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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/20/10

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Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature

Disc 2 extras!

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Alexis Texas, Briana Blair, Derrick Pierce, Sophia Santi, Angie Savage, Alektra Blue, Kayme Kai, Asa Akira, Kaylani Lei, Keni Styles, Marie Luv, Jada Fire, Nyomi Banxxx, Mr. Marcus, Prince Yahshua, Deep Threat, Misty Stone, Jessica Drake, Tory Lane, Chanel Preston, Mick Blue, Sandee Westgate, Dale DaBone, Barrett Blade, Marcus London, Kirsten Price, Eric Masterson, Sascha, Bill Bailey, Tori Black, Manuel Ferrara, Brad Armstrong, Barrett Blade, Tommy Gunn, Shyla Stylez, Devon Lee, Spyder Jonez

Non-sex roles: Jack Lawrence, Randy Spears, Bart Bartram, Roko Arch, Nimpho, Chito, Paisa, Ewoklio, Downer, Dynasty, Julius N, Pilot D, Red-1, Dre, Tona, Ryder, Big Boy, Sic, Kalli, Bandit, Fuse, Porkchop 420, Chevy, Slick, Omar, Big Mike, Road Rash Mike (ST), Suicide Tribe, Grinch, Bro, Turbo, B-Mad, Shudy Ridge

Length: 197:33 minutes

Disc 3 extras!

Date of Production: 2010

Extras: The first disc had minimal extras, the trailers and choice of three different audio tracks about it (as well as an Easter Egg regarding a cockroach that lasted 14 seconds, a 2:03 minute Easter Egg using footage of the rural location). The real extras kicked in on the second disc with the 2:43 minute "Club Culture" clip dealing with Derrick Pierce getting some time to explain related material, then a 19:24 minute long feature combining the photoshoots for most of the ladies (conspicuously missing the black female performers), a 3:58 minute Blooper Reel, a selection for "Jessica Can Ride" lasting 4:43 minutes where Jessica Drake shows her riding chops, "Desert Rats" lasting 4:01 minutes, "Kicks on 6th" lasting 6:42 minutes. Then, under the heading of "Kicking It" was an 8:43 minute feature starring director Brad Armstrong, a 6:29 clip with Derrick Pierce, a 3:20 minute clip of Jessica Drake, a 2:13 minute clip of Kirsten Price, and a 1:54 minute clip of Alektra Blue. This was followed by a 24:11 minute Behind the Scenes feature called "Speed Freaks: The Making of Speed" that described various aspects of the movie and the characters, and then came a 3:49 minute long box cover shoot.

Title Page

The third disc had what amounted to the best related extras, beginning with a cool deleted scene by Kaylani Lei and Max Makita lasting 11:53 minutes and a second deleted scene by hotty Rayveness and Sarah Jessie lasting 9:30 minutes. There was then a fuller orgy scene lasting 27:36 minutes where even more action was included. A separate BTS centering on just sex lasting 34:06 minutes was then up as well as a lot of trailers, a 2:03 minute long Promotional Reel, a digital copy of the main movie for iPod owners, and some unrelated bonus scenes from Hooked, Educating Alli, 4 Some, and The Watcher; all described below.

Alexis Texas and Briana Blair with Derrick Pierce

There was also a fourth disc, the 2010 Wicked Pictures sampler, to round out the package, the entire set included in a single DVD case that was part of an expanded size cardboard box with folds to showcase the case (a lot like Fallen was in the past). It began with six additional bonus scenes lasting 78:41 minutes for 2040, Educating Alli, Operation Tropical Stormy, Hush, Kaylani Lei's Fornic-Asian, and House of Wicked (descriptions below). There were then trailers for the various Wicked Pictures AVN Award nominees and a 12:23 promotional reel for 2010, at the Palms Casino & Hotel with all the contract gals; and some spam.

