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Initiation Of Lou Charmelle

Studio: Other » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 10/19/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Initiation of Lou Charmelle

OK, so... Lou? The girl is Lou? Lou Charmelle?

I can only think of this when I hear Lou Charmelle.

So I had some coffee this mornin', and the donut was stale.
Sorry to hear that, Lou.

ANYWAY, this movie is totally in French. Let us search for subtitles. AHA! There we go.

Finally we get started, and they are cutting to scenes of her giving blowjobs in a car to masked men during the "interview."

Isn't this hot? Wouldn't you like to find out what's going on here, and see more?

Well too bad! You get this instead.
Lou says "I stayed a lesbian for a while."
But then she knew she could never give up cock.
She says ass sex completes her and I am bored.

Anyway, Lou arrives at the place where she is going to be initiated or what have you.

I have done my best to identify the girls in these scenes, but the movie is completely unhelpful in doing so and so I did the best with what Google showed me. Ooh, show it to me, Google!

Lou Charmelle, Anitta, Rose

Shakycam on a large estate, and then we watch some girls... eat. Seductively. And no, it's not like strawberries. It's like, chicken and potato wedges, because you can't have French fries in France, can you? HA. HA. HA.

This is not what we mean when we say we like
to see a girl eat cock! Get it? GET IT? I'm on a roll.

Rose and a guy start stripping Lou down. There are some odd cuts to a man under the dining room table licking Anitta's pussy, and then Lou is led out of the room on a leash.

Back to the dining girls, who make out... and then we're back on Lou. And we're back to the dining girls! Damn it! Some foreign filmmaker thinks he's making high art here...

Anyway. Rose starts sucking on a cock and she is terrible. Then she starts making out with Anitta, and they are pretty hot. Anitta takes a turn with the cock, and she's no good either. Bitchez, puh-leeze.

If that's as low as you can go (and it was) even with someone pushing you down,
you should not be in porn!

The dude has sex with them both, including anal. He also has a condom. Anitta jacks him off onto Rose with her gloved hand and we're done.

Lou Charmelle, Rose

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Rose goes to find Lou, who has been tossed on a bed for some naked resting time. Then a dude shows up and suddenly Lou has some clothes on, the lighting has changed, and they're having fun times in the French countryside.

Lou has a pierced tongue and she's moderately better at sucking cock.

I should say that Lou's hair looks amazing. She could do a Pantene commercial.

Lou's hair is all bouncy and shiny, and I want to grab handfuls
of it and push her pretty head down on a dick!


Rose sucks more cock, and again proves that she is no good at this. Lou gets fucked by be-condomed man for a while and Rose kind of helps out. Then Lou gets some anal action, and she is quite enthusiastic, so she gets points from me.

The dude fucks Rose for a bit and spooges on her bum in a rather fountain-ish manner. He then kisses her which is a little bit ew.

Defrancesca Gallardo, Cindy Dollar

Well, I don't know what to say, but there is a Top Hat Brunette right here.

THB marches her way up the stairs with a riding crop and LOL... OK there's Cindy in red leather, and THB hits her with the crop, and Cindy's necklace gets sort of tangled in it, and they just leave this in without editing it. Haaaa.

Then a masked man shows up, and Top Hat gets the cock out to give it to her blonde sub. I can't really fault Cindy for bad cocksucking here, because honest to God, his cock is like a can of Red Bull.

Yes, zoom in on her red leather gloves while she sucks cock. You know just what we want to see, French director man.

Also just what we wanted to see!
OK, who else is turned on now? Can I get a show of hands?

Anyway, giant cock man fucks her with no small amount of lube. And here we notice there is some weird dubbing going on but whatever. And she's speaking English? I'm confused.

So the masked man starts fucking THB, and she also speaks English. Then she takes his giant cock up the ass! Hat off to you, Top Hat girl.

Then masked man cums with some leather glove assistance. I see.


So she sits on masked man's face for a bit and then sucks some cock. She's not great, but chooses a good angle to maximize her abilities.

Then she has condom sex (and then anal) while her very nice boobies bounce around. Mmmmmm...

The tits I approve of!
The tie just confuses me.

Instant cut and she sucks him off until he cums a teeny bit. Again we have gloves on a penis!

Lou Charmelle, Anitta

Lou is led into a room, where she stands there for a bit and then gets spanked... gently. Anitta then slips a finger into her ass before getting a steel jeweled buttplug and making Lou lick it. The buttplug goes in her ass and...

Sofia Valentine

Who the hell are these people? I don't know but both guys are playing with her. She's wearing gloves and she can't suck cock. I sense a theme...

Sofia is not a good slut. At all.
Don't let the corset fool you!

Anyway, she's wearing a red corsety thing and black stockings with her boobies hanging out, and it's OK. It seems like this scene is dubbed too. Hmm.

They move on to anal, and she completely forgets about dude number two so he has to help himself out! What a terrible slut.

We get some DP action with condoms and yeah, this is dubbed.

More gloved handjob action onto her stocking.

Lou Charmelle

We're back to Lou, who still has the buttplug in. She starts sucking on some cocks and then tries to do two at once, which is ridiculous when she can't even do well with one cock.

It ain't that great, Lou.

There's a DP right away, but then they manage to do double anal for a bit, and the guys can barely move, which is to be expected. Kudos to you fellas for being able to stay hard through THAT.

Then a guy sprays totally fake looking cum into Lou's mouth, and she spits it out. Sigh.

And then there is a fake rewind of the whole movie, to Lou saying that she loves anal, as she said in the beginning.


Bonus Features

"Vulve Fiction" and "Erection Fatal" which are some very weird ads for safe sex

Strip Teases, which are as you would expect (although the first girl is wearing... gloves!)


photo gallery (with people in the movie, but of things that never happened in the movie).

And hey, the mystery of the dubbing is solved. You can choose to have your moans and groans dubbed in something like 13 languages!


The good: Lou and most of the girls are pretty hot, and the action is mostly well-shot.

The bad: There's not a single good cocksucker in the entire movie and there's no real "initiation" of any kind. Cumshots are weak and lame (and some are likely faked). Condoms are also used for all sex in every scene.

Final grade: D+

I thought the concept for this movie was actually good... well, it was good in my head. Nothing the movie actually did was even remotely close. How about a girl who is actually initiated into being a submissive or a sex slave, and seeing people use her for pleasure, etc? That's hot!

Instead we get a lot of random crap that has nothing to do with any of that, a lot of girls in ties and a WHOLE LOT of girls in gloves giving handjobs.


Sorry ya didn't like mah porno, Crazy.
C'n I interest you in some more fried chicken?
Anitta liked it! 's my special recipe.

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