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Condemned, The

Studio: Vivid » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 10/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature, 2 disc set

Director: B. Skow

Cast: Nikki Jayne, Meggan Mallone, Kimberly Kane, Faye Reagan, Tory Lane, Kagney Linn Karter, Vanessa Leon, Krissy Lynn, Ben English, Mr. Pete, Anthony Rosano, James Deen, Marco Banderas, Billy Glide, Jerry, Mr. Marcus, Randy Spears. Non-sex roles: Chelsie Star, Alyssa Reece, Kahlie Montana, Melissa Jacobs, Charlie Lane, Louisa Lanewood, Heidi Mayne, Linzi Dee, Katherine Taylor, Rachel Frank, Cherri Trie, Demi, Sterling Silver, Richie Bagadonuts, Jasper Night, Jake, Darth Franklin, Marc Meadows, Mike

Length: 234 minutes

Date of Production: 8/21/2009

Extras: The best segments are the two bonus sex scenes and the Behind the Scenes (BTS) footage. One of the bonus scenes features Nikki Jayne and Mick Blue from her film The Nikki Jayne Experiment. It lasts fifty-three minutes. The other scene is from the same movie and it has Nikki with Vivid contract star Meggan Mallone in a bathtub. Their performance lasts eleven minutes. A forty-three minute BTS segment has several shots of the backstage antics of the stars as well as interviews with Kimberly Kane, Krissy Lynn, Faye Reagan, and B. Skow. Another highlight is Nikki rehearsing her lines. The action of Nikki Jayne in the bathroom is entertaining. Four Vivid trailers are also provided. They are Fresh Packed, Meggan's Big Ass Adventure, The 11th Hole, and Wet Sweaty Boobs. There is also a nice looking photo gallery. This section rounds out with Vivid extras such as phone sex advertisements and web information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. The film is shot in High Definition. It is also in Dolby Digital.

Overview: The Condemned is a feature presentation from Vivid Entertainment and it's talented main director B. Skow. As a matter of fact. it is his first high budgeted Vivid feature. It stars former contract girl Nikki Jayne as a fighter whose past comes into play. Along with a solid supporting cast led by Ben English and Krissy Lynn, this film sets forth an intriguing and entertaining story line that will  have a very high replay value. Although the location settings are quite effective in portraying the necessary atmosphere to the scenes, it is the acting performances by this cast that raises the level of this film even though the sexual moments are hot and, at times, emotional. On a side note, Vivid Entertainment has had an exceptional year. Not only are they the reigning XCritic studio of the year, they also won the 2010 FAME Awards for Favorite Studio. With their mega-hits Batman XXX and Montana Fishburne XXX, this company continues to reinvent itself and to show their competitor's that they are still the big kid on the block.   
Scene One: Nikki Jayne and Ben English are kissing in the locker room. Moments later, they act more heated on the couch . Soon, the blond fighter takes out his manhood and applies a fond oral massage on it. Her brief hand stroking actions are nice to watch. Then, the energy level rises as Nikki bounces on him cowgirl style. Her moans sound good. When the activity shifts to the missionary and other vaginal screwing moments, the mood of the sex feels more personal as Nikki's facial expressions at her man enhance this impression. Throughout their performance, their chemistry is effective for their characters' roles. Nikki is one of those performer's who can't hide her true feelings on screen because her face will give it away. For some reason, she reminds me of Lucille Ball when it comes to facial expressions. Meanwhile, Mick gives a solid job throughout his performance. He shows off a determined mindset in pleasuring her and his anal workover of Nikki is steady. Overall, the sex is hot. At the end, he strokes off at her open mouth.   

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Scene Two: Anthony Rosano is admiring Kimberly Kane's tits in his office. All of a sudden, he sucks on them passionately while she gets turned on by it. The slowness of the pace enhances the anticipation for the upcoming moments. Then, the woman squats down and takes out his cock and sucks it with good effort. Her blow job demeanor becomes more energetic and focused. Kimberly's eye contact is mesmerizing. I enjoy her intense gaze. It looks quite demonic and possessed. After gagging on his meaty plaything a bit, she strokes him off at her wide open mouth. For a blow job scene, Kimberly's performance is exciting and it gets the viewer turned-on. As a matter of fact, it's so good that the audience would have loved to have seen a full-out sex scene with this pair.   
Scene Three: Faye Reagan and James Deen are two horny people in a hospital. The very hands-on fella is infatuated by the cute red-head. He sucks her toes briefly before they kiss. He does a nice job in applying kisses on her hot bod. The heatness factor increases incrementally. His fingerfucking actions really get her stimulated and she squirms a bit. Some brief rough play is shown when he slaps her tit. Some passionate tit sucking occurs, but it's the fingerfucking action that starts up again that really heats up the screen and her. However, as their performance progresses, the more it feels uneven. It's a heated scene without a purpose. The beginning was personal. Then it moved to rough and passionate and finally, very heated. The mouth fucking activity is exciting. Later, he fucks her hard during a missionary moment and pulls out. He shoots his load on her cute looking beauty spot.   
Scene Four: Mr. Marcus and Vanessa Leon are making out on the staircase. The beautiful woman is incredible eye candy. The pair look good together. Her sexy legs are hot during the standing fuck from behind action. The sex is solid and easily grabs hold of the viewer's focus from beginning to end. Meanwhile, Nikki is stimulating herself in the hallway as she gets turned-on by the sexy looking couple. The Latina is enjoying herself as her fella is in a determined looking mode to fuck her well. Finally, he shoots his load on her pretty and joyous face. Even though this scene is much shorter than the rest, it still has good replay value.  