Condoms: Yes

Angie Savage, Sophia Santi, Alektra Blue, and Kayme Kai

Audio/Video Quality: Speed was presented in an appealing 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures in the standard definition MPEG-2 codec (in the usual 480 resolution). While filmed in high definition, it was down converted to a regular DVD so there was some grain in certain scenes where lighting was minimized as part of the scene (darker scenes tend to do that, especially those shot at night). As with other directors at the company, Brad used the services of Francois Clousot as the director of photography, this internal consistency assisting in providing often crystal clear visuals during the story elements of the show, lovely Jessica Drake again listed as his assistant (under the name "Angel"). The video noise was minimal in most cases and the composition of the scenes was well taken care of, enhancing the look of the ladies in nearly all cases but there were times when I wished the high definition version were available to enhance the viewing experience. There were no obvious compression artifacts and the bitrate was typically in the mid to upper 3.5 Mbps range, some scenes nearly twice that but most of them on the lower end of the spectrum. The editing by Scott Allen was a bit strange to me with the sex scenes edited in too jumpy a manner while the storyline elements seemed to be assembled in a more polished manner. The audio was presented with a choice of three audio tracks, the primary one being a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track that balanced the vocals and music nicely (using 384 Kbps and a 48 kHz sampling rate), while the other two versions either enhanced the music over the vocals or the vocals over the music. The audio seemed to be another step in the right direction for Wicked Pictures, even though the vocals were almost certainly recorded in monaural or dubbed in later (not to mention limited in scope) instead of recorded in surround as would be needed for a much higher rating. Still, thanks to Joe Canyon, the aural components managed to blend the dialogue, music, and ambient sounds in a believable manner during the story portions of the show better than most, the sex scenes not handled as well but following the company's usual formulas just fine.

Asa Akira and Kaylani Lei with Keni Styles

Body of Review: Brad Armstrong is one of the most consistent feature directors in the porn industry, his many works for Wicked Pictures speaking for themselves time and again. Unlike most companies, Wicked also makes features with the story as the dominant element rather than sex, the result helping them cater to a decidedly different market than their peers with couples that want a little sex included in their entertainment the primary target. In keeping with their philosophy, they recently released Speed, thankfully not a parody of the popular Sandra Bullock series. The movie is the annual large budget extravaganza for the company, this time centering on a group of rival biker clubs and some of their less savory exploits off the streets. With scores of cast members and a variety of plot lines running the length of the movie, the sexual aspects were not as integrated as they should have been but it was still a lot of fun to watch. With four discs full of all sorts of extras and options, it looked like Wicked Pictures was taking few chances with this one last month when it came out. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Marie Luv, Nyomi Banxxx, and Jada Fire with Mr. Marcus, Deep Threat, and Prince Yahshua

-- sponsored by --

Scene One: Alexis Texas, Briana Blair, and Derrick Pierce, were up first as the half dressed ladies slobbed his knob in a messy garage. Alexis had that perfect ass in the air wearing blue jean shorts, Briana likewise positioned without the clothing impeding the view. The abrupt jump from the story elements was jarring but the ladies double teamed his pecker fairly well, the teasing leading to Briana doing some vaginal plowing (with another abrupt edit) using condoms, Alexis grabbing her ass as the camera zoomed in too closely. Alexis wasn't as active during her ride but she ate Briana who also sucked Derrick's cock clean in a display of athleticism, some swapping around finally getting Alexis to properly strut her stuff before he jerked off to their mouths. His genetic juice was minimal but the ladies licked him clean all the same, the scene finally tied into the story at the end.

The well publicized pool orgy!

Scene Two: Sophia Santi, Angie Savage, Alektra Blue, and Kayme Kai, were up next in a lesbian tryst on stage. The ladies paired off but also swapped partners at times, Sophia and Angie both vying for the most heavily tattooed babes of the cast. As expected, they were very vocal and ate each other out a lot, using fingers for vaginal penetration but the scene coming in far too limited for my tastes. There was some chemistry between the ladies but like several of the sex scenes, it was either edited too heavily or micromanaged too much, the flow of the action not very well handled.

Jessica Drake and Tori Black

Scene Three: Asa Akira, Kaylani Lei, and Keni Styles, were up next as the scene cut away to the oriental gang's base where the ladies were in the process of going down to eat each other and Keni as he argued a point. The minimal oral led to some active vaginal plowing, the condom not overtly noticeable as Asa impaled herself on his package. Kaylani assisted and was rewarded with some oral in return, both gals getting boned but Asa coming across as the more active of the two. Keni ended the tryst by jerking off to Asa's ass, upon which time Kaylani picked some up for tasting, the population pudding shared with Asa but nothing to place the scene in context of the story afterwards.

Kirsten Price

Scene Four: Marie Luv, Jada Fire, Nyomi Banxxx, Mr. Marcus, Prince Yahshua, and Deep Threat, were up next at the black biker's lair, each of the ladies paired off with one of the men; Prince going down on Nyomi while Jada blew Deep and Marie inhaled Marcus. They were all on some shitty couches with the camera bouncing around (much like the partners), Marie the most active vaginal rider but Jada the sexiest even though Nyomi had on some sexy fishnet stockings. Sadly, as abruptly as the scene jumped into the movie, it ended when the men all bust early nuts, Nyomi getting a titty and abdomen pop, Marie taking Deeps dick droppings in her mouth, and Prince beating off a small wad of spunk to Jada's face.

