chest and stomach. Christopher savors the golden liquid rubbing it all over his body and even taking some in his mouth. Dude is soon bent over with his tight hairy butt hole exposed leading Spencer to slowly sink in and fuck him good, long 'n hard from behind. "Oh mate! Your cock feels massive!" There are hot penetration shots slightly from behind/to the side 'n below where you can see that big dick sliding in 'n outta that man-hole.

"You like that cock up your ass?" "I love it! Love it!" Christopher has a very sexy British accent that drives me wild. Spencer tears that butt up, baby! Switching positions, dudeplays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce on Spencer's prick riding up 'n down like a man outta control and cock on his mind. There are excellent penetration shots from the front as he sinks down and does this thang. The guys change up again with Christopher being fucked silly in the missionary position with excellent penetration shots from behind. These two are definitely into the action and each other. Christopher beats off while being drilled working his foreskin back 'n forth and cutting loose with thick spunk on his stomach 'n on the ground. Spencer's up next squirting a large amount of man-juice on Christopher's chest and stomach.


The movie is shot directly in high definition and presented in wide screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the guys as they talk and then get down with all the hot noises of men having a good ol' time.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, six-minute behind-the-scenes featurette, cumshot review, and additional water sports with Christopher Saint and Spencer Reed.


Dust Devils is a solid movie featuring sexy guys giving enthusiastic sexual performances. My personal favorites here are Dario Beck, Christopher Saint, and Spencer Reed. The direction, videography, sound, and editing are strong. My only complaint would be that I wish there were more full-on-from-behind butt sex penetration shots in scene two. I Recommend.

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