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Studio: Other » Review by Steve Ward » Review Date: 10/20/10

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Hey Again Xcritic visitors!
Steve Ward here with this review of Mandy-Mitchell.com

Studio: Independent, Web
Director: Uncredited
Genre: Transsexual
Condoms: some

Tech Aspects: Generic layout design, Standard Definition videos available in IPod, Quicktime, and low/med/high WMV formats.

-Almost 100 Solo, Hardcore, Softcore, and Fetish Photo Galleries
-Over 50 Solo, Hardore, and Fetish Videos
-Frequently updated Blog with Photo and Video updates
-Small forum, with frequent posts by Mandy herself
Price: $25/month

Mandy Mitchell is a Portland, Oregon based transsexual porn star who can frequently be found promoting her websites on porn forums where many of us perverts dwell. Being a big T-girl fan, I decided I wanted to check out her site, and make it my first website review.
CrazySlutty recently reviewed ts-baileyjay.com, and Being impressed with Bailey's site, I decided to check out Mandy's since hers had been the one I had my eye on anyway. Compared to Bailey's site, I expected Mandy's to be quite a bit more diverse and have a much wider range of content.
Mandy herself is a pretty lean TS chick, with a really cute face and easily passable when dressed due to her slender body and totally female voice. I like Mandy because she is open minded, she'll fuck anybody: Girls, Dudes, Even other TS's, and that is my biggest fantasy, T-girl on T-girl action, hell yes!
Mandy promotes her content frequently, I can't say I've seen her anywhere in the porn world other than promoting her own site, So she may not have the same fan following as bigger name TS stars like Vaniity, Jesse, Kelly Shore, or popular new TS babes like Bailey Jay, Bee Ameritage, Amy Daly, and Domino Presley, but she definitely has a loyal fan base, as well as a loyal talent rolodex.
Some note worthy pornstars who can also be found on mandy-mitchell.com Include blonde hottie Hollie Stevens, Lesbian/Genderqueer favorite Syd Blakovich, Up-and-coming Alt babe Sparky Sin Claire, Kink.com Dominatrix star Princess Donna, and some other TS babes like the popular blonde Jesse (one of my favorites), Texas based BDSM sub TS Kimerly Kills, and Aly Sinclair.
Not a bad list if you ask me!
General Review: 
The site is absolutely loaded with content, you likely will not get through all of it in a month, so right off the go-get we have a major plus just on the amount of content alone.
There really is something for everyone, BDSM, Solo masturbating, T-girl on T-girl love, TS/G/G, TS/G/B, TS/B, strap-attack scenes, even a scene with a pregnant girl... not my cup of tea but hey, to each his/her own.
There are comment boards, message boards and a good variety of way to interact with Mandy and other members.
A nice blog with plenty of info, pics, and video. This is cool for member because it gives you an idea of what's coming up, or just something to read after you drop your load.
TONS of photos, nearly 100 galleries, each gallery has a good variety of pics within the set to look at.

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So, obviously I can't review everything in total detail, so instead I'll pick my top 3 favorite scenes from the site and treat the rest of this review like a DVD review.
Here are my top 3 favorite scenes from the site:

Mandy Mitchell torments Sparky Sin Claire


"Dirty Clown Stripper and Tranny menace Sparky"
Starring: Mandy Mitchell, Sparky Sin Claire, and Hollie Stevens


The above link is the intro to the scene, This is what convinced me to check this site out, watch it before reading the rest of this. 
I won't even describe the scene in total detail, it's more fun simply to tell you that there is a bunch of fruit involved, clown make-up, TS and g/g mutual masturbation, straight fucking, a competition to see who can cum first all while poor Sparky is hogtied.
It's just a really fun scene, certainly not something you see very often.

Aly the TS virgin Schoolgirl and Mandy the TS dominatrix, class is in session!