Kaylani Lei with Derrick Pierce

Scene Five: Misty Stone, Chanel Preston, Jessica Drake, Tory Lane, Mick Blue, Sandee Westgate, Dale DaBone, Alektra Blue, Barrett Blade, Kaylani Lei, Marcus London, Kirsten Price, Eric Masterson, Sascha, Bill Bailey, and probably a few I missed, were up next by the outdoor pool at night in an orgy. The whole orgy seemed to start as Chanel and Jessica discussed where Jessica had been of late (in jail of course, how better to get experience for her appearance in Lady Gaga's video?), the newcomer going down on Jessica before scouting out some dick. For me, Jessica's anal and double penetration (DP) stood out from the pack as did Misty's enthusiasm, Tory's heated anal, and Chanel's sexually aggressive oral, the bulk of the orgy better displayed in the extras section where it lasted longer and allowed the camera to linger more. The movie version of the scene was not bad but it bounced around so much that as I started to enjoy something, the edit would inevitably move to the next tryst and so on, the large volume of male ejaculations going to faces and tits for the most part, Tory still diddling herself when Bill gave her his seed.

Jessica Drake with Barrett Blade

Scene Six: Jessica Drake, Tori Black, and Manuel Ferrara, were up next on a couch in a well lit room, the gals disrobing him while slowly removing their own attire. The ladies kissed each other as much as Manuel, the oral continuing the wholesome practice of everyone serving each other, Manuel eating box as much as the gals did each other and his cock that they shared so well. Jessica was the more active vaginal rider, her sense of chemistry as strong as Tori's for the man but the wad of spew coming out too quickly to the faces of the ladies by his own hand, the truncated scene built for feature sex more than some of the others in the movie.

Alektra Blue with Tommy Gunn

Scene Seven: Kirsten Price, a well established contract gal with red hair, was up next in her continuing role as a snitch with a lot to lose, Brad Armstrong deployed as her street contact. Brad wanted to more realistically portray the role so he grabbed her little pussy against the wall when the cops left, feeding her some of her own juices before going down on her himself. His fingers then went into her asshole, his cock boning her passive pussy until she dropped down on her knees to blow him. After that, Kirsten let loose by impaling herself on his pecker, riding him hardcore as they bumped uglies, draining his balls dry of semen to her mouth to end the matter.

Devon Lee and Shyla Stylez with Spyder Jonez

Scene Eight: Kaylani Lei, the lean Asian hotty seen on the far left side of the front cover, was up next in a low end loft with Derrick Pierce, the couple kissing on the couch passionately before he began sucking her nipples. His hands pawed her all over, massaging her ass nicely along the way, the guy going down on her before she reciprocated with a short blowjob. She managed to throat him with ease and applied some hand to gland action, moving into some moderately active vaginal positions for the penetration shots. There did not seem to be a lot of chemistry between them but they did appear to get off on working together, his splooge landing on her face when he jerked off at the end.

Scene Nine: Jessica Drake, the attractive lead of the movie, was next up as she laid out on a motorcycle on a sunny day by some industrial oil pumps, flirting with Barrett Blade until he started playing with her tits. She encouraged him to continue and he went further south, feeling her wet pussy before she knelt before him to provide a hand assisted hummer. Barrett then ate her for a few seconds and they ended up in doggy against the bike, ending up on a blanket as Barrett did most of the vaginal plowing. As with most of the scenes, it ended too soon as he jerked off to her tits and face.

Scene Ten: Alektra Blue, the popular brunette contract performer with pretty eyes, was up next in a cheap room with Tommy Gunn, discussing the pitfalls of their impending plan. She made the first move to initiate contact, Tommy pulling back because of her jealous brother. Once they settled the matter, her top came off and she pawed his muscular body, his hands doing likewise to hers though she aggressively toyed with his cock orally. There was spitting and she devoured it, elevating the heat and chemistry of the moment due to their connection. Her dirty talk enhanced it too, Tommy going down on her before they engaged in a very active vaginal penetration sequence. This led to a more vocal anal where she took his cock more passively, the doggy position ultimately milking his balls dry as she tasted the sperm landing on her fine ass.

Scene Eleven: Shyla Stylez, Devon Lee, and Spyder Jonez, were up last as the ladies portrayed gold digging sluts as interested in his money as his cock. They were in a shitty hole of an apartment and the ladies double teamed his rod, sharing the admittedly modest dick orally before rolling around in the plentiful money lying on the bed from the heist. Sadly, there was limited lesbian action and no penetration here, Spyder jerking off to their faces for them to share his seed.