Scene Five: Krissy Lynn, Kimberly Kane, and Mr. Pete have a tryst. After the ladies orally pleasure his manhood briefly, Krissy has her pussy fondled energetically and also her rear. For the most part, it is the blond cutie who gets fucked by Mr. Pete in the beginning of the scene while Kimberly is fondly active in pleasuring her ass and sucking the guy's cock at times when he pulls out. However, the more energetic and exciting screwing moments begin when the brunette has her turn to have his cock inside her. Both of their cockriding sessions are hot as the guy pumps his tool rapidly. Krissy's butt gets very red as the woman slaps it several times. Later, their three-way looks good as Mr. Pete mishes the blond and Krissy eats her friend's muffin. Soon, the blond hottie urges him on vocally. Some anal action occurs later when Kimberly rides him and Krissy is either tasting her womanhood or fucking herself beside them. Their good effective looking performance ends with Mr. Pete cumming in Kimberly's mouth and she pours his semen on the tits of the just fucked blond. 

Scene Six: Kagney Linn Karter and Tory Lane are fondling each other while taking a shower. In the meantime, Nikki Jayne and Faye Reagan are getting themselves off individually while watching them. The scene heats up immensely when the blond hottie eats her friend's passion fruit. Tory also does a fine job in orally and manually working over Kagney's sexual plaything. The camera shots of  showing off the four ladies are very well done. Kagney and Tory's chemistry is also magnetic and exciting. These two ladies create hot sex on screen. My body temperature rose as they go back and forth pleasuring each other's sex muscles. All of a sudden, Faye sucks on Nikki's breast as the blond star continues her self-stimulating behavior. Suddenly, the Tory-Kagney pairing becomes even more heated and passionate as the blond hottie gets off incredibly well as she is on Tory's face. Afterwards, Tory is quite energetic in the 69 position as she delves into the woman's juicebox. Next, Kagney gets her off nicely and more makeout activity persists on. 

Scene Seven: Nikki Jayne is a hot talkative cocksucker. Her highly determined and sensuous technique will easily get the audience turned-on. Her British accent enhances this effect. A very energetic tit fuck occurs. After her amazing blow job workout with Billy Glide, she places her attention on Marco Banderas and Jerry. Suddenly, the blond cocksucker applies her oral talents on the Latin hunk as the other guy sucks her snatch from behind her. He also gets to fuck her briefly before the roles are reversed. Marco does not screw her long until he pulls out and cums on her pretty ass. However, it is not the end of his performance since he immediately fucks her again and with much more effort. Meanwhile, Nikki is sucking Jerry's manhood in a focused manner. Her facial expressions show that the star is giving much effort to her performance and is also feeling Marco's actions. Then, she rides Jerry actively while passionately orally pleasuring his partner's fine worked up cock. It's important to note that regardless of which man is fucking her, Nikki still looks very enticing and engaging throughout this scene even during the double penetration moments. At the end, Jerry cums on her sexual plaything and Marco strokes off on her mouth. 

Scene Eight:
Nikki Jayne and Krissy Lynn kiss in a heated surge of passion. Soon, they are on a bed where Nikki caresses the woman's breasts and sucks on them. Moments later, Krissy is tasting the lady's pussy with much fondness and energy. The sight of these two blond beauties creates solid heat between them. I like Krissy's very concentrated workout of the woman's sex muscle. It is evident that Nikki is enjoying it too. When it is the star's turn to apply her mouthful pleasures on Krissy's pussy, the scene becomes more exciting and their chemistry feels personal. Their vocal comments are sweet. This scene ends up highly emotional as Nikki's oral and later, fingerfucking technique is a huge turn-on for Krissy and the viewer. There is also quite a bit of spanking  and playful activity between the women. Later, Krissy sticks her finger in Nikki's tight asshole and gives her a healthy double penetration fingerfuck. At the end, the audience will want to see more of this pair.

Scene Nine:
Meggan Mallone and Randy Spears are making out on a bed. The atmosphere feels steamy in the beginning. Meggan's sexy legs are turn-ons. The energy level rises as soon as he manually works over her passion fruit and later, pumps her solidly during several positions. Her jiggly butt looks sweet. This scene is emotional as Meggan feels the sensations  and consequences of his actions. Later, the pretty brunette sucks his dick well while he sucks her feet. The highly emotional charged tone continues as he fucks her quite heavily throughout this scene. Finally, he deposits his load all over her mouth and chin. 

Final Thoughts: I can easily state that this film is Nikki Jayne's best performance to date. Not only are her sexual workouts incredible especially her lesbian one with Krissy Lynn, but her acting skills are impeccable. She is going to be a mainstay during this awards season for Best Actress nominations. In addition, this film is going to have it's share of Best Feature nods too as well as for Best Director, Screenplay (writer David Stanley), Best Supporting Actress (Krissy Lynn), and Supporting Actor (Ben English) and several other nominations. Furthermore, Nikki and Krissy's Girl-Girl scene is one of the best lesbian outings this year and I know my lesbian work. They will get a nod. People who purchase this movie will be very satisfied in that they will have seen one of the best films of the year. I highly recommend The Condemned. If this flick was much shorter and the story line condensed during Nikki's stay with the women, then this film would had received the prestigious XCritic mark.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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