"Mandy and Aly Sinclair: Schoolgirl Fun"
Starring: Mandy Mitchell and Aly Sinclair
So this one starts with Aly Sinclair a cute Dark Haired TS babe who has the honor of getting top billing in Joey Silvera's upcoming "Rogue Adventures 35" in a school girl outfit. She Calls Mandy on the phone and invites her over to hang out. 
With a rather immediate jump-cut, Mandy walks into her room looking somewhat different with blonde hair, and wearing a black vinyl outfit, and they have about a 7 minute chat about how Mandy dropped out of school to become a dominatrix and Aly has become a purified girl-school virgin, Mandy starts brushing Aly's Hair and groping her.
Finally they start getting into the action around the 12 minute mark when they start taking the clothes off, they do "Reveal" themselves to be TS as if it's supposed to be a surprise, which would've been extremely hot except they didn't act surprised at all. Oh well.
They Start off with some mutual nipple sucking and spanking, then they go for some mutual handjobs. They alternate BJ's and go for a little dry humping with Aly on top, cowgirl style. Mandy Tongues Aly's ass a bit, and there's a little more BJ and mutual masturbation.
Around the 27 minute mark, Mandy Finally slides a rubber on and proceeds to service Aly's backdoor account, Aly is a bit whimpery at first, saying "It hurts!" (she's a virgin remember) but she quickly adapts and by the end is taking it like a champ. They fuck doggie style for a good 5 minutes before switching to reverse cowgirl until Aly cums and we are left to assume Mandy came as we never see any evidence. So Aly says "You're my best friend!" and they kiss and caress ass the scene fades out.
I love this scene actually because of how unconventionally it plays out. The quality of the video is amateur as hell, and Aly may well be one of the worst actresses in porn as she frequently looks at the camera and botches her dialogue, but the sex is really hot. I like foreplay and slower paced scenes when there is a sense of reality to it, a Digital Playground scene with this pacing would piss me off, but here I think it's rather important to the fantasy angle of the scene, very nice.

Mandy and Jessie might be team players, but what team are they playing for??? 

"Mandy and Jesse: Team Players"
Starring: Mandy Mitchell and Jesse
This scene starts with Mandy dressed up like a softball player and Jesse Dressed up like a cheerleader. There isn't really any tease in this one, they just go right to the boobsucking, and Jesse gives Mandy a long BJ. 
Mandy returns the favor and it turns into a 69 pretty quick. Then they make out for a bit, Jesse gives Mandy a bit more BJ, and then it's fuck time, Mandy gives Jesse the Doggie treatment for a good while and eventually they switch to missionary.
Jesse's moans are hot. So after a while they switch to the spoon, and back to doggie (we might as well roll one of those naughty dice). Interestingly enough, Even though has has been doing all the fucking, it's Jesse who delivers the cum with a facial that she then licks off Mandy's face, and if that wasn't good enough, there's an instant replay!
Not much to this scene, there doesn't need to be. It's just 23 minutes of fucking. Jesse is gorgeous as usual, and it's nice to see her subbing for a change since she is usually a dom. Just an all around great scene.

Mandy Mitchell and Syd Blakovich, 2 totally different types of pornstars to say the least

Honorable Mentions:
Just because these scenes are my favorites doesn't mean that is all. The 3 part scene with Syd Blakovich is epic. There are a few most good TS/TS scenes to see. The 3 way between Mandy, Hollie Stevens, and Kimberly Kills is a good one as well, and just too many more to mention.
Final Thoughts:
I had a feeling I would have a very favorable opinion of the site going in, and I was not disappointed, in fact I was surprised.
There are a few things I must mention though, If you are looking for extremely high quality video, why are you even looking on the internet? The quality here ranges from totally amateur to reasonably pro looking, but the main thing with internet porn is content, and that's where this site really delivers.
Some of the stuff on the site isn't for everyone, a lot of the stuff wasn't my cup of Gatorade, but a lot of it is, and there is so much content, you are bound to find something you like, and probably quite a bit of it, unless you aren't into Transsexual porn at all in which case this review isn't intended for you.
So, in closing, I had a lot of fun with this site and I have to give mandy-mitchell.com a solid Join-It rating.
I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please send them to [email protected] Thanks for reading!

Steve Ward

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