Bonus Scene: Hooked: Jessica Drake, this time on the prowl in a sexy black outfit, was up next as she kissed moper Barrett Blade before going into the apartment. Their small talk aside, she inhaled his cock readily as she savored him orally on the white couch, the gal impaling herself vaginally on his protected penis. Jessica was much more sexually active this time, rubbing her clitoris as she used dirty talk to get him going, the guy busting a nut of semen into her mouth before she took over once again to give some post coital head.

Bonus Scene: Educating Ali: While watching a porno flick in a dark movie theater, Randy Spears challenges Alektra Blue to suck as many cocks for two thousand bucks a head. She takes the dare. The woman ends up sucking one guy's dick after another after another for a total of three horndogs. Tony DeSergio, Chris Johnson, and Steven Knight are the lucky theater-goers. She orally pleasures their rods with good energy. Two of the fellas cum on her left bosom. The third man cums in her mouth. She cleans off all three of them nicely. (review by Apache Warrior)

Bonus Scene: 4 Some: Brad wakes up and there is a used condom on his pillow and doesn't want to pick it up. Jessica saves the day and picks it up and it seems that Kaylani and Derrick left during the night and they leave a note that they want to hang out again. Jessica seems a little worried about the them and is not sure if they should hang out again. Brad heads off to work and finds Kaylani and Derrick waiting at the end of the driveway. He agrees to give them a ride. Kaylani is once again all hands with Brad, as Derrick is asleep in the back. She begins to play with herself while Brad tries to concentrate on driving. She continues to finger bang her pussy and lets him taste her pussy on her fingers. She fingers herself until she cums and we find out that Derrick wasn't really sleeping. They arrive at the drop off spot and then we see Brad at work, and guess who shows up, Kaylani. She comments on his hot secretary Chanel, and makes some hot comments about the two of them fucking. Kaylani wants to finish what they started in the car. She blackmails him and she wants to see him fuck Chanel, and maybe she will join in. He calls her in the office, and Kaylani tries to heat things up and wants to get things going. They begin to kiss and seems like things are a little awkward at first, and Kaylani directs them to show her titties. He bends Chanel over the desk and he fingers her pussy and then gives Kaylani a taste. I just want to point out that Chanel has incredible legs that go on for ever and I think we can all agree that we would love to have them wrapped around us. Kaylani finally joins in and kisses Brad, and then Chanel drops to her knees and begins to suck on his cock, but Kaylani moves in and takes a taste. A phone call interrupts them, and Kaylani answers the phone as Chanel continues to suck on his cock.. He stands Chanel up and she lays back on the desk and he inserts his cock into her pussy, teasing it at first. Kaylani plays with her pussy and licks Brad's cock as he pulls it out of Chanel's pussy. It's finally Kaylani's turn as she is bent over the desk taking it from behind. She flips around on the desk and continues to take his cock in her pussy. He tells Kaylani to finger herself as she stands back and watches. Chanel licks his cock and then he slips it back into Kaylani's pussy. They move to the couch and Chanel climbs on top of Brad for some reverse cowgirl action, while she licks on Kaylani's boobs. He pulls out and cums as Kaylani cleans him off. (review by Sean)

Bonus Scene: The Watcher: Kirsten is sucking the cocks of Jerry and Chris Johnson on the conference table with perfect enthusiasm while Brad looks on. Later, they cum on her pretty mouth after she has shown off her incredible oral skills. (review by Apache Warrior)

Bonus Scene: 2040: Tory Lane, Jayden Jaymes, Kayla Carrera, Jessica Drake, Randy Spears, Rocco Reed, TJ Cummings, and most of the rest of the cast were up next in a huge orgy in a majestic location (some sweeping stairs with landings) at a futuristic AVN awards ceremony broadcast across the universe. The cute nod to the show aside, Tory was up first slobbing the knob of Randy though the camera swept across the numerous performers like Alektra Blue, Kirsten Price, Eric Masterson, Jayden Jaymes, Jessica Drake, and the rest as they went after pussy and cock alike. For my own tastes, I'm glad that the men stuck with their genetic programming to play with the ladies only but the ladies played the entire field, Mikayla strutting her stuff very heatedly. My favorite part of the orgy was where Jessica and Jayden focused their efforts on Brad, the trio the hottest portion of the act (though it was edited in such a way that it wasn't easy to keep track of who was doing what to whom all the time). There was some anal here but the majority of the action was devoted to oral in various forms and vaginal penetration, most of the ladies actively riding the peckers presented to them; the best version of the scene shown on the extras disc with the longer version of it. At the end, the loads of semen flew all over the ladies, from mouths and faces to chests to wherever.

Bonus Scene: Educating Alli: While watching a porno flick in a dark movie theater, Randy Spears challenges Alektra Blue to suck as many cocks for two thousand bucks a head. She takes the dare. The woman ends up sucking one guy's dick after another after another for a total of three horndogs. Tony DeSergio, Chris Johnson, and Steven Knight are the lucky theater-goers. She orally pleasures their rods with good energy. Two of the fellas cum on her left bosom. The third man cums in her mouth. She cleans off all three of them nicely. (review by Apache Warrior) The same scene as above?!? WTF?

Bonus Scene: Operation Tropical Stormy: Stormy Daniels, ridden with guilt and barely dressed in some skimpy clothing, was up next with Marcus London and Tony DeSergio, the men consoling her perceived loss with hard cock. This was reportedly her first time with two guys, her love of cock in the mouth showing how polished she was whether bouncing between them during the blowjobs or inhaling one while the other plundered her pussy. The men took turns on her holes and she seemed to appreciate them both, not really showing a preference for either of them as they did the deed. The extended version was more complete but only marginally so, the men ending it by taking turns unloading to her mouth.

Bonus Scene: Hush: Eric Masterson comes home from his hard job at the police station. His girlfriend Jessica Drake is already on the bed in her undergarments ready to pleasure him. The horny woman crawls towards him and caresses his groin. In a slow manner, she takes out his cock and teases it with her lovely mouth. The camera does a good job in panning her beautuful body. The viewer can feel the passion between the couple even though the pace is not quick. His oral treat on her sex spot makes it very wet. Then, his spoonful of love adds enough rhythm to make her feel the intense sensations inside her. During the cowgirl moments, Jessica sticks two fingers inside her butthole. Her pleasure zone is very damp. A nice looking doggie follows as her constant moans sound hot. Finally, he cums on her receptive mouth. (review by Apache Warrior)

Bonus Scene: Kaylani Lei's Fornic-Asian: Kaylani Lei and Rocco Reed are making out in a room with a lot of clocks on the wall. She's nude, he's not, and he fingers her pussy from behind. She sits on his face and then after he's eaten as much as he can she goes down on him. He eats her out a bit more and then she rides him cowgirl style before bending over for some doggy style action. She sucks his cock, then they spoon fuck, and to finish things off her pulls out and blows his load into her mouth. (review by The Mooninite)

Bonus Scene: House of Wicked: Kirsten Price, the brunette seen on the second from far right spot on the cover, was up first playing a boarding school rich chick in need of dick during detention. Okay, I know her age made this fantasy a stretch but she has long been the oralist at the company able to suck any dick that was stuck in front of her so seeing her with Kris Slater and Alan Stafford was not the worst way to go, even if making her the opening scene was another misstep. The punky B&W theme of the outfit, complete with chains and embroidered "W", was amusing, the rapid beating of the drum detracting from the heat she was producing in this classroom outing. Yeah, it was her giving two blowjobs and some vaginal penetration in a few positions before they blew their wads of genetic juice in her mouth (minor oral on her too), but as a porno for people wanting something less filled with circus act sex than most gonzo outings, it worked okay. Kirsten was an active vaginal rider and gave the usual grunts & groans as she bounced on cock, always getting one of them into her mouth or hand if not both.

Summary: Speed by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures had an awful lot going on and the production was definitely enhanced by Jessica Drake in the lead role (her acting was better than anyone else in the movie by a wide margin) but it also appeared as if the adage "too many cooks..." applies. The extras package was the best I have seen all year long and the technical matters were competently handled in most ways other than the editing but the sex scenes were often dropped into the feature elements very hastily, weakening the end result as a feature. I thought the sex lacked in heat and chemistry due to a lack of buildup more than the short length of the action scenes but in terms of making a feature for those of you less interested in sexual trysts than biker footage, this will be a "must have" title to collect. Admittedly, I enjoy the more recent trend of placing gonzo sex into a feature flick, essentially providing the best of both worlds with longer sex scenes and a chance for the performers to connect (or at least look like they are connecting), but Wicked hasn't caught that bus yet so I rated this one as Recommended with distinction (the total package probably well worth a slightly higher rating even if the movie just wasn't quite right at times. In short, I have no doubt that Speed will wow a select audience that doesn't care about condoms in all scenes, doesn't care about sex scenes being placed as extensions of the story, and will admire the scores of extras in the motorcycle sequences but as an avid fan of the company and director Brad Armstrong for years now, I just wish that someone had polished it up a few more times to enhance the replayability, stroke value, and other aspects of the production. While you can't go wrong with this big budget extravaganza, it should have been better.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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